14 Ecotourism Activities in Raja Ampat : Gems of Western Archipelago

So, aside from the Lombok island we mentioned earlier in the previous article, you can also visit another location called Raja Ampat. For the people who are in love with the world of diving in snorkeling in Indonesia, the name is not that strange anymore. Raja Ampat is so famous for its popular diving locations […]

The 14 Useful Tips to Make Romantic Events in Raja Ampat Islands

Well, even though the month of February is passed already, creating a romantic event for your loved one can be a fun thing to do. If you want to celebrate a special day or planning a beautiful event for two on a very special occasion, of course, you want it to be the best thing […]

13 Tips To Do Scuba Diving in Raja Ampat Indonesia

For those of you who like the world of diving, surely you really want to do the sport wherever the location is. One of the locations that you should try is in Raja Ampat, besides its exotic place, there are also many interesting dive sites. Hence the useful guides to do scuba diving in Bali […]

13 Fascinating Facts of Indonesian Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of numerous coral islands and is widespread throughout its territory. However, Raja Ampat has the 4 largest main islands, namely Waigeo Island, Batanta Island, Salawati Island, and Misool Island. Four large islands that became the starting point of the spread of the entire population of Raja Ampat who mostly […]

The History of Indonesian Raja Ampat

The Raja Ampat Islands is a series of four adjacent island clusters located in the western part of the Bird’s Head (Vogelkoop) of Papua Island. Administratively, this cluster is under Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua Province. These islands are now the destination of divers who are interested in the beauty of underwater scenery. Four groups […]

13 Interesting Facts about Raja Ampat Indonesia

Raja Ampat is located in West Papua of Indonesia. This tourism is very popular with the beautiful natural views. This region is stealing the world’s attention through its natural landscape on land and sea. Until finally this area is named by The Last Paradise on Earth. Many local tourists and foreign tourists like to visit […]