10 Interesting facts of Jamu, Herbal Medicine From Indonesia

Jamu is a traditional herbal beverage from Indonesia. It’s very popular among Javanese people as Jamu is developed in this region. Jamu has been around for years as Javanese people keep producing it from generation to generation. Most of Javanese people consume Jamu to keep their body healthy. Other than that, Jamu is believed to […]

Indonesian Cuisine Ingredients: Recognize The Herbs and Spices

Indonesia has various kind of traditional food that you can find from Sumatra to Papua. Each of them has specific seasoning that makes its taste very different from other food. Each province also has different taste depending on their social cultural background. For example, Sumatra Province is famous for its spicy foods and Yogyakarta is […]

The History of Jamu in Indonesia

As a country with abundant result in nature, it is not such a surprised if Indonesia has many nutritious medicinal plants. Hence, no wonder it’s been long time since the Indonesian people use medicinal plants as a treatment to medicate the health problems. In fact, there are still a number of people who prefer use […]

Tobacco in Indonesia – History – Development

Tobacco in Indonesia enjoyed positive views and increase economic contribution to the government coffers. It’s because many smokers say that smoking has become a necessity in everyday life, and that opinion is mostly true. In several surveys conducted in Indonesia, it appears that smoking is considered more important than food. Tobacco Control Support Center (TCSC) […]