13 Importance Of Family In Indonesia

In the relationship of a family is not enough on the relationship between mother and father, husband and wife. Of all that, there are many other larger relationship that is the relationship to the child. Having a family complete with mom, dad, and child is the most beautiful and happy thing. An incomplete family without […]

Is It Safe To Live In Jakarta Indonesia? 13 Answers For You

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. In Indonesia, Jakarta is the city with the highest activity. It can be said that Jakarta is the largest city in Indonesia. As a business center, politics and culture, Jakarta is home to the headquarters of state-owned enterprises, private companies and foreign companies. The city is also the […]

10 Social Cultures in Bali You Can Experience

Bali province lies in the Eastern part of Java island. This province is included in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago. The archipelago was once called as the Little Sundanese. The Balinese people inhabit Bali Island which is now a province with eight districts and one city. The Balinese live in a neighborhood called Pawongan, Pawongan itself is divided […]

Social Hierarchy in Indonesia – Measures

In society, you can find people who belong to the rich, medium, and poor. The classification shows that in society there are levels that distinguish between one human with another human. The grouping of societies on the basis of certain levels is called social stratification or social hierarchy. Social hierarchy in general can be interpreted […]

20 Social Life in Indonesia

In everyday life, individuals always do social relations with other individuals or groups. Social relationships that occur between individuals or between groups is also known as social interaction. The interaction between various aspects of life that we often experience in everyday life then it will form a pattern of relationships that affect each other so […]

Cycling in Indonesia – Tours – Event

Bicycle is a means of transportation besides car, motorcycle, train, plane, and so on. Begin to be introduces in the Dutch colonization era, it grew more popular day by day, since people realized bikes were more effective and efficient than the previous modes of transportation they used to use like horses, cows, or carriages. However […]