10 Hidden Temple in Yogyakarta; Beautiful Place To Visit

People know that Yogyakarta is a heaven of temples. So many ancient world knowledge and information from ancient Indonesia can be transferred through time until now thanks to temples in Yogyakarta. From Prambanan temple to Borobudur temple, those site gives us imagination of how the life of kingdoms and empire works in the past. Those […]

15 Historical Temple in West Java : Heritages of The Old Kingdoms

Seeing our previous articles that related to temples such as the historical temples around Jakarta and Yogyakarta city, we know to realize that this country actually holds a deep secret about the ancient history about the Great Kingdom Era. That time, many great kingdoms were built, having only one purpose, to unite all of them […]

14 Historical Temples in Jakarta : Gems of The Capital

We all know that the capital city of Indonesia is Jakarta, a city that is so advanced than other cities in Java island. It’s full of entertainment, a lot of things that you can possibly imagine. But, you can find a trace of history in this city? Is there anything left behind to uncover and […]

13 Importance Of Temple In Bali

Getting to know the island of Bali is not only a stunning tourist destination. However, on the other hand, Bali became very famous for its local culture as well as its unique and interesting religious rituals. Examples of one of which is building a temple built with traditional Balinese architecture. Very beautiful and also interesting […]

Top 15 Aesthetic Hindu Temple at Bali

Bali is known for the Hinduism practice and many temples which contain many historical dan legend stories. Below is the list of 15 Hindu temple at Bali : Read also: Hinduism in Bali History of Bali Bali Tribes Historical Buildings in Indonesia Camping in Indonesia Hinduism temples in Bali known as sacred heritages which still maintained […]