The 15 Reasonable Reasons to Visit Flores Indonesia Now

Now, now, who wants to go on a vacation? Do you have any place to go to Indonesia? Well, don’t worry because we in the Facts of will give a gift of information that can be very helpful for you on your holiday. Let’s see here, you can take a journey to the natural locations that exist in Indonesia.

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One example from them is Flores. Flores is located in the far east of the country. A simple natural thing like this may look so simple from the outside. But whe you finally stepping on the ground in Flores, after watching the surroundings, you may realize that it’s the best choice you’ve made in your life. Aside from that, we want to give many other reasons to visit Flores Indonesia. In fact, there are fifteen of them that you could think of, such as :

1 – Instagrammable Environment

One main reason why people are visiting Flores is because of the spots in here are always intagrammable or you could say as photogenic. Even simple thing like a rotten tree can be a nicely put in your gallery. Just add some of the best words you can write and post it, and watch it blow.

No wonder that sometimes you can see the tourists are always bringing their own cameras. Because you’ll never know something that’s gonna pop up. While having your trip to a destination, you may have a chance to catch a glimpse of a lonely hill or maybe you watch animals running around the savanna.

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2 – Flores is very healthy

Well, if you’re not into social media like those people, then there’s one other reason that you may think about, which is the environment condition. The Flores area isn’t way developed like in Jayapura. They really consider making the Flores as natural as it can be in a way to protect the animals and their habitat.

However, Flores can be really hot during the day. That’s why the most suitable time for exploring Flores is in the morning, while the weather is still nice and the oxygen level is still abundant. Try to wake up early from your usual schedule, maybe around 5 or 6 in the morning. And breath in the fresh air.

3 – Perfect for the beach lovers

Who said that Bali is the only beach for hunting beaches? Flores is also having the same aspect, and even better. Even though their names are not as famous as the beaches that became a the icons of Bali, but that doesn’t mean that they’re less good. For example you can visit a beach named Kolbano beach.

The Kolbano beach is having the specialty of colorful corals that exist everywhere, it’s really suitable for the divers. Other than that, there’s also the Oetune that catching the interest by providing the softest sand you can feel. Plus, the Tablolong will give you an ultimate peace by the peaceful environment.

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4 – An island of adventure

The next one in reasons to visit Flores Indonesia is because Flores is an actual place for adventure. This is the real deal. If you want to test your survival ability, then maybe this one is a good start. Food can be scarce sometimes. The weather can take your stamina down in a second, and sometimes the animals lurking around the forest may take your live out from you.

All the challenges to prove yourself are exist here. You can do a start by doing the backpacking activity to some hidden destinations in Flores like the Crystal Cave for example. You can do it either by yourself or with a group of three of four people. After that, you’re welcome to try adventuring in Flores.

5 – The unknown attraction exists

Well as said on the point above, there’s a hidden locations in Flores. But is that the only one? Or maybe there’s more to recover? One example from thise is the Crystal Cave with the name of Gua Kristal that located in the area of Bolok, not far from Kupang city. But in this hidden status, it’s a bit hard to find it actually.

Even though you need to take some steps for the cave mouth, but the trip should be easy. Some locals have opened the road to it, so you just go there, bringing less stuff with you, and start exploring the cave. The name came from how clear the water when taking the sunlight. It’s shining light blue, looks like a giant blue crystal under the cave.

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6 – Seeing the Delonix Regia

If Japan has Sakura Flowers then Flores is having the red flame flower with the name of Delonix Regia. During the dry season in Indonesia, you can witness these flowers that start to bloom on the both side of the road. The best time to see them is starting from the month of November to December.

The people are usually coming to the location with a vehicle, like a car. Then usually they just stop under a tree, taking their camera up, and start taking some pictures with the flowers. The color of the Delonix Regia or Sepe Tree is almost like the view of trees in Autumn. Redish color from the leaves remind us of the harvesting season.

7 – Beautiful Hills

When finally arriving to Flores, you can see that all around you are not only the beaches, but also the hills. The hills that have many grown trees are like friends to you. They will be there in your trip to somewhere, because, almost all areas in Flores are covered in hills and the small mountains.

Sometimes, if the tourists want to rest, they can get out of their vehicle and just go to the hills nearby and making a little picnic. Even though the weather can be a bit hot sometimes, but thanks to the trees, they can protect the tourists from the sunburn. Picnic with your family, completed with a view of an ocean is the best thing you can do in your life.

8 – The Unique Cloth of Flores

In the area of Flores, you can find a culture product which is the Flores woven cloth. The cloth is made by the hands of Flores women in order to make a beautiful things for their clothing. For the ceremonial clothing, the price can get up to a million rupiahs.

9 – Suitable place for Catholic religious journey

The people of East Nusa Tenggara, Flores especially, are known to be a loyal catholic believers. There was a person from Portugal who started to spread this religion to the people. Now, you can visit an area named Larantuka, which is the center of catholic religious activity at that time.

10 – A lot of historical sites

One interesting thing on the reasons to visit Flores Indonesia is the historical aspect. You know, the former president of Indonesia, Mr. Soekarno was held captive in this location during the colonial era. He lived in a house with his wife and mother starting from 1934-1938. Now you can see the remains the house that is still standing after all these years. Saving important stuff in it like the pictures, hand writings, and a bed that was belong to Soekarno.

11 – The spiderweb rice fields

Now, you may understand that the rice fields usually formed in squares. But things are a bit different in Flores, where you can see the rice fields are forming this kind of spider-web motives. This thing is not done by alien or something. Instead, the people of Manggarai are doing this in order to divide them to their family equally.

12 – Having the most unique place in the world

Well, many people also coming to Flores in order to see the exotic Komodo that you can see only in the Komodo Island. Here you can see the daily love of them starting from eating, mating, and also some fights.

13 – The famous Pink Beach

If a beach is having black or white sand is too mainstream for you, then you should try to come to the Pink Beach and witness the pink sand. The beach indeed has the sand that colored naturally in Pink.

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14 -Trying the Bajawa Coffee

The next one in reasons to visit Flores Indonesia is enjoying the Bajawa coffee. For the coffee lovers, trying the Bajawa coffee is a must-to-do. This coffee is included as Arabica type which grows in the high grounds of Ngada, which is the area where Mount Inerie and Mount Abulobo meet.

15 – The Hot and Cold River of Malanage

A little absurd here, in Flores you can also experience a river that has two kinds of temperature. Many people are wondering about it and how it could happen. The only secret is the water springs, two water springs that have the hot and cold temperature. They are forming one river with the two different temperatures.