Wae Rebo, A Village above The Sky in Flores

Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) is one province in Indonesia that’s located in the East side in Indonesia. This province’s capital city is Kupang and it has 22 regions. It has around 550 archipelagos with Flores, Sumba, and West Timor being the most famous place in the province. Read more: 13 Site in Flores,. and Best […]

Is It Safe To Live In Jakarta Indonesia? 13 Answers For You

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. In Indonesia, Jakarta is the city with the highest activity. It can be said that Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia. As a business center, politics and culture, Jakarta is home to the headquarters of state-owned enterprises, private companies and foreign companies. The city is also the […]

17 Benefits Of Living In Indonesia

Wherever you settle and stay certainly provide some benefits and advantages. There is a comfortable, safe, peaceful to feel satisfied in this environment. One of them is in Indonesia, why Indonesia became a country that many people demanded to be used as a place to settle and spend the rest of their lives with the […]