Top 9 Best Nightlife in Indonesia (#6 is Amaze you)

If you are coming to Indonesia for a visit, going to cultural places are a must. Indonesia has so many various culture, be it places, traditional rituals, languages, songs, traditions, etc. You can visit them and immersed yourself on them, they will undoubtedly making you gasps for the majestic experiences that they are offering. However, […]

Top 9 Interesting Siamang Gibbon Facts – Endangered

If we are looking at these primates jumping around the trees, we might feel a bit curious because these particular primates are looking like monkey, but doesn’t look like one at the same time. Well, don’t be too fast to judge because this is definitely no monkey that we are talking about. We are talking […]

10 Most Popular Traditional Clothes of Indonesia

We can’t state this more : Indonesia is one hella rich country when it comes to its culture and traditions. We have so many choices when it comes to the inheritance of our ancestors. They are one creative ancestors, that is for sure. In this article, we will talk about one of those richness that we […]

Top 5 Largest Islands in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the biggest archipelago country in the entire world. With more than 200,000 inhabitants, this beautiful country is the 4th most populated country in the whole world (After China, India and United States of America). Being an archipelago country means so many thing to us, as we are being relate to it so […]

Top 7 Indonesian Mystical Creatures (#6 is Unique)

Indonesia is one filthy rich country when it comes to its cultures. You can find various differences in our cultures, yet also find out that those differences are only makes us stronger. Yes, this is one aspects that we Indonesian are proud of : we are different, yet the same. The cultural differences that we’re […]

5 Natural Resources of Indonesia – Types

Indonesia is an archipelago country, one of the largest country in the world by population. Located in tropical line, Indonesia posses so many natural resources, be it biotic or abiotic elements. You probably have heard it back in high school. Biotic elements means resources that are alive such as plants and animals. Abiotic resources means […]

Eid in Indonesia (Al-Fitr) – Celebrations and Traditions

Due to the fact that Indonesia is a Muslim country, it will be pretty convincing to say that Eid Al-Fitr holiday is one of the most important holiday there ever is in this country. This holiday comes every year at the date of 1st syawal (Islamic date system). It could happens everyday as syawal month […]

Top 10 Culinary School in Indonesia – Most Popular

This article will focus on 10 Culinary Schools in Indonesia. There are many of them spread out all over the country. For the love of food, many people always strive to increase their cooking or baking skills. Others dream of becoming a chef and owning their own restaurants, bakeries and even little cafés. This article will mention […]

Christianity Growth in Indonesia – Religion

Indonesia is one of the most religious country in the world. Religion is mandatory, not again just a matter of people’s heart like western people beliefs. Among the 257,6 million people in entire country, almost all of it is Muslim. The amount of Muslim people in Indonesia is now reaching up to 85%, leading Indonesia […]

10 Most Popular Spices in Indonesia (#4 is Common)

Indonesia is a country with so many cultures and traditions. You can find all kinds of unique stuffs to add to your dictionary about traditional knowledge of the world. One of these richness (and my favorites kind of richness) is of course : The food! You probably have heard of the deliciousness of our food, […]