8 Most Beautiful Tourism Objects in Situbondo

Situbondo lies on the north coast between Probolinggo and Banyuwangi, it is one of the regency in East Java. It takes about 4 hours from Surabaya and 5 hours from Denpasar to get to Situbondo. This is another regency that is worth to be visited in East Java, it has beautiful area to the foreign […]

14 Ecotourism Activities in Raja Ampat : Gems of Western Archipelago

So, aside from the Lombok island we mentioned earlier in the previous article, you can also visit another location called Raja Ampat. For the people who are in love with the world of diving in snorkeling in Indonesia, the name is not that strange anymore. Raja Ampat is so famous for its popular diving locations […]

The 15 Reasonable Reasons to Visit Flores Indonesia Now

Now, now, who wants to go on a vacation? Do you have any place to go to Indonesia? Well, don’t worry because we in the Facts of Indonesia.com will give a gift of information that can be very helpful for you on your holiday. Let’s see here, you can take a journey to the natural […]

Beautiful Places to See Sunset in Indonesia – Romantic and Memorable Things

Now, after telling you about the best places to see a sunrise in Indonesia, we’re moving to the next topic which is the best locations for witnessing the sunset. Does anyone think about a romantic activity? A fine and affordable romantic way to make your love life better? We do so. Seeing the sunset with […]

The Top 14 Must Visit Places in Jakarta During Weekend

Now, back in the Jakarta city again, we want to share and mention some of the best places to enjoy on the weekend. As you may know already, now it’s still Tuesday in Indonesia, still a long way to go to reach the weekend. But, it’s never wrong to determine which place you’re gonna pick […]

Best Snorkeling in Bali Indonesia – The Exclusive Locations You Should Visit

After we telling you so much about the best surfing locations in this country, we want to encourage you to visit other places that really suitable for doing this special watersport called snorkeling. Snorkeling is an activity that can be enjoyed by everybody. Unlike surfing, which requires bravery and skills, snorkeling is considered to be […]

List of 17 Natural Things in Bali Indonesia

If you’re a worker, looking for money by working for someone, of course, you are very familiar with stress. Yes, this little thing can lead anybody to bad things, even death. Treating your stress level is very important because, with the level carefully maintained at a tolerable level, you can work and live more happily. […]

Spend Your Time in These Popular Vacation Spots in Indonesia !

Taking a vacation in Indonesia is one beautiful thing. Many people around the globe would choose this country over the others in South East Asian to be the best country that has the largest varieties of natural attractions. Some places like Bali island, Lombok, and Papua are gaining their popularity within a very short time. […]