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10 Popular Traditional Markets in Indonesia

by Louis

We all know that market is a buyers and sellers rendezvous. There, transaction happened. We could find anything we want in market, especially seasonings. However, market is prevalent to us, how about traditional market? Have you been there before?

Nowadays, many people prefer to go to supermarket than traditional market. Why? Because the place is totally different. We feel safe when we go to supermarket. There’s no sludge and the weather is cold.

Its so difference with traditional market, sludge found anywhere. Especially when its rainy season. Beside the weaknesses, traditional market has strength. Yup, the price which offer in traditional market is cheap. And you can find variety of needs.

Many people just ignored traditional market. In their experiences, they just skip to go to the traditional market. But this situation isn’t happened for foreigner or local people which came out from different districts.

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If you want to visit traditional market, have you know the traditional markets in Indonesia already? This is the most popular traditional markets in Indonesia:

1. Kramat Jati Market

This market is very popular, especially for society in Jakarta. Many people came here.

From midnight to early morning, you can see the trucks bringing the entire need. Its came out almost from the whole archipelago in Indonesia.

When you decide to go there, please wear three quarter length pant and slipper. This is necessary to avoid the sludge.

When buying seasonings, meat, fruits, or vegetables, you must bid it first. One and the other sellers have their own cost for every needs. To get the cheapest price, do bid. This market open 24 hours. So, you don’t have to be worry. You can go anytime.

The address: Jl. Raya Bogor km. 20, Kramat jati, East Jakarta, Indonesia.

2. Terapung Market in Muara Kuin, Banjarmasin

Banjarmasin known as a city that have many rivers. The most popular is Kuin River. Terapung Market belonged to Kuin River.

The fun fact is the transaction between buyers and sellers happened in the boat.

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As a buyer, you can move one to another boat of seller to find your needs. This is totally rare with the other traditional market, isn’t it? How could you go to Terapung Market? You could go by walk for 10 minutes from the centre of Banjarmasin. But remember, you have to use boat when you buy something. This market open from 05:00 AM untill 09:00 AM.

3. Klithikan Market in Yogyakarta and Solo

Klithikan Market is well-known market in Yogyakarta and Solo. Due to the past, these districts are united. But Giyanti agreement divided the empire become two. This market sell the uniqes and antique stuffs. If you like old clock, coins, and old lighters, you must come here.

You must be careful when you come to this market. Keep your eye of your carrying, especially money. Because there is a rumors mentioned that many pickpockets come roaming into Klithikan Market.

4. Bisu Market in West Sumatera

When you translate “bisu” word, it means “mute”. Yup, the transaction in this market using no noise. The activity just using the symbol. So, when you as a buyer want to buy something, you must use symbol to the seller. How could they keep doing that?

One to another sellers and buyers already understand each other. Every single symbols they used known well. The main reason why they used symbol is to hide the price. In case, they just try to make a secret transaction.

5. Pasty Market in Yogyakarta

Beside Klithikan Market, there is Pasty Market. Formerly named Ngasem Market. This market specifically sell animals and ornamental plants. You can find variety of animals here. Such a cats, dogs, and hamsters. Even snakes are available here.

Interestingly, visitors came here not only for buying stuffs. But also to fulfill their curiosity how the market look like. Majority of them also take a pictures of animals traded.

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6. Triwindu Market in Solo

Looking for antique stuffs for your house? Here you come. When you drop to Solo, set your plan to come here. When your foot just stopped, you will be amaze of the antiqueness. You can meet an old statues, metals, and puppets here.

Foreigner like this market, especially if they are looking for a keepsake. The price between one to another depend of the sellers. Don’t forget to use your good ability of bargaining to get the decent price.

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7. Tomohon Market in Manado, Sulawesi

You can find this market in North Sulawesi, right in Manado. This market has feature. That’s why marked as unique market in Indonesia. What is the unique one? Well, you can find few meat that people eat rarely. Such a rats, cats, rabbits, and snakes. When your foot stopped by, you’ll be amaze of this circumstance.

If you want to taste the meat, you can ask the seller to cook it for you. Most of you maybe say “NO”, but for some who curious, they would like to try. Local people said the meats are so delicious. Are you sure gonna missed this experiment?

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8. Klewer Market in Solo

This market well-known for Indonesian from Sabang to Merauke. Even well-know for foreigner. When you come to visit this market, you will find many foreigner here. What is the aiming of coming to another city otherwise buy something as a reminiscent?

If you planned to buy something like cloths, this market suit you. The most cloth in this market is “Batik”. And the price is very cheap. You rather go to this market to hunting Batik than buy it from the sidewalk. The tips is don’t forget to always use your skill in bargaining to get the decent price.

9. 46 Market in Jambi

Maybe you wondering, “what is the meaning of number 46?” Well, it’s due to the operation time. It’s named 46 because its open only two hours. Yes, between 4 PM – 6 PM. A very short time, isn’t it? In that short time, you must use it very well. Before you wanna come to this market, make sure you already make your buying list. The purpose is to help you getting anything you need.

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10. Shock Market in the Middle of the Forest, Wamena, Papua

Perhaps, you usually see the market in the middle of the town, or near the centre of the crowd. However, what do you think about a market which set in the middle of the forest? Could you imagine how it looks like?

Yeah, that market only existed in Papua, Indonesia. Why this market named as “shocked market?” Because it’s open abruptly as same as the other shocked market.

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This market known as a market for Dani ethnic. They usually go here to buy their daily needs. The price of goods in this market are various. The range start from 200 thousand to 400 thousand. This market not only sell daily goods, but also sell clothing typical of Papua. It’s really cool, isn’t it?

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Luckily you lived in Indonesia, because you can see the uniqueness, such a traditional market. If you travel to some cities in Indonesia, don’t forget to visit the traditional market. Let’s feel the sensation because every market have a difference circumstance. Are you ready to try?

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