15 Things You Only See in Indonesia

Those of you who really like the world of traveling and also traveling the world, it is not wrong to visit Indonesia. Why ? because there are many interesting things you can do, also find here. Indonesia is famous for its unique and diverse facts about food, tourism, entertainment and so on. Hence about popular leisure activities in Indonesia that you should know.

So it is not surprising that many tourists visit Indonesia and feel comfortable and at home even intentionally settling down and marrying local residents to enjoy a quiet life in Indonesia. It is important and must be known for those of you who want to visit Indonesia, there are many beautiful things to see.

Here are the things you only see in Indonesia that you can find and only exist in Indonesia, of course:

1. Typical Indonesian dance

An interesting thing to see in Indonesia is the unique type of regional dance. There are many types of dances and every region in Indonesia has a different dance. Examples of types of regional dances such as Kecak dance, candle dance, pendet dance, mask dance, and many others. You will be guaranteed to be amazed by its beautiful movement and also reflect Indonesia’s diverse culture. The following is about mysterious unknown fish found in Indonesia.

2. Typical Regional Clothing in Indonesia

The things you only see in Indonesia are then beautiful and charming traditional clothes. There are several types of Indonesian clothing that have been modified into formal clothing and even used at parties and state ceremonies. Examples of phenomenal traditional clothing are kebaya, batik, baju kurung, etc., equipped with luxurious accessories.

In addition to clothing, Indonesia also has a unique type of fabric and archipelago motifs, for example, batik cloth, songket cloth, lurik cloth, and many others. Phenomenal about the top biggest market in Indonesia with great facilities.

3. Indonesian Traditional Houses

Apart from that, you can also see the variety of traditional houses in Indonesia, each region has a different traditional house. Very unique and also beautiful, because traditional houses are made based on local culture. So it will never be found anywhere even in other countries. So you can see and can inspire you to create unique and interesting custom home works. Find these experiences of Cheap Shopping in Indonesia!, for those of you who like to shop.

4. Beautiful Temple

In Indonesia, there are several types of temples that are very beautiful buildings. You can see and observe each of the carvings on the temples. Examples of the Borobudur temple, Prambanan temple, Mendut temple and there are still several more scattered in several regions in Indonesia.

The uniqueness of this temple has been around for centuries, even the building is still partially intact and has many cultural mysteries. Following recommendations from the list of best Hotels in Java Indonesia.

5. Beaches that have beautiful panoramas

Next things you only see in Indonesia are beaches with natural panoramas that amaze your eyes. There are many types of beaches that are very beautiful and also have stunning white sand, for example, beaches in Bali, Lombok, and so on.

There are still many beaches that have not been touched or visited at all. Like tourism in Raja Ampat which has amazing natural uniqueness. So don’t miss to enjoy the beauty of the beach in Indonesia, it must be very memorable. Finding the best Hotels in Yogyakarta Indonesia you must try.

6. Traditional Food Types

Not complete and not ideal if you don’t taste the variety of food both traditional and commonly served in various markets or restaurants in Indonesia.

Types of famous Indonesian traditional foods such as rendang, Soto, processed noodles, and so on will make you not starve while in Indonesia. In addition, the price of food is also very diverse, ranging from cheap prices too expensive prices. Just choose where you will taste the food, want to be on the roadside or in a large restaurant. The following example is about types of avocado in Indonesia.

7. Types of Traditional Drinks

The following is the same thing as food, in Indonesia also has a type of traditional drink that tastes good is also healthy. So besides trying the food, you are also obliged to try several types of authentic Indonesian drinks such as Bajigur, Wedang Ronde, Sekoteng and many others.

The taste of each drink is very diverse, and all of it has properties for your health. So try and enjoy the drinks during your visit to Indonesia. Some explanations about the types of Indonesian coffee beans.

8. Unique Indonesian Traditional Ceremony

The next thing you only see in Indonesia is a traditional ceremony. In Indonesia, there are many traditional ceremonies that have phenomena, some of which are even quite extreme.

Each region has its own traditional ceremony, for example in Bali there is a Ngaben ceremony, in Toraja, there is a corpse ceremony running, in North Sumatra, there are Sigale gale dance ceremonies and many others. So if you visit the area in Indonesia, of course, don’t miss the interesting and unique traditional ceremonies. For those of you who like spicy, there are several types and different types of Indonesian sambal.

9. Historic Monument

You can also see historical monuments in Indonesia, monuments that have a history of the Indonesian nation. Examples like Monas, monument heroes, and there are still a few more. Those of you who like history are worth visiting and studying the heroic and full history of Indonesia. The following, there are several types and top famous paintings in Indonesia amazing and unique.

10. Entertainment Center

In Indonesia, it also has many entertainment centers that are fun and very worth visiting. This type of entertainment in the form of playgrounds, natural attractions, animal tours, water rides and so on. Already many in the city every corner of Indonesia has a fantastic entertainment center and also entertaining. Whether visiting with friends or family you can enjoy it, and the price is also quite affordable. There are several types of the different types of Indonesian theater you need to know.


Apart from all that, here is the thing you only see in Indonesia that you can find again, namely:

  • Komodo Island, this island is famous for its uniqueness and has a rare type of animal, Komodo. You can interact by seeing the life of this animal in the wild. This island is in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.
  • Waterfall, you can enjoy views of waterfalls in several cities in Indonesia such as Bali, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Bogor, and many others. Waterfall with its stunning natural scenery and interesting to visit.
  • Rafflesia flower or carcass flower, you can only see this flower in Indonesia. A flower that has a large size, and only grows in certain areas in a single life. Like in Bengkulu, in Bogor Botanical Gardens and there are several other places. Quite unique and also amazing. Hence top beautiful forest in Indonesia you deserve to visit.
  • Next thing you only see in Indonesia is a unique souvenir. There are many regional accessories that you can find, ranging from bags, necklaces, rings, veils, shoes, and many others. The making is very unique because it is directly made in handmade, special materials are also antique designs.
  • One thing that has become a scourge in Indonesia, which until now is difficult to change, is garbage. You will see the garbage that is still thrown away by irresponsible people. This certainly can make Indonesia’s image bad in the eyes of the world, so if you see a lot of garbage scattered, it’s good to pick up and put it in the trash that has been provided.

There are so many explanations about things you only see in Indonesia, hopefully, you can enjoy all the things that are good and fun, of course, while in Indonesia.