16 Exotic and Unforgettable Beaches in East Java Must be Visited

When we talk about tourist destinations, there are a lot of locations that we can find. In addition, If we discuss the location of tourist attractions in Indonesia, we will never run out of the topics certainly. One of the locations or tourist attractions kinds which are often visited from many various locations in Indonesia […]

Visiting Hidden Paradise of Banyuwangi, Green Bay

Some of you may think about Yogyakarta, Bandung, or Surabaya if you want to spend some vacations in Java. But, if you want to visit one of beautiful destination place in East Java, you need to consider Banyuwangi as your choice. Located in the east of East Java, It has a direct access of boats […]

10 Hidden Beach in West Java with Stunning Views

West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has many tourism destinations that are very complete and amazing. In this province you could find some historical building, shopping centers, culinary tour, and beach tourism. The beaches in West Java have their own beauty that is not much found in other beaches in Indonesia. […]