10 Interesting facts of Island Hopping in Belitung

Have you ever been in an island tour? A tour where you visit several places in one time? Imagine how it feels, jumping to one place to another in a day. It might be like visiting Disney and trying its mode in a day. It must be exciting, mustn’t it? But it’s not a playground […]

Activities You Can Do in Padar Island Indonesia – Exciting and Memorable Ones

So, our daily life can surely change us. Facing the same problem every single day, facing the same people, the same community, and the same view in every single day could be really constantly boring. It can make you feel unhappy. That’s why, taking a vacation for a day or some can surely add some […]

Top 5 Largest Islands in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelago country in the entire world. With more than 200,000 inhabitants, this beautiful country is the 4th most populated country in the whole world (After China, India and United States of America). Being an archipelago country means so many thing to us, as we are being relate to it so […]