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13 Things You Should Never Do in Bali Indonesia

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Bali is one of the world’s most enjoyable tourist destinations, many tourists choose the island of Bali as a place to vacation, honeymoon, prewedding, relaxing, business trips, seminars and so on. Apart from that, Bali is indeed a city filled with natural, cultural, traditional charms and a beautiful and interesting place.


Apart from that, the population in Bali is very famous for being friendly, polite and very friendly to anyone who comes to Bali. The facts of interesting things to buy in Bali souvenir recommendations you must know it.

However, you know during your time in Bali, there are some important points that you thirst for. That is, things you should never do in Bali, things that are very important and also sacred. Because in Bali, the residents and the customary stakeholders are very limited in their habits to do so. What things should be banned or even avoided while in Bali? Here are some explanations and examples:

1. Menstrual women are prohibited from entering the temple

Especially for women if you are menstruating or menstruating it is strictly forbidden to enter the temple area. What happens if it is violated ?, If you are menstruating and entering the temple and found out, then you will be fined according to awig-awig namely written rules according to Balinese customs or local law.

Maybe the penalty is not much, but for the pengempon, the temple will do a cleansing ceremony which costs not a little by involving many people. So it’s important for you women who are menstruating again not to enter the temple, to avoid shame and punishment. Avoid this if you don’t want to be sanctioned things you should never do in Bali.

2. Use a shawl when entering the temple

To honor the place of worship of Hindus in Bali, it should be when entering the temple you are required to wear a scarf or kamben that you can buy or bring yourself or usually also provided at the temple. Because every local resident of Bali, the Balinese must wear Balinese traditional attire, at least Madya traditional clothing (destar, shawl, kampuh and kamben) to enter the temple.

This is one of the traditional rules and things you should never do in Bali. Hence about the interesting culture in Bali, you shouldn’t miss seeing.

3. It is forbidden to speak dirty and rough as long as you enter the temple

One of the most important things, when you are traveling in Pura, is that it is forbidden to say harsh words, indecent, dirty or curse people. If you do this, then you are ready – you will become the concern of many people and in the end, you will deal with the pecalang or prajuru (caretaker) of the temple.

Try to speak good and polite things to those you meet there. You have tried fun and interesting activities in Bali mostly recommended.

4. A polite stand, or not standing above the ceremonial leader when a religious procession takes place

When you witness a religious ceremony led by Hindu religious leaders such as Pemangku, Ida Pedanda (holy Hindu priest in Bali) try not to be in a higher position than them (when you want to take pictures for example), because of this (according to the people Hinduism in Bali) is highly respected and used as an example.

Likewise, you cannot be in a higher position than the offerings, offerings, and other means of a ceremony. In addition to being a courtesy and a sign of respect, you will be labeled as an unethical person for the surrounding community. So obey all the rules that are there. The following is an explanation of the significant development of tourism in Bali.

5. No use flash or blitz when taking a photo at a Religious Ceremony

The thing you should never do in Bali next is not to use flash or flash on your camera when taking pictures because it can disturb other people’s comfort and concentration of people while worshiping.

Do not pass in front of people who are praying. And if you want to do something and you are not sure whether it is permissible or not to excuse and ask the people around you. Here is a recommendation for you about famous delicious food in Bali Indonesia.

6. Asking polite and ethical

Balinese are famous for their religious nature, adhering to the religious teachings they embrace by doing things sincerely, politely and kindly.

If you are driving when not using GPS to travel, and you get lost. So when you want to ask the people you meet, come down and turn off the engine of your vehicle.

They are not reluctant to help you even though they cannot speak the language you are using at least they will indicate the direction of the position you want to go. Do it in a good way, because of Balinese love good and polite things. Hence brief the history of Bali architecture.

7. Do not step on offerings or canang sari

One example of your thing should never do in Bali is not to step on a canang or offerings on the road. Whatever your activities, whether walking, driving or cycling if you find that you should stay away or find another way.

Because canang sari is a sacred form of Balinese worship in performing religious rituals and a form of gratitude for his life. So beware when meeting offerings on the road. Beware of the following cases common parasites in Bali you must aware.

8. No activity during Nyepi holiday

The thing that is strictly prohibited in the Nyepi holiday is that you cannot enter the house, hotel, lodging or anything else carelessly. At night don’t turn on the lights or fire excessively. During the Nyepi holiday, all electricity will be extinguished, so you cannot watch TV, cook, or do anything else.

Everything is completely silent without air and sound pollution for 24 hours. And it is forbidden to make noise or noise around the hotel where you are staying, otherwise, the pecalang will follow up. Following is the place recommendation best bars in Bali you must visit.

9. It is forbidden not to use a helmet when driving and carrying motorized document equipment

The thing that should never do in Bali is never to leave without using a helmet and carrying complementary driving documents. Because this can impact you will be hit by a ticket when the police hold a raid on the highway. So make sure you are obedient in driving and don’t be careless while you drive, such as being banned from driving while using the phone, or speeding on the road. Be a good and right rider.

10. It is prohibited to violate the rules while you are on the beach

The important thing when you are on the beach is that you have to obey and follow the beach signs like the prohibition area for swimming.

If you want to dive or dive you should be accompanied by an instructor who has an official license and does not carry excessive goods to the beach if you do not want your items stolen. So pay attention to all the rules so you can also enjoy a vacation on the beach calmly without being bothered by the supervisor who will check you at any time. You should know hence the amazing history of yoga in Bali.


Apart from the things above, the following continued on things you should never do in Bali that still must be considered, namely:

  • If you are at a nightclub, then don’t try to carry weapons, drugs, let alone make trouble or fight. Then you are ready to be punished and punished by the traditional apparatus or the police.
  • If you joke with Balinese, don’t touch and hold his head. Because this is very vital and becomes an important part of the body that must be respected.
  • Do not offend the ethnic group, religion, race, and customs excessively. Because Balinese are very sensitive to this, and you will get sanctions for what you have done.

So be aware and understand this so that you are not in big trouble. So first the explanation about things you should never do in Bali, hopefully useful.

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