Top 15 Indonesian Herbal Medicine – Benefits

In Indonesia alone many types of medicinal plants are scattered in various regions. Each region has its own recipe in processing herbs into medicinal plants. However, by re-using natural medicine will certainly minimize the side effects of drugs used. In addition, knowing the various medicinal plants that are efficacious in treating the disease will eliminate your dependence on chemical drugs. Below there are several medicinal plants and benefits that are owned to treat the disease.

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So, we don’t need any chemical or unnatural medicines anymore, because we already have them. Don’t worry, we can find them in gardens or maybe farms around us. Okay, lets straight to go to the first herb that can cure your illness, Starfruit.

1. Wuluh Starfruit 

Do not imagine this starfruit has a star-like form like starfruit in general. Wuluh starfruit is also known as the star fruit vegetables because it is often used as a spice to give a strong sour taste. Beside giving a good taste, it can help you eliminate your illness.

Another function of wuluh starfruit other than as a spice cuisine is for traditional medicine. Starting from the fruit, stems, leaves and flower can be used as a medicine. CIt can be useful to treat bleeding gums, rheumatic, and can be used as a toothache medicine.

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2. Temu Lawak

Temulawak is a spice plant native to Indonesia that has a variety of benefits for health. The part that is often exploited is the root or often also called rhizomes. This part is often processed to serve as a medicine for various diseases.

Benefits of temulawak plant is to overcome kidney disorders, digestion, make heart more healthy, and maintain the healthy liver. Actually there are many other types of diseases that can be cured with this medicinal plant. Moreover, when its use is combined with other medicinal plants, of course the benefits will multiplied.

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3. Aloe vera

Medicinal plant that have various benefits is aloe vera. Yup, the aloe vera called as a plant with million benefits because of the many benefits that can be found in this plant. In addition to its main functions for hair health, get rid of acne, and beauty, this plant can also be used to treat various diseases.

As a medicinal plant aloe vera nutritious to treat heart attack disease, diabetes, sore throat, constipation, and many other diseases that can be treated with this plant. So make sure that this plant is available in your yard.

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4. Kumis Kucing (Orthosiphon aristatus)

Kumis Kucing is no longer strange in Indonesia. Plants that have the latin name Orthosiphon aristatus has long been known as a medicinal plant that efficient to cure various diseases. This plant can be used as ingredients to make medicine with a certain concoction and dosage to be a very powerful one.

The benefits of this most famous plant is as a cure to urinary stone. This plant will shed pee stones so it can smooth the urinary tract. In addition, this plant is also efficient to treat rheumatism, cough, colds, diabetes, and hypertension.

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5. Keji Beling

Keji Beling is very famous among herbalists. Plants that many grown in the yard of house has a variety of benefits, also the parts of this plant can be utilized. It leaves contain many important substances such as phosphorus, sodium, calcium and potassium. The root part contains many polyphenols and flavonoids while the stem contains saponins and tannins.

Benefits of keji beling plants can be used as a kidney stone medicine, diarrhea, lowering cholesterol, and treat diabetes. One of the advantages of knowing medicinal plants and their benefits will make it easier for you to choose the medicine from the illness suffered.

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6. Jarak leaf

Since ancient times, Jarak leaf has been used as herbal medicine. No wonder if this plant is included in the plant of life pharmacy. Leaves, fruits, even it seeds are believed to cure various diseases. No wonder colonialist targeted this plant and brought them to their country.

Jarak leaf has the benefits to treat the disease of itching, bloody wounds, fungus on the skin, rheumatism, and swelling due to injury. In addition, this plant can also be used to treat flatulence on children. It is remarkable medicinal plants and it usefulness can be used as an alternative medicine.

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7. Beluntas leaf

This one medical plant is already known by many people, but few know the benefits of beluntas plant. The nature of plants that have many branches and leaves is often used as a beautiful garden fence. But, it also has some benefits to cure various health problems.

Beluntas leaf can be used as a powerful herbal remedy to overcome body odor, eliminate bad breath, treat leucorrhoea, treat rheumatism, flatulence, and relieve low back pain. Very helpful plant indeed. Thats why many people start to plant it at least one in their home.

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8. Sambiloto

Sambiloto is an herbal plant that has been used since ancient time to treat many kind of diseases. Plant that has the Latin name Green chiretta comes from India and Sri Lanka. Currently this plant thrives in various tropical regions such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and some countries in America continent.

Sambiloto leaves can be used as a medicine to reduce body heat, expedite urine, stomach pain medication, and to treat diabetes. In a study, sambiloto can also be used to lower sugar levels in proportion to the adding of glibenclamide suspension.

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9. Dewa leaf

Dewa leaf is one of the pharmacy plants that are widely used for herbal medicine. These types of plants usually flourish in areas that have a height of 200-800 above sea level. People in Java named this plant with sambung nyowo leaf.

Sambung nyowo leaves, like the name given this plant does have a variety of benefits, one of them to treat chronic diseases. The types of diseases that can be treated with this leaves are cancer, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, diabetes mellitus, and bleeding. In addition this plant can also be used to treat bruises, toxins.

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10. Ajeran

It is easy to find this plant. But maybe you will not think that the plant ajeran can be used as a medicine. Yes, it is because this plant was originally a wild plant that grows a lot around the garden and fence. But, it hides many benefits inside.

Ajeran has a Latin name Bidens pilosa L and still a relative with Labiatae type plant. The benefit of ajeran leaves is to reduce fever by boiling and drinking its boiled water. In addition it can also be used to wash the eyes, first boil it then wait until the water is cold then use it to wash your eyes.

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11. Reed Root

This one plant is already familiar because it is often used as one of the ingredients to make traditional medicine. These plants often become weeds for agricultural crops. That’s why many farmers pull it out or eliminate it with chemicals.

Even so the roots have many benefits for health like for curing kidney disease, nosebleeds, bladder stones, leucorrhea and many other benefits. You can also combine this plant with other medicinal plants to create a powerful medicine to eliminate the disease.

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12. Cincau leaf

Of course you already familiar with this plant, right? Yes, this plant is often processed into cendol that has a variety of benefits for the health of the body. Cincau leaf in general has 2 types of green and black, both have an equally delicious taste.

Benefits of this medicinal plant is as a medicine fever, diabetes mellitus medicine, stomach ulcers, and cure typhus. How amazing is not it? Maybe this is a medicinal plant that has a delicious taste.

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13. Vetiver

Medicinal plant of this one has been proven to be used to cure various diseases. The name of akar wangi (fragrant root) is given because the root of this plant is commonly used as a source of perfume. Fragrant aroma is obtained from the essential substances contained in the roots of this plant.

In addition to the roots, the leaves of this plant can also be used as a medicine. Vetiveron content, vetivena acid, and vetiverol ester in this plant is very good for the body. The benefits of this plant is to treat rheumatism,  kidney stones, fever, and can be used to treat bad breath and body odor.

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14. Liquorice

Still from root plant species, this medicinal plant also has many health benefits. Akar manis has a Latin name Glycyrrhiza Glabra L has been widely used by ancient people to treat various types of diseases. Its a useful plant.

From the results of Akar manis research, it can be known that the root contains several substances such as Glycosides Likuiritin, Glisirhisin, Umbeliferona, Saponin, Glucose, Asparagin, and Glabrolida. The benefits of this medicinal plant can treat stomach ulcers, high blood diseases, and cough diseases.

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15. Adas leaf

For Java community, especially Jogja region would have been familiar with Adas leaves. Besides being a medicinal plant, Adas leaves are also often used as spices for cooking. It contains a lot of good nutrition for the body including Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Anisaldehida and many others.

It has the benefits for health like used to treat anemia, treat constipation, treat heart disease, prevent cancer, treat diarrhea, and others. So that’s why, many people using it as a great herbal medicine. You must try it if you have the chance.

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That’s the list of 15 Indonesian Herbal Medicine, hopefully can increase knowledge for you who want to use natural medicines and eliminate the side effect when using chemical drugs. Consuming the herbal medicine also good for your health, because it can improve your immunity too, so it must be a good thing. Have a good day!