13 Smoking Rules in Indonesia You Must Obey

Smoking is said to bring pleasure to those who smoke cigarettes. It’s a habit that is hard to kill even though there are many risks and diseases in Indonesia link to it. There are people all over the world who smoke cigarettes. Every country has their own set of rules for smokers to follow through. Indonesia is no exception to those rules. The country has some regulations that smokers must obey. Most of the rules are set to ensure the convenience for those who smoke and for those who don’t. Below are 13 Smoking Rules in Indonesia that everyone who are living inside the country have to follow.

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1. Must be 18 Years Old

In Indonesia, the legal age for smoking is 18 years old. However, there are so many underage kids that are already smoking before they hit that age. Authorities find it difficult to monitor those kids who are smoking illegally. But still, according to Indonesian law, only people who are 18 years old or older can have the right to smoke.

2. No Encouraging Underage Kids to Smoke

Anyone is prohibited to encourage underage kids to smoke. In fact, to avoid more Indonesian children smoking, there are no advertisement for it during the prime time on TV. The ads for cigarette don’t explicitly show the cigarette itself.

3. No Smoking in Hospital

Nobody is allowed to smoke on hospital ground. Anybody caught smoking within the area could get the warned or charged seriously. The hospital is meant to be a place where people can heal. Moreover, the smoke from the cigarette could affect people with asthma. Also, the cigarette particles in the smoke can stick to the tools in the hospital that have to be sanitary. This regulation also applies to the smoking rules in Bali.

4. No Smoking in School

Smoking in school is not allowed. Students caught smoking could get serious punishment from the school. Adults are also not allowed to smoke around the area. It could set as a bad example for impressionable children. The act may encourage others to smoke illegally too.

5. No Smoking in Places for Worship

There is also a rule whereby smoking is prohibited in places for worship. They include mosques, churches or temples. The smoke from the cigarette may irritate those who are trying to pray. Other than that, it is also disrespectful to blow smokes in a place where people are trying to have peace and connection with their creators.

6. Smoke Within a Special Smoking Area

Smokers in Indonesia are advised to smoke within a special smoking area. This area is usually in the form of an isolated room. The room is surrounded by glass and closed off from other areas. So, the smoke from the cigarettes cannot get out and affect other people. There are now many smoking areas in Indonesia due to the public demand asking for smoking free zones.

7. No Smoking in Malls

Indonesians are not allowed to smoke inside malls. Malls are usually closed buildings with air conditioners running. When someone smokes inside the mall, the smoke from the cigarette could be difficult to get rid of. Most importantly, it could raise the chance of starting a fire inside the building where many people are walking around shopping.

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8. No Selling Cigarette to Underage Kids

Supermarkets or mini markets are not allowed to sell cigarette to underage kids. Some will require a show for ID to make sure that the person they are selling to is of legal age. This smoking rule also applies to the small corner stores in the neighbourhood although they tend to be more lenient.

9. Pregnant Women are Not Allowed to Smoke

Pregnant women in Indonesia are not advised to smoke a cigarette during their pregnancy. Cigarettes contain harmful components that could dangerously affect their unborn babies. Moreover, cigarette may also affect the health of the mother which puts the unborn babies at more risks.

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10. No Smoking Around Children Area

Smokers are not allowed to light up their cigarettes around children area. This includes playgrounds, kindergartens or events where there are many children around. When someone smokes around the children, they are exposed to the harmful components from the cigarette. Moreover, they become passive smokers at such a young age.

11. Don’t Dump Cigarette Ash While Riding Vehicles

Some Indonesians like to smoke while riding their vehicles such as their cars or motorcycles. However, they are not advised to dump their cigarette ash while riding inside a personal or public transportation in Indonesia. The cigarette ash may harm the person riding behind them. The ash might burn the skin or a piece of clothing on the person behind.

12. Put Out Cigarette before Throwing it Away

Smokers in Indonesia must put out their cigarettes first before throwing it away. Cigarettes that are still light up with fire might increase the chance of starting a fire. Moreover, the cigarette that is still not put out can harm other people that happen to encounter the cigarette.

13. No Smoking around Pregnant Women

Another smoking rule in Indonesia is the prohibition to smoke around pregnant women. Pregnant women are not happy when they are exposed to the harmful smoke from cigarettes. They do not want to become passive smokers and end up harming their babies. A smoker is advised to look over his or her surrounding before smoking. When there is a pregnant woman, it is better to find a smoking are or move away from the woman as far as possible.

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These smoking rules in Indonesia are reasonable enough to ensure safety for everyone. Indonesia want to try as much as possible to reduce exposure of cigarettes within the public area. When it comes to children, pregnant women and others who are sensitive to cigarette smokes, the smokers must know that they better smoke in a special smoking area to avoid making them passive smokers.