14 Interesting Facts About Indonesia Transport

Road chaos is a common problem in almost every major city in the world, especially in developing countries like Indonesia. The level of urbanization that far exceeds the growth of highways is claimed to be the main cause of this problem.

Plus the ease of buying vehicles at this time due to the increasingly flooded financing companies that offer a variety of credit options, only 500 thousand people have been able to take home a new motorbike and with 20 million already able to take home a new car. Hence sample facts of Indonesian traditional transportation must know.

As a result, like Jakarta, it is increasingly becoming an easy target for automotive capitalists because the high level of potential demand in Jakarta has been able to be converted well by financing companies into effective demand.

Capital cities in Indonesia need more public transportation services or public transport than building flyovers that require large land and large costs to be faced.

Here are some of the facts about Indonesia transport that can be known in advance:

1. Transportation in Indonesia is not quite comfortable

The fact about Indonesia transport is a level of comfort that is not guaranteed. Many passengers feel uncomfortable riding public transportation which tends to be old, sometimes breaking down, not to mention other facilities that look damaged and worn.

In addition, too much cargo does not pay attention to the comfort and safety of passengers, making it easy for crime and accidents. Another Moda public transportation in Indonesia you must know.

2. Expensive Transportation Prices

The price of transport in Indonesia which is quite expensive makes people look for other alternatives, namely motorbikes.

Sometimes expensive tariffs are not matched by unhealthy fleet conditions. There are many types of public transport whose physical conditions are not suitable for use but are still forced to operate in order to gain company profits. On the other hand, it does not take into account the safety and security of passengers.

3. Modes of transportation that are not maintained

Not a few facts about Indonesia transport that does not pay attention to the physical condition and engine of the vehicle.

Problems often occur due to brake failure or the engine dies suddenly. This is very sad when compared to transportation conditions in other neighboring countries.

If this condition is left for so long then there will certainly be victims and even transportation will not sell. Indonesian traditional transportation we must know it.

4. Road Conditions in Stalled Cities

Population growth in big cities like Jakarta and its surroundings is very high indeed. This has an impact on the condition of the land, especially for urban transportation, almost 80 percent of the suburbs of Jakarta is now jammed and crowded.

This makes people reluctant to use public transportation services due to conditions that are not moving. Coupled with the pressures of solid and timely work. The farther away from the word worthy of being a traffic-free city.

5. Lack of Citizen Interest Using Public Transportation

The other fact about Indonesia transport is the public’s lack of public transportation. Because the above factors are also more efficient when using a private vehicle. And also because of job demands, and also because of prestige.

Not infrequently also public transportation is too long to look for passengers so the waste of time for professionals is very pronounced. It becomes the main thing to make passengers feel uncomfortable. There is one of the reasons causes of overpopulation in Indonesia that makes lack in a large city.

6. Transportation Owners Don’t Want To Clean Up With Their Fleet

As the owner of a transportation mode company, it should be more concerned and pay attention to the condition of the vehicle for roadworthiness.

If the condition of the car is forced to operate, resulting in an accident, a number of police officers until the vehicle strikes in the middle of the road. Do not get due to high profits to forget the comfort of passengers in transporting.

7. Transportation Progress Is Not Balanced With Technological Progress

Another one of the facts about Indonesia transport is the development of technology and also the vehicle fleet is not in line.

There have been many developed countries using an integration system so as to facilitate long trips and prices. Moreover, the readiness of the Indonesian people for the new system is still quite common and there is a need for a better change in the transportation system so that the level of public confidence in transportation is higher. The sample for history of technology in Indonesia, it can be your references.

8. Guaranteed Poor Security of Transportation

Other bad conditions for driving are safety and security guarantees that are not taken care of. Often transport drivers carry cars without a clear identity, or without regard to road signs and traffic rules. This can certainly cause passengers’ lives and other safety.

At present, it is difficult to manage and reduce the problem in its entirety, but slowly Indonesia must have a system and change towards a better direction in managing shared transportation.

9. The Driver Who Likes to Takeoff

The facts about other transportation in Indonesia are transportation drivers who are not disciplined in driving a vehicle. Often speeding, inconsiderate and also sleepy, of course, this is very dangerous for passengers.

Sometimes there is a mode behind drivers with street crimes such as robbery, rape, and fraud. This is very worrying, poor conditions of transportation that are not immediately repaired will cause other problems that are more serious. Here there are terrifying facts about traffic jam in Jakarta, the problem still in happen right now.

10. Indonesia Modern Age Entering Ojek Online

The more advanced and developing technology now has begun to enter and flourish online fleets. One of them is an online motorcycle taxi, both in the form of motorbikes and cars.

One of the advantages of using an ojek online is the cheaper price of public transport and also the faster time by using a motorbike. Professional personnel, as well as the easy and practical use of smartphone technology. This has brought technology to the fore and the ease of technology has a positive impact.


Besides the explanation above, here are the facts about Indonesia transport that can still be used as a reference in using it:

  • Indonesia has begun the process of making modern transportation such as LRT (Light Rapid Transportation) and MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation). This is an easy way for people to be comfortable with general driving. So that many will use the fleet.
  • Many new fleet stations have already been built, and have also begun to replace old buses with new foam. So it is convenient for the community.
  • Another fact about other Indonesia transports is that many TransJakarta bus lanes have been opened, as well as the expansion of the area covered for passengers in all directions. Hence, sample the brief explanation of train system in Indonesia.
  • It will be planned to make an integration system between transportation with each other. This certainly can simplify and save costs. In other words, every leader will bring their respective changes to a better and prosperous Indonesia.

There are many more facts about transportation in Indonesia that need to be known. Hopefully, the explanation about facts about Indonesia transport opens our horizons to choose and be smart in driving. Good luck.