7 Most Largest Churches in Indonesia You Must Visit

Even though the majority of people in Indonesia are Moslems, there is cultural diversity in any part of life such as tribes, races, languages, and religions. The most largest churches in Indonesia prove how distinct cultures in this archipelago do not negatively influence the existence of a certain religion, Christianity in this case. Moreover, it […]

10 Instagrammable and Contemporary places in East Jakarta

There are so many tourist attractions in Jakarta which start from historical tourisms until the places for spots to take photos at nights in Jakarta. Jakarta surely has many interesting places that you can make them as objects of a photo or the places for taking photos then, uploading on your Instagram. Moreover, you can […]

The 14 Wonderful Places for Incredible Adventures Experience in Indonesia

For many people around the globe, seeking the destinations in order to prove themselves to be a true adventurer could be troublesome. The reason behind this is, the condition of the natural attractions that they wanted to visit, is not as good as they hope for. In the end, they’re just gonna meet the long-forgotten […]

17 Extraordinary Natural Heritage Site in Indonesia

Beside the natural treasures, there are also soemthing left on the land of Indonesia. What is the thing? It’s the natural heritage. Yes, even some of them are not so natural, even made by some ancient people. But, we can also said that those are the heritages that they left for us, waiting to be […]