The Evolution of Becak: A Unique Transportation in Indonesia

Indonesia has access to many public transportations. In ocean, it has ship to carry people from one island to another island. In sky, Indonesia has national and international aviation companies bringing and taking people from foreign country and domestic. In land there are more public transportation such as train, buses, travel, and motorcycle. But most […]

14 Interesting Facts About Indonesia Transport

Road chaos is a common problem in almost every major city in the world, especially in developing countries like Indonesia. The level of urbanization that far exceeds the growth of highways is claimed to be the main cause of this problem. Plus the ease of buying vehicles at this time due to the increasingly flooded […]

13 Indonesian Traditional Transportation (#11 is Sophisticated)

Transportation has many undergone in any developments. Indonesia, country which has a rich potential of resources, has several unique traditional transportation. Then, in several province, people still use them for daily transportation. Although traditional transportation Indonesia less sophisticated than other countries. However, Indonesian traditional transportation has a value that is very valuable and important because it […]