13 Morning Activities in Indonesia

What did you do in the morning before work or school? Of course, everyone has a special activity for themselves before doing their big activities. Indonesians have typical morning activities. Almost everyone does this activity in the morning. Here 13 Morning Activities in Indonesia : Read also unique activities in Indonesia 1. Wake up earlier Many […]

15 Prohibition In Bali Island You Need to Be Aware

The traditions and habits that you have to keep during your vacation and stay on the island of Bali are well preserved and should not be broken. Because the island of Bali is very thick of the traditional culture of the sacred and held to this day. A small example is when on a pilgrimage […]

10 Meeting and Greeting Customs in Indonesia

A day in the life the people would have a series of meetings and greetings. In Indonesia, there are two kinds of meetings and greetings, formal and informal meeting and greeting. The formal one, would usually for the businessperson who is going to meet the clients and have meetings. While the informal meeting and greeting […]

30 Things to Avoid in Indonesia You Must Know

Every country in the world have different habitual like when you go to Indonesia, and you come from others country such as French, Italy, England, USA, Australia and etc. You’ll find many differences. It can be part of habit, rules, religion and regulation. There is something that you have from your hometown, and then you […]

13 Cultural Habits in Indonesia

A cultural habit is a series of behaviours that a group of people with the same background do in their life. These behaviours involve the ways they treat other people, the ways they eat, how they carry out certain actions and so many other things. Below are 13 Cultural Habits in Indonesia. These habits are […]

20 Eating Habits in Indonesia – Society Life

This topic may make you scratch your head, or make your stomach rumbling because now, we want to discuss about Food! Its not about the actual food sadly, but about how Indonesian eat, how is their habit. If you’re Indonesian, maybe you experienced all of these habits in your daily life. But if you’re not, […]