15 Exotic Fruits of Indonesia (#5 is Sweet)

Fruit is a kind of plantation which human and also animal used for one of the food resources. Beside the vitamins, you can also get the nutrition from it. That’s why the fruit also have many benefit for human metabolism.

Meanwhile, for people who don’t like fruits, don’t hate this topic yet. Now, we’re got to provide you with many useful information about fruits, maybe it’ll change you. Maybe you’ll start to eat fruit after reading this article.

However, the nutrition and vitamins inside the fruits is maybe way more than vegetables. There are many benefits you will get from consuming the fruits, such as good protein, and reducing fat. The fruit also can help you who still in diet programs. Human also starting to produce some products which use some fruits, like jam for example. Beside that, there’s also olive oil, yogurt, or even ice cream.

Fresh fruits generally high in fiber, water, and also Vitamin C. The fruits can also reduced risks of several diseases and functional declines associated with aging. Type and variety of fruits are so many. However, in Indonesia, there might be fruits that you’ve not seen in other countries. These fruits are very special of course, because you can get them only in here, Indonesia.

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These are many examples of Indonesian Exotic Fruits, check it out:

1. Durian

Maybe you do not know that this prickly fruit called the King of Fruit comes from Indonesia. Yup, a typical durian with a stinging fragrance is commonly exist in Sumatra and Kalimantan. The delicious taste, makes many people from other country running to Indonesia to try it. Now, there are hundreds of durian variants in all over the world, including in Thailand. Meanwhile, durian has been known in Southeast Asia since VII Century AD.

In addition, Durian contains sweet, and unique fragrant, as well as the shapes like ball with the white-yellowish color. moreover, this type of fruit have so many calories, fats, vitamins, and proteins.

Have you tried it? If not, please do and feel the deliciousness of it. By the way, your breath will becomes pretty sting though. Careful not making any people faint.

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2. Kedondong

Fruits of Indonesia
Fruits of Indonesia

Ah, other well known domestic fruit. This fruit with prickly seeds comes from Indonesia, especially the east side. However, Indonesian call this fruit as Kedondong. But, many other people from other country, will call this fruits as Ambarella.

However, in the 20th century, this fruit’s introduced to other countries, starting from Australia to Jamaica. Also in America, few people starting to plant this fruit. However, Most of American don’t like it. Thus, the smell and the taste is really sour and not suit their taste.

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3. Mangosteen

If Durian is The King, this fruit is the partner, The Queen. First,this fruit was found in Borneo and Sunda. The taste is the combination of sweet and sour which is very unique at that time. The Queen Victoria like this fruit a lot. Beside those facts, this fruit also contains many vitamin and anti oxidants which is really good for our body.

There are a lot of benefits if you consume mangosteen, espescially for skincare and health. One of the benefit is it can cure, as well as prevent cancer to be occurred. Then, it can reduce pain caused of its anti-inflammation content on it. Moreover, it also rich of anti-oxidant.

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4. Maja

Maja (Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa, citrus family or Rutaceae) is a plant that is resistant to hard environment but and comes from tropical and sub-tropical Asia. This plant is usually cultivated in the yard without care and you can still harvest it . Maja is still closely related to Kawista. In Java, Maja are often mistaken with Berenuk, even though both are different kind of food.

The outer skin of Maja is green, while the inner is either yellow or orange. The aroma is really good, and so its flavor. This is the real opposite of the myth that Maja’s taste is bitter. Just like oranges, Maja can be produced into Jam, Syrup, or Nectar. you can also create some marmalade from its skin.

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5. Rambutan

Have you try this fruit yet?. Well, its sad if you haven’t. This hairy fruit is called Rambutan (Rambut means Hair). In the 1906, Indonesia start to export some of them to America. But sadly, Rambutan cant lived there. Now, some other countries like Thailand and Malaysia packing this Rambutan into a can, and exporting them across the world.

Meanwhile, this type of fruit have a thousand benefits. Such as cure Hypertension,  Diarrhea, make your diet successful, prevent cancer. Also can boosting your immune, prevent body from free radical, loss fat, as well as hair treatment.

On the other hand, the center of Rambutan plantation is in Java island. Especially in Bekasi, Malang, Kuningan, Garut and Probolinggo.

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6. Salak

This fruit also known as Snake fruit, because its skin is almost look like the snake skin. Salak comes from Indonesia, also one of its variants, Salak Condet is becoming one of  Jakarta Identities. There are many variants of this unique fruit starting from the sweet one, to sour. However, many people think that this fruit comes from Thailand or Malaysia, not Indonesia

Salak fruit already produced into snacks, foods, even handicraft. Nowadays you can find Salak chips, Bakpia (Cookie) Salak, and many more. On the other hand, Salak commonly found in Sumatra Island.

Meanwhile, Salak have another types such as Salak Ambarawa, Salak Bali, Salak Banjarnegara, Salak Bongkok, Salak Gading, Salak Pondoh, and others.

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7. Banana

You know what? Banana is native fruit in Indonesia. But you can see these fruits almost in every country in the world. Now, Banana processed into some other desserts like Banana Split, Banana Cake, or even Banana Pudding. However, this fruit is exported to Europe in the 8  century. But now, Latin America becomes the largest producer of Banana.

Anyway, you know Paris Hilton, right?. She’s using this fruit to improve her energy and body fitness. So why don’t you eat Banana too?

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8. Carica

This fruit is similar to Papaya, but has a smaller size and a more delicious aroma. It can only grow and cultivate in tropical cold areas. Carica can grow and cultivate in some regions of the world, one of which is Dieng area, Central Java, Indonesia. In fact, Carica became a typical fruit of Dieng and becomes a souvenir of the area.

As later known its development, this delicious fruit-based products start to appear. But because of the lack of growth conditions can be accommodated by the Indonesian, Carica can be called as a rare fruit because you’ll rarely meet this fruit.

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9. Kepel

Kepel is a native fruit of Indonesia that became the ‘noble fruit’ because it is only planted by the court of Yogyakarta (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta). Has a sweet taste with a shape like Kelengkeng, it smells nice and grows attached on the stem of a tree. Kepel fruit is the favorite fruit of the Palace Princess due to its delicious taste and many nutritious you can get.Unfortunately, from time to time, Kepel fruit is start to become rare because there is no ordinary people who dare to plant it. Myth and tradition is one of the causes of Kepel fruit scarcity, so until now the fruit can only be found in the area in the palace of Jogjakarta.

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10. Gandaria

To fulfill the typical Indonesian fruits  as well use as the name of the area of ​​Jakarta is the fruit of Gandaria. Shaped round like a small ball, with an elliptical shaped seed in the middle of the fruit.  It tastes sour and has green color when it’s young, then yellow or orange when it’s ripe.

Often used for lalapan or kinang by older people. Unfortunately, the current Gandaria fruit is rarely encountered in Indonesia. That’s why this one of native plants of Indonesia got status as endangered plants in Indonesia.

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11. Kawista

This round shape fruit is a unique one. You can find this fruit in Rembang regency. Also, they’re making a syrup of this fruit, really worth to taste out. However, in the Java the name of this fruit is Kawista, but in Bali, the name changes to Kusta. Meanwhile, this kind of fruit is rarely can be found in archipelago. Thus, there are only few people who cultivate Kawista fruit. Even though, it can be one of potential fruit to become an export commodity.

In addition, the Kawista trees are also widely planted in Bonsai shape. Thus, bonsai type will look more beautiful, cause it has flowery and thorny. Moreover, Kawista fruit is also pest-resistant and can be grown in extreme weather conditions.

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12. Mundu

Have you heard about this fruit?. You can find this native fruit in Indonesia, especially Borneo. Also, in borneo this fruit is called Baros or Jawura. However beside Borneo, you can also find this fruit in the west side of Java Island. Don’t forget to try the deliciousness, okay?

Mundu fruit can be eaten just like that, but also can be made jelly or jam. In Java and Singapore, the impact of the seeds is used to treat swelling. Mundu seed powder can also be used to cure mumps and canker sores. The fruit can be used as a laxative and treat people with biliary disorders. In contrast, young mundu leaf buds are used to treat diarrhea. While the skin is used as a material to color the mat.

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13. Matoa

Matoa tree is a big and strong tree one, pretty challenging. However, after that, the taste of the fruit will pay all of your effort. You must visit papua if you really want this fruit. Because, there are many of theme in there. The taste of fruit is very sweet, a good taste. Having a fruit flesh with a sweet and tasty flavor like Durian fragrant make this type of fruit is so popular. Matoa shape has an oval shape, slick and outer skin with a slightly red brown color on it.

Then, the skin of Matoa fruit can be easily solved only by fingers. On the other hand, Matoa fruit have so many vitamin C and Vitamin E. Vitamin C will offer good anti-oxidant to increase body stamina and boost immune. Meanwhile, Vitamin E can control a heart and prevent from coronary heart disease. Moreover, it also good for skin treatment.

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14. Rukem

Rukem is rare because the tree is grow as a garden yard, not a commercial fruit cultivation. This fruit is unique, to eat it, the fruit must be massage first to eliminate the sour taste. Rukem fruit can also be use to make rujak and pickle, or  jam. The young fruit can be used as a traditional medicinal herb that is useful to treat diarrhea and dysentery.

However, this fruit is often found in Sumatra area. Thus, the fruit is widely grown in the plains of Sumatra island. Such as Bangka and Belitung island. Usually, the trees are grown with many thorns on it.


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15. Bisbul

This fruit tree is found in Bogor, West Java as a garden plant. Bisbul is known and grows in Bogor. It has been more than a hundred years growing in South Bogor. Local people including fruit traders, already consider this fruit as a typical fruit of the Bogor area.

Meanwhile, it has a similar shape like persimmon fruit. it also has another name which is butter fruit. In other hand, this type of fruit also has so many benefits. Such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Proteins,  Carbohydrates, fiber, fats, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin,

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That’s it, The Exotic Fruit of Indonesia. You can try anything of them, one by one. All of them have delicious taste, so its worth to try. Okay then, don’t you forget to stay happy, and have a great day !