12 Best Places for Hunting Street Photography in Jakarta

Street photography is a trend that is currently emerging and is starting to reap the controversy in the world. Indeed, the photographer’s interest in street dynamics has begun since the discovery of high-speed cameras. If you visit Jakarta, you can find many photography community, one of them is street photography community. They used to capture the moment that happened in Jakarta street segment. In this city, they can get a complete picture object with an interesting background. If you want to try this trend, here is a list of great places for hunting street photoraphy in Jakarta.

1. Glodok

Having been for centuries becomes a commercial area, until now the alleys and streets of Glodok are still crowded with Chinese traders. Toward the Chinese New Year, the Glodok area became very lively and frenzied by street vendors selling Lunar ornaments. Before the Lunar New Year, Glodok can be a great photo spot. Decorative lanterns on the road can be a sweet background on your photos. In addition, Chinese community activity can also be a great object for photography. The streets are filled with Chinese stalls will be a separate theme to improve the quality of your drawing.

2. Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (Bundaran HI)

Welcome monument of Bundaran HI seems a mandatory to visit for photo hunting. The beauty of Monuments and cars passing in Bundaran HI is beautiful to be a photo object. There usually many people come to Bundaran HI at midnight. The technique of photographing slow speed, a mainstay to capture the beauty of Roundabout HI. Do not be surprised if you see a young man who was carrying a tripod, that’s what will be done. Bundaran HI is also crowded at the weekend. Almost everyone who comes to Car Free Day, always take pictures with the background of the Welcome Monument.

Bundaran Hotel Indonesia is a landmark of the city of Jakarta, with a glimpse to see Bundaran HI is definitely know is located in Jakarta. The best spot to take photos here is in Mandarin hotels. This is because through mandarin hotels you will be able to take objecty from roundabout hotel Indonesia as a whole. However, if you want to take pictures of this hotel we have to ask permission first or stay here.

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3. Jl Taman Fatahillah, Kota Tua

A series of Dutch-era art deco-style buildings, the Fatahillah Museum, Wayang Museum, Museum of Stamps, Museum of Fine Arts & Ceramics, Red Stores, to a classic ambience cafe is a spot that visitors often seek. Colorful bike called onthel accompanied by a beautiful hat in the Kota Tua square you can also rent to further beautify the atmosphere, here. The presence of people who dress up like Noni Dutch, stone man, soldier, until the hero of Indonesia also you can not miss as a snap object. Don’t forget to bring your partner in photography. It would be amazing to capture as much as possibile.

4. Pancoran Monument on MT Haryono Street

Actually the real name of this statue is Monument Statue Dirgantara located in Pancoran area, and because of its location, finally this statue is often called by the name of Pancoran Statue. This monument was built in order to affirm that the Indonesian people also dare to explore the sky and become a symbol of the aviation or aerospace world.

This statue is intentionally built at the gate of South Jakarta area from Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. This airfield formerly became the Headquarters of the Republic of Indonesia Air Force. You can hunt for photos on this street as long as it does not interfere with traffic. Taking pictures with Pancoran Monument background in Jakarta is the thing most people do when hunting photos. Lately even circulating photos of the original face of Pancoran Monument which first shot a young photographer using a drone.

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5. National Monument

National Monument (Monas) is an icon of Jakarta that has been ingrained. Of course you have to make as a location for photo hunting. There is a large park, where you can capture the various activities that visitors do. There are many people who are playing bikes or jogging and kids who are kite-playing. Monas more beautiful look at night. Visiting Monas in the afternoon with a walk or bike ride through the park in Monas is an exciting activity you can do, you can also spend time by taking pictures and photos while looking at the scenery around.

6. Monorail Transport Road

Although the construction had stopped without continuing, the Jakarta monorail is usually used as a street photography object by young photographers. Now the Jakarta monorail continues to be the Jakarta Light Rail Transit project. Photo capture in this area can be taken from various angles that fit, for example from under the fly over LRT. You can try your photography skill in aiming at the car picture that goes with monorail construction background on it. The shooting would be greater when done at dusk or at the late of afternoon. Jakarta’s orange sky (if it does not rain) will add to the privileges of the photos you produce.

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7. Semanggi Bridge and Flyover

Simpang Susun Semanggi Bridge is the favorite street spot photo in Jakarta. In addition to its unique building construction, the stall also contributes to the sensation for photographers. Many of them are then interested to bring drones here. From all angles, catching the image of Jalan Selang Semanggi Interchange looks more cool. But for those who do not have drones, do not worry because you can still take pictures of the beauty of this street from Sky Dinning Plaza clover. In addition, taking a corner from the bottom of the fly over clover is also no less cool. Do not forget to include also a cool object as well.

8. Gatot Subroto Highway

The toll road of Gatot Subroto is famous for its traffic jam, especially in the hours of going and coming home from work. You can take advantage of these moments to produce great shots. With a background of rows of neatly lined cars or maybe taking the facial objects of fatigued drivers with jammed Jakarta, you can pocket the maximum results to add to your collection of galleries. In fact, you can also take it from the top corner, where the line of cars as it looks is arranged in such a way. With the blue sky landscape and skyscraper, this toll road will look more and more perfect to be your photograph object.

9. Sudirman street

At the time of Car Free Day, you will feel and encounter a street situation that is much different than usual. If on a busy day, do not be able to get a good spot photo in this place, even to pass it alone will be difficult. Car Free Day (on Sunday) is the right time for you for hunting photos in around Jalan Jendral Sudirman as well as to record your own activities while enjoying it. With the Bundaran HI background, your photos while exercising will be more lively and meaningful. Especially on Sunday Morning, in this area is free without any jam and pollution.

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10. Eco Skywalk Bridge

If Singapore has a Helix Bridge, then Jakarta also has Eco Skywalk Bridge. This is the new bridge in Jakarta that is very hits. For travelers who have been to Singapore, may have passed the Helix Bridge connecting Marina Center with Marina Bay. But not inferior to Singapore, Jakarta has a bridge Eco Skywalk that was hits. From the top Eco Skywlak Neo Soho, the visitors can immortalize photos with Central Park Mal background and vehicles that go on the streets. The construction of this building looks very futuristic. The outer frame is like a ring decorated with lights that look very charming at night.

11. Fly-over Antasari

Construction of Antasari-Blok M-type non-toll roads (JLNT) which supposedly said incorrectly constructed even made this place sweet for photo hunting. You can use your photography skills to take a picture of the blend of cars passing by and the beautiful Jakarta night lights. The fly over from Jalan Antasari is also interesting to be a photo. By taking the right angle in this area, you can take home amazing street photos. Be sure to use appropriate lighting techniques to make the photos more satisfying.

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12. Kalijodo Roads

Kalijodo used to be a place for worshipers and sex workers to meet. But now Kalijodo in fact has turned into a fun place to hang out as well as photo hunting. In addition there is a vehicle for skateboarding, on the edge of the streets of Kalijodo also there are many walls that have been painted murals. This place became a paradise of professional and amateur photographers. Surely they make the mural wall as the background of the object image. You can also make some skateboarding athletes in action as objects. With the sky background and skyscrapers of Jakarta, everything looks beautiful.

Those are some recommended place for those who like to hunt photography in Jakarta. While hunting the photo, don’t forget to watch out the street around you. Make sure to keep obey the traffic rule and not to make your self and others in a a danger of accident.