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14 Tips Doing Photography in Indonesia

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The development of the era that is now increasingly sophisticated and modern makes technology grow more rapidly. For example, the sophistication of cell phone technology makes it very easy for everyone to carry out activities and internet access as well as mobile facilities that are due. Hence recommendation best places for hunting street photography in Jakarta.


Many people have new hobbies by using technological sophistication, such as being youtube, photography, tutorials, and so on. Well, the following will be discussed doing photography tips in Indonesia. For those of you who like the world of photos and also beautiful scenery, here are some explanations as below:

1. Use adequate and support your photos

So that your photo shots are good and cool, the first step is to determine which media will be used. Do you want to use a cell phone or a special camera?

It has different qualities and different prices too, it all depends on your choice, if your photo is done as a profession then you should use good and reliable media, but if you only do hobbies then look for those that fit your budget. The following things you should not miss in Bali.

2. Determine the theme of the photo to be taken

Next, doing photography tips in Indonesia, specify the theme to be photographed. If you like nature, then Indonesia has a beautiful and charming nature, so you can try to find which location is fun and cool. If you like Indonesian food and will capture it in the form of photos, then start looking for unique and delicious culinary and which location is often a nice and cool photo view. Recommendations for you top beautiful forest in Indonesia you deserve to visit.

3. Determine which location or area you will photograph

After you determine the theme of the photo, then you can determine which location and area you will visit. Indonesia itself has a place, and also a cool photo center, so you can easily choose which ones are good for photos. Look through Google, books or references through friends who have tried at that location. You can visit to take pictures at the best temple in Lombok you must visit.

4. Set the condition of your photo camera

After you find everything you need, the next step is that you can set your camera according to desire. Starting from the camera position, resolution, sharpness, etc., this is so that the images become more beautiful and you don’t need to take pictures repeatedly.

This is also so that the memory on your camera can be used as effectively as possible. Hence best and unique wedding venues in Jakarta that you should know.

5. Avoid looking for crowded and crowded photo locations

One of the dangers of taking photos in a crowded place is that you will be pushed even to fall if there are many people at the location. If indeed you still want to do it, then look for a safe place that can be used for photo positioning.

If the photo is taken directly in the crowd, let alone the person is doing a lot of dangerous things, then the photo will also be bad. The following best activities in Bandung you must try to take a photo.

6. Avoid buildings that are too high

Tips for doing photography in Indonesia, which you should avoid next, is to take pictures in a building that is too high. Besides being dangerous, you also have to ask permission to do this.

It is different if you take pictures in a wide and open nature, but still have to be on guard because not all photos can be taken from high ranking, because of risk factors and if you are not a professional photographer, then consider.

7. Do photos that do not smell to damage

Taking photos with the theme of goodness is very beneficial. If your photo is themed to damage or exploit other living creatures, then you can be charged with the law in Indonesia.

So, whatever theme you choose, keep the positive value of the photos taken. You can take photos in a place like this best nightlife in Central Jakarta to enjoy.

8. Avoid photos with vulgar poses

Usually, if you want to do photos of other people, or take selfies to eat, you should know some of the tips. If your photo is used to spread to an account on social media, then avoid taking photos vulgarly. Use personal photos or other people with poses that are polite, interesting and also polite, so that people who will see have no bad prejudices and do not do evil to your photos.

9. You can take pictures of various entertainment centers and places of interest in Indonesia

The next tips on doing photography in Indonesia is that there are many entertainment and tourism places in Indonesia, one of which is Ancol, Monas, Kota Tua, and several others.

You can use the entertainment place to be attractive and also good shooting center, many entertainment and tourist places offering beautiful, interesting and also interesting spots, so you can produce amazing photos. Besides that, the photo becomes your memory of visiting tourist sites in Indonesia. Some places that unique dining experience in Bali you must try to take some photos.

10. Make your photo an additional income

So that your photos look beautiful and can also benefit economically, then you can just upload a number of photos through the account you have.

However, not a selfie photo of course, if you have a hobby of traveling, eating and so on, then you can sell the photo. It’s usually very difficult at the beginning, but if you have found a site or someone who wants to contact you to send an interesting photo, then it’s one way for you to make extra money.


Furthermore, the explanation of doing photography in Indonesia tips that you can find out in addition to the above, there are other explanations that can be known:

  • Photos can also be a new profession for you, starting with a hobby can gradually become a business and also a profession. You can open cooperation offers, such as pre-wedding photos, family photos and so on. What can certainly be a side job is quite tempting. Hence the best art galleries in Yogyakarta unique to take a photo.
  • If your photos are a lot of people liked, then try opening a course or less personal to teach many people. This can be your business opportunity, later on, the more photos you produce will be the more business opportunities offered to you, which you must be proficient and precise.
  • Tips for doing photography in Indonesia is that you can use social media as an uploader of photos and. In Indonesia, there are so many internet and social media users, the more you have a lot of fans, then your photos will be widely known and liked by people, this becomes your chance to become viral on social media. You can try to take a photo in the interesting facts of Indonesian museum.
  • Try to find uniqueness in every photo you take. Use creations and innovations to create unique and other photo works. This is because there will be more and more interest by many people because monotonous and ordinary photos are certainly a lot, so consider making a unique and unique photo tutorial according to your soul.

So some explanations about doing photography tips in Indonesia. Hopefully, it will be a benefit.

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