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10 Hidden Beach in West Java with Stunning Views

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West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has many tourism destinations that are very complete and amazing. In this province you could find some historical building, shopping centers, culinary tour, and beach tourism.


The beaches in West Java have their own beauty that is not much found in other beaches in Indonesia. Some of the beaches has the worth scenery that you should not miss. However, some beaches located in remote are where it is not all of people could find them. Here are the list of hidden beaches in West Java.

  1. Pangumbahan Beach

Pangumbahan Beach is located in Gunungbatu, Ciracap, Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. This wonderful beach is very beautiful.

Besides, it can give a different sensation for your holidays. Pangumbahan Beach in Ciracap Sukabumi West Java has a charming view through its white sand.

Once you go to Sukabumi, it is very recommended to visit this beach. At some point in the afternoon, you may see the release of a turtle’s child or commonly called a dive into the ocean. Even if lucky at night you will see adult turtles’ laying egg on this Pangumbahan Beach. In addition, the Green Turtle Conservation Center also maintains some adult green turtles, so you can see and study the behavior of animals of this rare and protected species of reptiles.

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  1. Pangandaran Beach

The beach is located in Pananjung Village, Pangandaran, West Java. It is designed as the most beautiful beach in Java by one of the famous hotel booking sites in Asia.

Pangandaran Beach presents relatively sloping white sand, a very good nature view, clear sea water, and a friendly wave for swimming. However, you should notice Rules of Swimming in Indonesian Beach before do swimming.

During weekends and holidays, Pangandaran Beach visited by crowds of tourists who come from various regions. Besides the beach, there are worth a visit site named Goa Jepang as the World War II relics. You could also see the popularity of Green Canyon where you can enjoy the really good view. There you will be served by beautiful cliff views and the water is clear green.

  1. Sayangheulang Beach

Pantai Sayangheulang is a coastal tourism object located in the village of Mancagahar, Pameungpeuk District, Garut, West Java. It has at least 3,5 kilometer length 50 meters width which could make a fun place for you and your family on vacation.

With the clear sea water, clean white sand, gleaming shimmer, and very friendly waves will increase the beauty of this beach.

In Pantai Sayangheulang, Garut, you can also see the amazing panorama of the dusk on this beach. Sunset panorama on the beach is like a masterpiece of the God that will make you feel comfortable and stay here longer. In the area of Sayang Heulang beach there is also a camp site. For those who love adventure in the wild area, this wonderful place could be an option.

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  1. Rancabuaya Beach

In Garut, there is also a hidden beach named Rancabuaya. The special thing of this beach is you can see the waterfall directly facing the beach.

The water on this beach is very clear, if it is low tide you can see many small fish swimming between the reefs.

Rancabuaya Beach is a beach that directly faces Hindia Ocean. That is why the wave there is quite big. In addition, the coral that dominates the shoreline also makes this beach less safe to swim.

So, it would not be recommended for you to swim on this beach. However, this beach has a beautiful sunset view. You can walk around or play water while waiting for the night time to arrive.

  1. Batu Karas Beach

This beach is located in Cijulang, Pangandaran Regency, a beach that is actually a bay with a typical black sand is also known as one of the main destinations in the youngest district in West Java.

Besides having beautiful beaches, Batukaras also has a variety of other uniqueness in it. It is a hidden beach, the beautiful stretch of Cijulang River, the hospitality of the surrounding community, an also heaven for those who hooked surfing.

The waves are calm and the water is so clear. It makes the visitors did not hesitate to feel the freshness by swimming, boating, even surfing on it. You could also play the sand and have hammocking there. Besides, enjoying the view of the beach is also a good thing to do here.

  1. Tanjung Layar Beach

Still about the beach inWest Java, there is also Tanjung Layar beach. This beach precisely located in the border of Banten and West Java. It has two towering cliffs like a boat sailing in the beach.

The condition of these two cliffs make the atmosphere of the beach becomes more interesting. The visitors can play to the cliff and take pictures when the atmosphere at low tide during the day.

In addition to the two cliffs, there is also a rock like a wall around the beach. The effect of the rock is what makes the calm wave stream in the coast. The clear sea water with its clean sand makes it very beautiful. Especially you can while enjoying the air breeze that exist this beach while joking with family.

  1. Santolo Beach

Santolo Beach is located in District Cikelet, Garut regency. If reached from Garut city to arrive at approximately approximately 94.7 km or about 3 hours of normal travel using the vehicle.

The access is quite good although the condition is a bit narrow and winding especially from the overlapping stones.

Not recommended for using a large buses if the route used is Garut – Cikajang line due to the condition of the narrow road even winding sharply to form U letter. The flow of estuary in any part of the world always leads to the sea, but on this beach the water actually flows to the estuary.

  1. Ujung Genteng Beach

Ujung Genteng Beach is a southern coastal area of West Java, located in Ciracap, Sukabumi with distance of about 220 kilometers from the capital city of Jakarta or 230 kilometers from the city of Bandung. It takes about 6-7 hours to drive.

While from the city of Sukabumi, it can be reached only about 3-4 hours. The road is quite smooth since there are several alternative routes and adequate means of public transport to the destination.

Ujung Genteng Beach has same characteristics with the south coast of Java Island which is famous for its clean water and big waves. Nevertheless, Ujung Genteng beach is much different with Pelabuhan Ratu beach which is famous for its vulnerable and violent waves.

  1. Ombak Tujuh Beach

Ombak Tujuh is a beach that located in Jampang, Sukabumi in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Its beauty, clean air and soothing quiet atmosphere would make you feel like at the private beach.

This beach might not be as popular as Kuta Bali, but it has a white sand beach, ranks of coral rocks, and the waves are chasing each other because the beach is still a virgin, the road to get there full of twists and climbs.

There are two ways to get to this beach, namely through land and sea access. Do not ever imagine that the path that will be easy for you. You have to rent some guides to reach this beach.

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  1. Tirtamaya Beach

Tirtamaya Beach is located in Juntiyat, Indramayu ,West Java. This place is very beautiful and can give a different sensation. It also has a charm of beauty is very interesting to visit. It would be very unfortunately if you visit Indramayu without seeing this beach.

The beach is sloping, so it is suitable for you and family who want to enjoy the waves of the ocean or walk on the beach.

On this beach you can also roll out mats, sit or eat with your family and enjoy coconut ice is sold in many around Tirtamaya Beach. Tirtamaya Beach has a beach area of approximately 50 meters from after the beach, and still can be on foot to run it. However, you could also follow it by bicycle.

Those are the hidden beach in Wes Java. You could go there everywhere if you want with some people whom you love. Beach is also the best place for relaxing. The sound of wave and the good wind could refresh your body and mind.

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