The History of Jamu in Indonesia

As a country with abundant result in nature, it is not such a surprised if Indonesia has many nutritious medicinal plants. Hence, no wonder it’s been long time since the Indonesian people use medicinal plants as a treatment to medicate the health problems. In fact, there are still a number of people who prefer use […]

Advantageous 17 Traditional Indonesian Medicines

Medicines are very important t our life. They can tke away those sickness with such an excellent results. But, some medicines have some side effects, that can be a little annoying. Some of the side effects can even bring another disease. See also : Indonesian Herbal Medicine Native Plants of Indonesia Indonesia Jamu So, to […]

Top 15 Indonesian Herbal Medicine – Benefits

In Indonesia alone many types of medicinal plants are scattered in various regions. Each region has its own recipe in processing herbs into medicinal plants. However, by re-using natural medicine will certainly minimize the side effects of drugs used. In addition, knowing the various medicinal plants that are efficacious in treating the disease will eliminate […]

Best 5 Indonesia Jamu Traditional Medicine – Uses and Benefits

Generally, Jamu is bitter like any other herbal medicine. In order to get rid of the bitterness, people usually put honey as an addition. In fact, some people use grape to lessen the bitterness of Jamu and warm the body. Sukoharjo district of Central Java is famous for being the sales centers of Jamu. Many […]