The 14 Wonderful Places for Incredible Adventures Experience in Indonesia

For many people around the globe, seeking the destinations in order to prove themselves to be a true adventurer could be troublesome. The reason behind this is, the condition of the natural attractions that they wanted to visit, is not as good as they hope for. In the end, they’re just gonna meet the long-forgotten location.

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But now, thanks to the goodness of social media, you can actually see which one of the attraction that worth visiting, by seeing at how it looks, and the reputation it got for the tourists before. Now, we want to share a little information about the incredible adventure experience in Indonesia with all the wonderful and memorable locations that will be mentioned below:

1- The Jomblang Cave

The first one in the place with incredible adventure experience in Indonesia is the Jomblang Cave. For you who love the cave exploring activity, this is the one. A cave with muddy road and a very challenging entrance lead to an amazing location where you can see the light coming down from above.

Even though the place is not as crowded as you can imagine, Jomblang Cave still has its own pace for being a nice place for adventurer. You should go down to the bottom by using specialized rope and do a little trekking to the cave itself.

2 – Mount Ijen

Known as the blue core of Java, Mount Ijen is surely should be included inside our list. Aside you can do hiking to the top of Mount Ijen, the result of conquering the Mountain also more satisfying because you can witness the actual blue lava from the crater. Most people use this opportunity to blast their instagram with quality feed.

Sometimes, some people also put their cameras with tripods in order to capture a long video from day to night, only focusing on the crater. But, aside from the carter itself, sometimes you can also witness the meteor rain from the peak.

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3 – Kakaban Island

Indonesia has a lot of islands, and it’s not easy to pick which one of them that we should put inside this list. But after some thoughts, we agreed to put the Kakaban Island. You know, the island is indeed very large, has about 774,2 hectares area inside an island complex called Derawan islands.

Many travelers and adventurers do love to visit this island more than once, because they found something that is the incredible adventure experience in Indonesia, seeing the jellyfishes swimming around them. They’re not stingy, and considerably friendly, because they neither attack or run away when some tourists swimming to them.

4 – Wayag Island

The next island on the list is the Wayag Island. Do you know Raja Ampat? In that very location, there’s an icon that people always love, called Wayag Island. The island is not the ordinary island with a beach around it. Instead, Wayag is a group of small islands and krast mountains located in the middle of the ocean.

The people usually refer this Wayag Island as a picture that can describe Raja Ampat. Wonderful, beautiful, and somewhat magical. No wonder people are usually renting a boat just for seeing each island.

5 – Kenawa Island

So what’s the next one after Wayag and Kakaban. From the Raja Ampat tourist destination, now we move a little bit to an area named Sumbawa to meet the one and only Kenawa Island. The Sumbawa itself is the tourism area that known for having the best sites for snorkeling and diving, including this island.

It looks so good with varieties of coral and sea animals. Plus, it’s also very easy to reach it. Just go for a ride from Kenawa Port, which is located near the main port in Sumbawa, Pototano Port. There you can have a trip to Kenawa island for less than an hour.

6 -Waerebo Traditional Village

Have you ever seen movies like Indiana Jones or King Kong? In those movies, you can see the live of traditional tribes, even though they can be completely fictional. The live of tribal people like this is rarely seen these days, especially when technology became our dearest friend of all.

But in Indonesia, you can directly see them, the actual tribes who still live with their own tradition and way of life. One example is the people who live in the Waerebo Traditional Village in Manggarai. Their pointy houses and village center are hidden beneath the vast rain forest.

7 – The Pink Beach

The next one in the incredible adventure experience in Indonesia is the one and only Pink Beach of Komodo National Park, the beach where you can see the unusual color of the sand. Well, if the black or white color of the beach is that mainstream, then this Pink beach is surely a refresher.

Don’t worry for the people who are nature activists, the beach is not colored by paintings or any other coloring instrument. Instead, the color came naturally from the beach itself. At first, this became a confusion, but now it’s all clear about the origin of the pink color.

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8 – Kolbano Beach

When talking about exploring Indonesia, we can’t miss one area located in the eastern Indonesia called East Nusa Tenggara. There are many interesting spots like Lombok, and this beach called Kolbano. Are you familiar with this beach? The Kolbano beach located in the village of Kolbano in the Timor Tengah Selatan subdistrict.

The beach is mostly known for having a scenic panorama, where you can see the unique shape of the beach stones. But, reaching there could be a hard work, because you need to go for 3 hours from Kupang city in East Nusa Tenggara province.

9 – Raja Ampat

As the best diving and snorkeling location, Raja Ampat still standing as a King on top of them. This is the place for exploring the sea habitat that still looks so good even after all these years. Thanks to the tourists, who gave their much respect by not littering in the place, Raja Ampat can still look great, even though it’s highly visited in this time of year.

Aside from seeing the small green islands that located in random location, you can always try to dive here. With the decent equipment and friends from the nearest diving school, the incredible adventure experience in Indonesia is the thing that you can surely get.

10 – Pandawa Beach

Talking about Bali island, you can always mention the names of some popular locations. The popular ones like Sanur and Kuta are always mentioned alongside a special beach located in the southern part of Bali called Pandawa beach. The look of this beach can surely hipnotize anyone to come by for so many times.

Reaching the beach, the tourists can witness the statues of legendary icons like Pandawa, Arjuna, and the others after passing the limestone walls. Then afer going down the road, there you can see how great the Pandawa beach is.

11 – Toba Lake

If you ever wanted to visit the big island in the West side of Indonesia, Sumatra, you can include the most popular attraction on the island called Toba Lake in the area of Medan, North Sumatra. Alongside with its mythical legend, the Toba Lake still become the highly visited destination even now.

Who knows the result of mountain eruption can make the greatest attraction on the island of Sumatra. The people can have a tour of circling the lake with some boat, the simple boats provided by the locals, and they can have seafoods afterwards.

12 – Komodo Island

When mentioning about the top National Parks in Indonesia in the previous article, we included the name Komodo National Park.The reason behind why we should include this location inside our bucket list of adventuring in Indonesia is because the endemic legends that live on the island.

They are the Komodos, the living Komodos, the walking old legends that inhabit this Earth since a long time ago. Thanks to the National Park, they can still exist up to this day, even though the rare status is always lingering.

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13 – Gili Island

If you love the hilly areas that look similar to the highlands in New Zealand, where you can see the green hills that completed with savana, then you need to include this destination in your bucket list. The Gili island is the main attraction in the tourism area of Lombok, which is now famous thanks to the review from travellers and backpackers.

This place is more than wonderful. You can see its greatness from the picture we’ve provided, and it’s even more beautiful in person. It’s like something else that you can’t compare with the other attractions, even the ones located around Bali.

14 – Mount Bromo

The incredible adventure experience in Indonesia wouldn’t be complete without seeing the sunrise at the best locations possible. One example of them is the Mount Bromo. The mountain is the actual popular located in East Java where you can have the best adventure experience possible.

The things like riding a horse on the land of sand, riding jeep, hiking, are some of many activities that can be done on the spot. But sadly, the current status of it makes the mountain closes for a while.