14 Things Must not do in Bali Indonesia

Bali is a great holiday destination for a solo traveler, couple, honeymooners or even family activities in Bali Indonesia. However, there are things you cant things that you can do and things you should never do in Bali Indonesia that needs some alarming. South East Asia has law, tradition, and habit of its own. Moreover, the mild social […]

10 Quick Steps How to Get Indonesian Driving License For Foreigner

SIM is proof of registration and identification provided by the National Police to someone who has met administrative requirements, physically and mentally healthy. People who already have a SIM are considered to have understood the traffic regulations and are skilled at driving a motorized vehicle. The SIM indicates that you are fit to drive a […]

8 Simple Steps of How to get Indonesian Citizenship

There are several ways that people become Indonesian citizens. Broadly speaking, there are two principles of birth that are used to determine one’s nationality. First, ius soli sees nationality based on where a person is born. Second, ius sanguinis is based on citizenship because of blood ties. Under Law No. 12 of 2006 concerning the […]

10 Types of Punishment in Indonesia (#9 is Extreme)

The law in Indonesia is a mixture of the European legal system, religious law, and customary law. Most of the systems adopted, both civil and criminal are based on European law, especially from the Netherlands because of the historical aspects of Indonesia’s past which are colonies with the Dutch Indies (Nederlandsch-Indie). Indonesia also regulates various […]

10 Interesting Laws in Indonesia (#7 is unique)

Laws are made to regulate the life of a country’s people. With the law, it is expected that the community can comply with all existing regulations. In addition, the law also aims to create order and justice. In this case, a country’s society should understand the legal consciousness not to do things that harm the […]

17 Rights of a Citizen in Indonesia

As a good and law-abiding Indonesian citizen, it has become our duty to obey and implement all rights of a citizen in Indonesia properly and correctly. Many aspects we can do in exercising our right as a good citizen, for that matter then on this occasion will be discussed rights of a citizen in Indonesia […]

10 Unusual Laws in Indonesia (#1 is Extreme)

Indonesia is a state of law but beside state law, customary law also exists in Indonesia. Justice is very expensive therefore some law suits are nominated as unusual and unfair. Also, The amount of Indonesian tribes from Sabang until Merauke is countless and most of them still retain their customs and traditions which differ from each […]

10 Typical Work Hours in Indonesia

Based on the regulations of the Government through the Worker’s Act No.13 of 2003, which regulates the regulation of working hours. Regarding this matter, it is clearly stated the article number Forty-four of Law 13, Year in 2003 on Workers, particularly Article 77 until Article 85 UUK ( Labour Laws ). in the article explained about working […]

13 Smoking Rules in Indonesia You Must Obey

Smoking is said to bring pleasure to those who smoke cigarettes. It’s a habit that is hard to kill even though there are many risks and diseases in Indonesia link to it. There are people all over the world who smoke cigarettes. Every country has their own set of rules for smokers to follow through. […]

13 Drinking Law in Indonesia You Must Obey

Drinking is the act of taking in liquid substance into your body. However, the word drinking is often associated with the act of consuming liquid that contains alcohol. People drink alcohol in various forms such as wine, beer or whisky. They drink it to celebrate, as a way to socialize or they just simply enjoy […]