Tipping Etiquette in Indonesia – Characteristics

Indonesia becomes one of the tourism destinations for some people to visit. It is because the cheap accommodation, beautiful place, and friendly environment. When people want to visit Indonesia, they will normally seek some information about the culture, the accommodation, and even some recommended hotels or restaurants. One more important thing that people usually neglect is tipping etiquette.

Tipping is a flexible payment for a waiter or waitress in a various places. Actually, tipping is not mandatory in Indonesia, but it is like a social agreement that travelers usually do it to appreciate their hard work. The rate of tipping is usually depends on the place and the job. However, there is general etiquette of tipping in Indonesia.

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Notice the Place Before Giving Tip

Before giving a tip, the traveler should notice the place first. There are some suitable rates of giving a tip. It also depends on the city where you visit. In the big city like Jakarta, it would have higher rate of tipping. You should consider the base salary first before tipping.

  1. In restaurant

The most common place for giving a tip is in restaurant. Some restaurants will add 10-15% of the bill for service charge. But, if they don’t do a service charge, the traveler could tip between Rp20.000 to 15% of their bill. Besides, if you need a delivery order service, you could give a tip for the courier. Giving the courier 10% -15% of your bill will be enough.

  1. In Airport

When the people go to airport, some of them usually bring a lot of luggage. They might need a porter to help them. It is not a must to use them,  but they will kindly help if you give a tip to them. You could give them Rp 30.000 – Rp 50.000 for 1-2 suitcases. However, some airports in Indonesia recently prohibit the traveler to give a tip to porter. It would better if the traveler notice the rule in each airport.

  1. In Hotel

Several Hotel in Indonesia usually charge 21% of the bill for the customer. 10% is for the government and 11% for service charge. However, some travelers will need a bellboy to help them bringing their luggage. It would better for the traveller give Rp 30.000 – 20% of the hotel bill. You could also rate the tipping by their service. If you feel comfortable to their service, you could give them more tips.

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Do and Don’ts when Tipping Indonesia

Then, consider what you should do and not to do before giving a tip to someone.

  1. Refusing to give tip will hurt them

Some service company might relay on tipping as their main income. When you don’t give some tip to them, it maybe will hurt them.

  1. Use the suitable currency

If you visit Indonesia, make sure to prepare a lot of rupiahs money. When you give them with dollar or others currency, it will be difficult for them to use it.

  1. Good Timing of Tipping

When you give the tip in appropriate time, they will really thankful of it. However when you couldn’t consider the good timing, they will mean it as the humiliating thing.

  1. Don’t give tip at the crowd

Although some service workers have no objection accepting tip at the crowd, it would better for you to give without being seen by others. You could suddenly insert the money on their hand when they stand near a desk or exit door. When you are in restaurant, you could just leave the tip on the table.

  1. Tipping to a taxi driver

It is not mandatory for you to give a tip for every taxi driver you use. You could give a taxi driver tip if he gives the good service, especially when they help you to bring your luggage. Tipping to a taxi driver when he does an extra effort to reach your destination, for example he could find the alternative route to avoid a traffic jam.

Considering a tipping in Indonesia is not difficult to do, alright? The traveler just needs to follow some etiquette of tipping in Indonesia. If you want to know more about other etiquette in Indonesia, you could see Communication Ettiquette in Indonesia.