15 Types of Indonesian Coffee Beans

If you’re a coffee lover, of course you’ll know your favorite coffees. There’s some kinds of coffee like Americano, Cappucino, and the other coffee types that you can find in your nearest coffee stores, like Starbuck or something. But, if you are from other countries, you should try to come to Indonesia, because this country has so many kinds of coffee that you can choose.

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In each area of this country, you can find a coffee that really different from other areas. They have their own specialities, their own unique taste that becoming their identity. Some areas in Indonesia also became famous because of their coffees. That’s why, if you interested to join in the adventure to the coffee world of Indonesia, then maybe you can taste some of these types of Indonesian coffee beans yourself :

1. Arabica Beans

The first one that included inside many types of Indonesian coffee beans is Arabica Coffee beans. As you may know already, Indonesia is a main Arabican coffee producer. So, in this country, you have more chances to taste the original Indonesian Arabica coffee. Because of the high lands in Indonesia that can be used for cultivating the beans are sufficient, there’s actually numbers of Arabica Coffee.

The Arabica Coffe is actually the most consumed coffee in Indonesia. The reason is, because there’s some kinds of it that you can find in this country like Sidikalang, Toraja, and many more. If you are planning for having your own garden for Arabica coffee beans, you need to do a lot of maintenance because it’s not an easy task to grow one.

2. Luwak Coffee Beans

Most known coffee in Indonesia. Some people would like to throw their money to this one and only coffee. This coffee can not be divided from its main producer, an animal called Luwak. For you who don’t know, this coffe came from fermentation process inside its tummy. But, it’s not gross at all. From there, you can get a different taste from other coffees out there.

This Coffee Luwak kepp being a popular one since back in the 90’s. It was and still one expensive coffee beans you can get. For a 450grams pack, you need to pay about a hunder dollar. For more quality, you have to pay more than that. It has a very interesting story though. Firstly, it was produced by locals who were restircted to consume any coffe back in Colonial era. And then they tried a different and hidden method of processing a coffee beans throguh Luwak. Thus, Luwak Coffee created.

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3. Robusta Beans

Beside the popular Arabice coffee, there’s one included inside the types of Indonesian Coffee beans which also gain popularity called Robusta Coffee. Robusta is actually placed second after Arabica, but that doesn’t mean that the taste of Robusta is less good. Robusta beans always taste more bitter than Arabica.

But, that bitterness somewhat give a strong taste for every coffee lover in Indonesia, and the world. After gained populaity in 20th century, Robusta coffee then planted almost in all areas of Indonesia. Until now, on total coffee gardens in Indonesia, 80% planting Robusta coffee, and 20% for Arabica. That’s maybe because of Robusta is easier treat and the lands in Indonesia also very suitable for it.

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4. Colombian Coffee Beans

If you don’t know it, Colombia is actually the biggest coffee exporter in the world. That’s why, the taste of Colombian coffee is undeoubtedly good because of its outsanding quality. The taste is a bit bitter though, so it’s suitable for the people who would love to enjoy the bitterness of a coffee, especially on medium level.

The coffee beans that included in this types of Indonesian coffee beans was firstly exported in 1800 ish, including to Indonesia. Because of the lands characteristic in this country is slightly similar with the ones in Colombia, they can also grow in here. If you’re curious enough, you should try to order one for about Rp39.600,-.

5. Liberica Coffee Beans

And for the next one is the Liberica Coffe Beans. Even though it has some similarities with the other Arabica coffees, of course there’s the difference here and there. For example is the size of the leaves, which is slightly bigger than Arabica. Also, in can grow nealy even on the low lands, unlike Arabica which require a cool weather in highlands for its growth.

Because of that, there’s some people who want to cultivate it and produce the perfect quality of Liberica coffee beans on their own. But until now, the number of Liberica coffee producers is not as many as the other coffee producers. For that reason alone, the price of this coffee is also keeps growing to be more expensive.

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6. Jamaican Coffee Beans

Jamaica is not only known for its reggae and Bob Marley. This particular country also has its very authentic coffee, which is the Jamaican coffee. There’s the famous one of Jamaican Coffee called The Blue Mountain. The quality of that coffee is known through the world as the best one. Even though it just came from usual coffee beans, but the taste is far from ordinary.

The price of this Jamaican coffee is over the top, so if you want to get one of them, you should save yourself some money first. The coffee is suitable for either casual people or coffee lovers. The taste is slightly far from bitter, very complex, and having a light texture is one of its many excellences.

7. Excelsea Beans

Unlike Arabican coffee which requires a cold condition of high lands, Excelsea coffee beans can be said as the most tolerant coffee to be planted even in low lands starting from 0 to 750m dpl. It has a large tree, that having about 20 meters high. Beside the weather resistance, excelse coffee has high resistence to temperature, so even during dry season, it can grow stil.

The interesting thing about this coffee is the beans that can be pulled out easily from the tree. The beans have fairly soft skin that can be easily removed with your hand. Aside from that, the beans of Excelsea coffee can be planted on peatlands. That’s why, it can commonly be found in areas like Tanjung Jabung Barat of Jambi province.

8. Gayo Coffee Beans

A gift from Gayo people in Aceh. Most people who live inside Gayo tribe are coffee farmers. It is produced in the area of Central Aceh, in the highlands of Gayo to b exact. And the location where Gayo people live in is actually the central of gayo coffee production that is known by the world. Based on international review, Gayo coffee has the most unique taste and favored than any other Arabica type of coffee.

Beside having such an unique flavor, which almost has no bitterness, but really tasteful and even more than Blue Mountain coffee from Jamaica, the Gayo coffee is also known for having a reallt great smell. With all the greatness it offers in the taste or smell, the Gayo Coffee was granted a Fair Trade Certified by the world to be the best coffee in the world.

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9. Toraja Coffee Beans

In the area of Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, you can find one most popular coffee in that island called Toraja coffee. There’s two types of this coffee bean actually, first one is Arabica and the other is Robusta. Both of them are great, you only need to pick the right one that suitable for your own unique taste. Also, there’s no big difference between them, except the caffeine contained.

But, both of them have the same level of sourness. Many say that this coffee is actually very surprising. It’s not because of how awful the taste of it. But, because of its bitterness. The first one you drinking it, you can fell the bitterness touching farthest part of your tongue. In a split second, that bitter taste will be gone, like poof! That feeling is loved by all the coffee lovers in the country and the globe.

10. Sumatran Coffee Beans

If you want to have a coffee with the best taste, which is very unique and also good, then maybe you can order one special Sumatran coffee beans. Sumatran coffee actually has many kinds of coffee. Most of them come from Mandaling area of Sumatra, an area with a coffee as their main product. One example of this Sumatran coffee is the Gayo coffee.

Coffee that planted in the places like Sumatra island, which has rather low temperature than the other islands like Java, the texture of it will be smoother, a bit sour, and also having a tobacco-like smell. And some of them have a similar smell of ground. It has an interesting history though, because this Sumatran coffee firstly brought from Mekkah, then planted in Sumatra during Colonial era.

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After seeing some of the example of types of Indonesian coffee beans, you can also see few of them contained in our list below :

  1. Sidikalang Beans
  2. Arang Coffee Beans
  3. Kintamani Coffee Beans
  4. Lanang Coffee Beans
  5. Wamena Coffee Beans

That’s our article about the types of Indonesian coffee beans. Indonesian is a perfect place to do a little journey of exploring coffees. Make sure you have a time to visit the country in the future. See you !