13 Tips For Going To Indonesia

Those of you who want to vacation in Indonesia and are confused about what is good and comfortable, you can do.

The following will explain how you can visit Indonesia, there are many tourist attractions, entertainment, nature, food, culture, customs and so on that will make you fall in love with Indonesia.

Indonesia is famous not only as a comfortable and beautiful holiday destination, as well as facilities such as food and beverages that are relatively affordable. The interesting about tips doing photography in Indonesia that you should know.

While on vacation in Indonesia, don’t miss out on many things that will make your holiday as well as your family memories. To find out what tips for going to Indonesia, here are some explanations like the example below:

1. Make a Passport and Visa

Having a passport and a visa is an important thing that you must take care of as soon as possible. You could say this passport is like the key to anywhere that can take you to countries that you have never visited.

Passports are needed from buying tickets until later checking in at the hotel. Now it’s not difficult to make a passport, you can immediately register online and fill in the required data. But don’t forget to prepare supporting documents such as the latest diploma, family card, birth certificate, KTP, and other articles. If it is possible you can choose E-Passport which will give you a lot of conveniences.

2. Order Flight Tickets

Tips for going to Indonesia after the management of your passport and visa is to order tickets to Indonesia.

There are many choices of airlines with prices that you can choose, from the promo, economy class, to the exclusive class all you can specify. What is certain is that you must feel comfortable using that type of airline first, so that your trip to Indonesia does not feel saturated and experiences a long delay. Here’s an example of different types of grass in Indonesia.

3. Book a Hotel or Lodging

There are many types of lodging in Indonesia according to your type. Even though you are the type of traveler who is free in the style of flowing like water, the name goes abroad is different. You must book lodging in advance not to be able to get there but confused about where to sleep.

This accommodation can be adjusted according to budget, if you go there with a tight budget you can choose a hostel, Couchsurfing, or Air B, B.

The point is that lodging is as important as an airline ticket and arranging a Visa. Some countries also require to include the address of stay during travel as a condition of applying for a Visa.

4. Find Out About Indonesia and Others

If this is your first trip to work maybe you don’t think too much because the office must have arranged everything. But unlike you who go on vacation, you must recognize your destination country.

You can find out a lot of references about Indonesia in full either through the internet or guidebooks. The goal is that you are better prepared and not making mistakes in the destination country.

Studying this destination country also makes you save time while there. And don’t forget to learn the applicable habits and rules in Indonesia. You must know about things you should never do in Bali Indonesia.

5. Find Out If You Need A Vaccine

The next tips for going to Indonesia is knowing whether in Indonesia you need a vaccine or not? In some countries, there are those who need to do certain vaccines to prevent a disease. For example, if an outsider wants to vacation in Indonesia they must do a malaria vaccine.

Finding out about this problem is also very important, don’t let you even be disturbed while on vacation in Indonesia because of illness.

6. Preparing the Rupiah Currency

This is also important to do before you go to Indonesia. Of course, you do not want to look dizzy or confused about having to bother looking for money changers.

You can exchange some of your money in the previous rupiah or use a debit and credit card with an adjustable currency. And don’t forget to ask for small coins and coins because this will often be used. The amazing things you only see in Indonesia.

7. Informing Certain Parties to Travel Your Vacation

If you have a Credit Card and Debit Card, it is a good idea to inform the bank about your travel plan, because generally, the Bank will ask whether the card will be adjusted to the destination country at the time of use.

So when you make any transactions abroad you will not be disturbed because the bank suspects your transaction. Don’t forget to also record the call center number of each bank you have.

8. Activate Your Cellphone Number

Tips for going to Indonesia are important what you have to do is activate your mobile. Even though you are on vacation you certainly don’t want to miss important news or various information about your loved ones.

So it’s important to activate the cell phone number, buy a local sim card to be able to continue communicating or you can also order a WiFi modem before leaving for the destination country like to Indonesia. So, if there are unwanted conditions, you can still contact the closest family member or relative. Some examples of what should I buy in Indonesia.

9. Create Your Itinerary Planning

You who have visited Indonesia for the first time must have preparation to be done carefully. In addition to finding out and recognizing the destination country, you also have to make an itinerary that contains the itinerary.

Examples of attractions that you want to visit, transportation you need and more. One of the ways you can manage your budget is to make this trip plan. You can estimate how much you need for a day trip from eating to transportation.

10. Just Carry Important Items

Packing things that you really need just don’t bother you with too much luggage. Leave heavy and unnecessary items such as carrying some excess bags or accessories. Prioritizing carrying important documents such as passports, visas, personal identities, and so on.

Store all your valuables in one bag that you can store neatly and safely. Avoid carrying excessive jewelry and use ordinary jewelry. Where Should I Stay in Bali Indonesia, recommended a choice of places you can try.


Next tips for going to Indonesia all you need to do is as follows:

  • Safety. In order for your trip to feel comfortable and safe, you should prepare to carry the necessary items. And know about the area where you will stay, and avoid traveling and walking in unsafe places after arriving in Indonesia.
  • Medicine. The main thing during a trip to Indonesia is to bring medical supplies, this is if you have a history of certain diseases can avoid problems. You don’t need to bother looking for a drugstore so that you can use the supplies you carry. Here are some examples of things in morning activities in Indonesia.
  • Other Documents. In addition, do not forget to bring other documents that are needed on the trip, such as identity cards, driver’s license cards, lists of families that can be contacted, medical documents if you have a disease and so on. In order to avoid problems when you are vacationing in Indonesia.

Hopefully, the explanation about tips for going to Indonesia will be a benefit for you who will visit and travel to Indonesia. Have a good vacation.