17 Benefits Of Living In Indonesia

Wherever you settle and stay certainly provide some benefits and advantages. There is a comfortable, safe, peaceful to feel satisfied in this environment.

One of them is in Indonesia, why Indonesia became a country that many people demanded to be used as a place to settle and spend the rest of their lives with the family. Because in Indonesia there are many interesting things that could not be found in other parts of the country. Such great benefits of living in Jakarta.

For example, many foreign tourists who want to move to become citizens of Indonesia and settled in several islands in Indonesia, such as the island of Bali.

The following will explain the benefits of living in Indonesia that you should know:

1. Fertile and Prosperous Country

Already familiar to Indonesia is known as a fertile country and also prosperous. Many natural resources are used as income and daily necessities. In addition to the fertile life of his prosperous people make his people are well-known to receive whatever natural results obtained. Many of Indonesia’s natural products are also exported to gain foreign exchange and trade benefits for its sellers. Hence economic benefits of transmigration in Indonesia.

2. Safe and Healthy Atmosphere

Indonesia becomes a country with a safe and healthy level of security. In some areas such as Bandung, Jogyakarta, Bali, and Java are safe and comfortable choices. Weather and life are very secure, so that makes the heart happy and happy too.

The peaceful atmosphere can also be felt at the time of celebrating the feast where each other mutual united and take advantage of the moment as a silahturahmi event. You must know medicinal plants of Indonesia and health benefits.

3. Pure Religion and Religious Life

Religious diversity in Indonesia is one of the interesting things. Because of the religious life that harmonious and mutual respect for each other. In case of misunderstanding, it can be resolved by deliberation and high tolerance.

The culture of religious tolerance in Indonesia is indeed exemplary by other countries in the world. Peace and security in worship become an added value in Indonesia.

4. The Kindly Society

Indonesian culture is well known for its friendly and courteous attitude in honoring whoever comes. Many foreigners feel comfortable about the hospitality attitude that has always been nurtured to date. This is the basis of the behavior of the nation, state and community full of compassion and affection.

This mutual help culture becomes the basis of behavior from an early age to adult, this is also applied to family life and also religion. Interesting general attitudes in Indonesia.

5. Culture and Tradition are Unique and Interesting

Tradition and culture of Indonesia are very strong and still held firm to this day. The interconnected cultures and customs form a unique and interesting natural and human tradition to learn. Do not know that any love, that’s the old saying, the more familiar with Indonesian culture will be more love.

6. Have Abundant Natural Wealth

Indonesia’s natural wealth is famous until the country in the world. The land of Indonesia is a land rich in nature and its source is much ogled by other countries. Seen some areas that are used as mines and also processed countries that generate foreign exchange.

Natural wealth is not only a mine but a wealth of marine, forest, and flora fauna are still preserved until nowadays. Hence interesting facts about Sumatran Rhinoceroses.

7. The Climate in Friendly Indonesia

The climate in Indonesia is comfortable and also not as extreme as other countries. Make many people feel comfortable and comfortable to be and settle.

The climate in Indonesia consists of hot climates and rainy climate, many areas are fertile and cool air. A cool and fresh climate can be felt in Indonesia, you do not need to buy a heating or coat because of excessively cold weather. Quite cool in Indonesia. Herewith fascinating facts about Sumatran coffee.

8. A Likely Society Helps and Works Together

In addition to the park-friendly people are also very helpful and cooperate in building a unified life. Examples in neighboring neighborhood activities give each other help when neighbors experience difficulties and vice versa.

Cultures work together in terms of cleanliness of the surrounding environment, as well as during parties or big day celebrations all united to help each other. Benefits interesting positive impacts of tourism in Indonesia.

9. The Cost of Living is Still Cheap

The cost of living in Indonesia is still relatively cheap. Plenty of food and clothing that can still be purchased at an affordable price. Compared to other countries that if you visit there will find some needs are much different like in Indonesia.

What is there in our country is still quite cheap and abundant. Any need can be bought cheaply and also available goods are also complete and very diverse. You must know facts about Javanese culture.

10. Delicious and Tasty Culinary

In Indonesia, there is a culinary fun and delicious to taste. Typical Indonesian foods and drinks such as rendangbajigur, and much more will never be found in other countries.

Once tried to be addicted of course. Because Indonesian cuisine is famous for its rich variety of spices and flavors. Proving Indonesian cuisine is not inferior to other cuisines in the world. Hence incredible facts about rice in Indonesia.


Other benefits of living in Indonesia are :

  • Easy to travel to various regions in Indonesia at a cheap price. Many fun tourist attractions in Indonesia such as Bali, Lombok, Medan, and others.
  • Indonesia has an interesting and unique local art, making it very interesting to learn and become a tourist attraction for foreign tourists.
  • The governance system in Indonesia is still good and safe. Leaders of a democratic state and an observer of the field of life for the people of Indonesia.
  • Free life but still regular with the applicable law. But the applicable law does not make it difficult and can still be done with a peaceful and familial way.
  • Educational facilities are still cheap and easy to obtain. So it does not need far away to get the quality of education is equivalent international.
  • Easy to find work as long as with sincerity and determination to work hard, opportunities are still open free. To try is still easy in Indonesia, so any important choice has the expertise and diligence and discipline.
  • Can easily buy and search for unique and rare items. Whatever is in Indonesia, this is the main attraction by the people of Indonesia.
  • Easy to find friends and hang out, because of its friendly culture then the nation of Indonesia became an easy nation in the association. Do not hesitate to get acquainted first.

Thus the explanation of the benefits of living in Indonesia, because Indonesia is a country that upholds human harmony, god, and nature. might be useful and enjoyable.