15 What Should I Buy in Indonesia

Indonesia is indeed a country that is rich in natural beauty, culture, language, food and also antiques and traditional specialties that can be bought. Many Indonesian craftsmen create goods with attractive shapes and prices. Of course, this is sold not only for local buyers as well as foreign buyers. You have tried the interesting things to buy in Bali souvenir recommendations.

If you are a tourist who is on vacation, doing business or being a student in Indonesia, there are many things and activities that can be done here.

Besides Indonesia is famous for the beauty of the tourism panorama, there are also many delicious foods, as well as the types of cheap items that can be brought back to their respective countries. What types of goods can you get while in Indonesia ?, the following will explain some of them, and what should I buy in Indonesia needs to know:

1. Books

In Indonesia, there are many interesting things that you can buy and enjoy, for example, one of them is a book. For you book lovers of any kind, Indonesia deserves to be called the world of books.

Besides its diverse types, the price is very affordable. There are used books and new books that you can buy, of course, the choice can be found in a special place to buy used books. So it’s very easy to get any type of book, both online and directly. The following is an example consumer buying habits in Indonesia that you should to know.

2. Handphone

What should I buy in Indonesia then is the handphone? Indonesia is flooded with various types and models of mobile phones, ranging from cheap prices to the latest mobile phone features.

Various brands that you can want are on the market, you want a second item or a new item for sure you can get it. An example of a cheap mobile phone center can be found at Electronic Glodok, Roxi, and there are several others. Hence reference top biggest market in Indonesia with great facilities.

3. Electronic

For those of you who need electronic goods such as televisions, washing machines. refrigerators, air conditioners and so on, you can get it in Indonesia. There are many cheap shops that provide these items at competitive prices, and delicious in Indonesia you can buy by cash or credit.

Various brands, sizes and types of electronic items can be obtained, it is very easy not because almost every city and village has many leading electronic shops. You can try and find these experiences of cheap shopping in Indonesia!.

4. Bags

Furthermore, in what should I buy in Indonesia are goods in the form of bags and equipment. There are many types of bags made using their own hands, using the best quality materials.

There are many unique and charming bag models with leather, semi leather and so on that can function as formal, adventurous, non-formal bags and so on. Besides that, the price offered is very affordable.

There are several recommendations for the best bags such as Cibaduyut Bandung, Tajur Bogor, and many others. A place for those of you who like shopping tours best shopping In Kuta Bali recommended spots.

5. Property

One thing you should have while you are in Indonesia, namely property. For foreigners it is certainly not easy to have assets in the form of property in Indonesia, there are several rules and procedures.

For you local residents this is certainly easy, property in Indonesia is diverse and with variants of prices ranging from cheap to exclusive prices can be obtained.

For some people with billions of dollars, it certainly makes the property as an important asset, because property prices each year experience a quite fantastic increase. You can try shopping at traditional markets in Yogyakarta best shopping area.

6. Food

Indonesia is rich in abundant food and drinks that are delicious and appetizing, anyone will be curious and want to try it. When visiting Indonesia it is not complete to taste all the things that smell with unique food and drinks.

There are many variants of the menu such as satay, Padang rice, processed soup, mixed ice, bajigur, and many others. Every region and city in Indonesia has different tastes and types of food, so try to enjoy all the foods that make you curious. You can also explore some shopping places like best street shopping in Jakarta.

7. Clothes

What should I buy in Indonesia is in the form of clothing. Indonesia has become one of the market trends for clothing both general types of clothing, as well as specifically for Muslims, besides that there is a type of material that is unique and unique in Indonesia.

For example weaving cloth, batik cloth, lurik fabric, and many others. The material used to make typical Indonesian clothing is now very advanced, many enthusiasts who like Indonesian designers who are able to mix and match clothes with ethnic materials that are beautiful and also attractive.

So if you go to Indonesia it is very important to have phenomenal traditional clothing in the eyes of the international community. The following are recommendations for places that are tasty and cheap, famous delicious food in Bali Indonesia, you must try it.

8.  Lands

Apart from property that is very important and worth its price island. Land can be a valuable asset, which increases its sales value every year.

You will never lose buying and owning assets in the form of land. High land prices and very promising of course you will become the richest landlord. So it is highly recommended to buy land as a major asset in your life. Know prices and variety of most expensive properties in Jakarta as your references.

9. Education

What should I buy in Indonesia that you can have, namely knowledge and knowledge, through formal and informal educational institutions? With the money you have, of course, you have to be a smart person, also smart to know how to manage your finances and increase assets to increase.

So that through education not only becomes rich but intellectually you will be respected by many people. Education is important in your life, the more you have a lot of knowledge, the more good things that accompany you. The following is an example of popular leisure activities in Indonesia.

10. Furniture

After you have established and successful finance, of course, there are many items that you want to buy and also as an additional business.

One of the items that have a strong selling power is furniture, of course, the best quality furniture. Examples of teak wood made in any form as furniture must have high selling value and also durable quality. Suitable to be an important asset in your business. You have tried and knowing variant types of Indonesian coffee beans.


In addition to the above, there are still some important things that should be one of the what should I buy in Indonesia as follows:

  • Gold. This asset is very valuable but can be used in certain moments, especially gold in the form of jewelry. Gold also in the form of bars can be stored as a valuable asset, because the price of gold is quite stable and tempting.
  • Diamond. One more item that you can have and has a high selling value, diamonds are a form of stone and jewelry that is much loved by everyone. Those of you who have excess money can invest in diamonds or diamond jewelry.
  • Vehicle. The question about what should I buy in Indonesia is a vehicle, either a two-wheeled vehicle (motorbike) or a four-wheeled vehicle (car). Aside from being a tool to make it easier for you to travel, this asset is very valuable in the long run. Moreover, you are a hobby with antique vehicles, of course, the price is more unique and antique will be more expensive.
  • Precious stones. There are many types of precious stones in Indonesia that are also interesting. If you like and like to collect precious stones, it is not wrong to have a variety of high-value stones.
  • Jewelry. There are many types of jewelry, from types of red gold, white gold, pearls, diamonds and so on. Having jewelry is very high value and also a fairly stable selling price. So it’s suitable to be an important asset.

The first discussion about 15 what should I buy in Indonesia, hopefully, useful for you, and smart in sorting out which items are user needs, and not solely because of desire.