12 Recommended Bali Photographers

Looking for a professional photographer who understands what you want and captures exactly what you desired is like looking for needle in a haystack. A pro photographer should have a very artistic eyes and should be able to translate what the client wants into a picture.  Photograph is one of the important aspects in life […]

14 Tips Doing Photography in Indonesia

The development of the era that is now increasingly sophisticated and modern makes technology grow more rapidly. For example, the sophistication of cell phone technology makes it very easy for everyone to carry out activities and internet access as well as mobile facilities that are due. Hence recommendation best places for hunting street photography in […]

12 Best Places for Hunting Street Photography in Jakarta

Street photography is a trend that is currently emerging and is starting to reap the controversy in the world. Indeed, the photographer’s interest in street dynamics has begun since the discovery of high-speed cameras. If you visit Jakarta, you can find many photography community, one of them is street photography community. They used to capture […]