14 Random Facts About Indonesian Railways

In Indonesia, trains become one of the most important and useful mass transportation tools. In addition to the cheap price, the train mileage is faster than using other fleets such as buses, cars, and motorbikes. So that workers who have solid working hours are in desperate need of this one mode as a practical transport […]

13 Traditional Vehicles in Indonesia

Do you like going on vacation? It is one of the Daily Activities Indonesia so it is guaranteed that the answer is yes  because holidays can reduce the burden of mind after hectic schedule during the weekdays. You need suitable vehicles to accommodate your mobility around the vacation spot. Before you go on holiday to calm the […]

13 Indonesian Traditional Transportation (#11 is Sophisticated)

Transportation has many undergone in any developments. Indonesia, country which has a rich potential of resources, has several unique traditional transportation. Then, in several province, people still use them for daily transportation. Although traditional transportation Indonesia less sophisticated than other countries. However, Indonesian traditional transportation has a value that is very valuable and important because it […]