15 Things You Can’t Do in Indonesia

There are many activities you can do while you are in Indonesia. what is certain is that the activity has a positive value and is also useful. In Indonesia, there are a variety of activities both in attractive indoor and outdoor, such as sports, shopping, travel, adventure, and many more. Besides all these positive activities, you can also know what things cannot be done or things that are not commonly done in Indonesia. Facts about interesting laws in Indonesia you must know it.

This time we will explain what things you can don’t do in Indonesia. What is certain is that if you do it you will get harsh sanctions both in state law and applicable community law. Let’s see the example below:

1. Cheats

One attitude that is forbidden to do in Indonesia is deception. Real evidence of this deception is detrimental to others, fraudulent acts in Indonesia will be subject to applicable legal sanctions. Whether it’s done to deceive the public or consumers, all of them have laws.

Example article 378 of the Criminal Code concerning Fraud, reads “Whosoever is intended to benefit himself or another person against the law, by using a false name or false dignity, by deception or by a series of lies moves another person to give something to him, or so give debt or write off debts, threatened with fraud with a maximum imprisonment of 4 years.  Hence about Muslim customs in Indonesia history, laws, and population.

2. Steal

What thing you can do in Indonesia is stealing, this is certainly an example of bad deeds and harming others. Every country in any form of theft is prohibited and will be charged with the applicable law, in Indonesia the law of theft is regulated in articles 361 to Article 365 of the Criminal Code.

Example article 362 reads “Anyone who takes something, all or part of that belonging to another person, with the intention of being illegally owned, is threatened with theft, with a maximum imprisonment of five years or a fine of nine hundred rupiahs. The following is an example of unusual laws in Indonesia.

3. Defamation of People Without Evidence

Defaming other people without proof is the same as defamation, whatever the form is like scolding, cursing, using someone else’s name to cheat, then the law and criminal sanctions will apply.

This is in accordance with Article 311 of the Criminal Code concerning defamation, which reads “If a person who commits a crime of pollution or written pollution is allowed to prove what is alleged is true, does not prove it, and the accusation is contrary to what is known, then he is threatened with slander with jail for a maximum of four years. Hence samples types of laws In Indonesia must be obeyed well.

4. Smoking Anywhere

It is the habit of people to smoke every day, but if smoking is done in public and to make other people feel uncomfortable, especially for infants and toddlers, there is a legal sanction that can be imposed by the perpetrator.

In accordance with the law article 115 paragraph 1 which reads “No Smoking Area, among other things, healthcare facilities, place of teaching and learning process, place of play children, places of worship, public transportation, workplaces, public places and other designated places, and Paragraph 2, which explains the matter “Regional Governments are required to establish a non-smoking area in their territory. Some things about common media laws in Indonesia.

5. Fight With or Without Cause

What other things you can don’t do in Indonesia that you must pay attention to are acts of violence such as fighting. Often teenagers, school children, adults because of being provoked or others have a fighting attitude as a problem-solving action.

Whereas this is prohibited and if it is to the detriment of others, there will be articles that ensnare it, such as Article 181 to Article 186, for example, article 184 paragraph 1, “A person is threatened with imprisonment for a maximum of nine months, if he fights a match does not injure the body of his opponent. There are unique laws in Indonesia based on Characteristics.

6. Drunk in Public

Unpleasant actions that can harm others, namely drunkenness. In social law this can certainly damage the self-image as well as the disturbed surrounding environment, it is also not good if imitated or imitated by children who are underage.

If you are drunk in public, then the legal sanction applies in accordance with article 492 which states “Anyone who is drunk, either in a public place obstructs the road or disturbs order, both threatens the security of others and acts that must be carried out with care. so that there will be no danger to the soul or health of others, be sentenced to confinement for a period of six days or a fine of as much as Rp. 375. Hence about drinking law in Indonesia you must obey.

7. Kissing in Public

For some developed countries like America and also Europe, kissing in public is normal, but don’t try – try doing it in Indonesia.

This is considered impolite and also violates the rules, the following laws governing the matter such as Article 281 are punished with imprisonment of a maximum of two years and eight months or a fine of at most four thousand five hundred rupiahs, (a.) Whoever with intentionally and openly violating decency and (b) whoever intentionally and in front of others there is contrary to his will, violates decency. Get to know and recognize law in Indonesia history and development.

8. Drive with Speeding Up

Examples of what you can do not do in Indonesia are driving on public roads with speeding. This certainly can endanger someone’s life and harm others as road users. In the event of a violation, the law explains such as Article 106 paragraph (4) letter g of Law No.22 / 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation (LLAJ Law) saying that everyone driving a motorized vehicle on the road must comply with the maximum and minimum speed requirements.

The lowest speed limit on the freeway is set at an absolute limit of 60 kilometers per hour in free flow conditions. Any violator of the highest or lowest speed limit rules in another Article can be sentenced to a maximum of 2 months in jail or a maximum fine of Rp. 500,000. Know what is a prohibition like things you should never do in Bali.

9. Becoming a Provocation of Bad Things

Making provocation to others to do evil must be very detrimental, especially until damage and loss of life arise. This will be considered as a brutal act also violates the law, the law that regulates this matter is contained in article 160 of the Criminal Code with the sound

“Whoever in public with oral or with inciting writings in order to carry out punishable acts, against general authority, with violence or so that you do not want to comply with statutory regulations or legal orders given according to the law, be sentenced to a maximum of six years imprisonment or a maximum fine of Rp. 4,500 (four thousand five hundred rupiahs). Hence about rules for tipping in Bali,  you must know.

10. Drug Users

One more thing that you can don’t do in Indonesia that is very dangerous is to use or consume drugs. Because this is self-destructive and can adversely affect the environment and others.

The following article describes drug users, namely article 54 of Law No. 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics regulates that Narcotics Addicts and Narcotics Abuse victims must undergo medical and social rehabilitation, BNN Regulation 11/2014 “) regulates that Narcotics Addicts and Narcotics Abuse Victims without rights and against the law as Suspects and/or Defendants in abuse Narcotics who are undergoing the process of investigation, prosecution and trial in court are given treatment, care, and recovery in rehabilitation institutions. The following is an explanation of surprising facts about drugs in Indonesia you have to know.


Apart from the above, there are other things that are a problem in what you can don’t do in Indonesia, such as:

  • Circulating drugs, because they are charged with Article 111 reads, Every person without rights or against the law of planting, maintaining, possessing, storing, controlling or providing narcotics class I in the form of plants shall be sentenced to a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 12 years and the finest Rp. 800 million and Rp. 8 billion at the most.
  • Killing other people is also strictly prohibited in Indonesia, criminal penalties pursuant to articles 336 to 340, as stated in article 340 that anyone who deliberately and with a plan to seize the life of another person, is threatened with a death sentence or life imprisonment or for a certain period of time, the longest 20 years.
  • Smuggling protected animals, there are types of animals that are prohibited from being sold freely. Due to its extinct habitat, if the law violates Article 21 paragraph 2, everyone is prohibited from arresting, injuring, killing, storing, possessing, maintaining, transporting, and trading protected animals in a living condition, etc. year and a maximum fine of Rp. 100 million. You have to understand about dangerous animals in Indonesia save it.
  • Then acts of sexual or immoral harassment to other people will be charged under Article 281 of the Criminal Code, it is stated, “Threatened with imprisonment of a maximum of two years and eight months or a fine of four thousand five hundred rupiahs if the person intentionally and openly violates decency.
  • Next, actions that are prohibited in Indonesia are violating traffic on the highway, because they will be subject to sanctions based on traffic rules. Like not eating a helmet, crashing a red light or not having a SIM, vehicle registration certificate, etc., the officer will pay a penalty for paying the fine in the form of money in accordance with the rules.

Just an explanation of what things you can do in Indonesia, hopefully, be a sign that you can obey the rules.