13 Tips For Backpacking In Indonesia

You who have a hobby of traveling the world, including vacationing in Indonesia. There are many easy and inexpensive ways to achieve these goals.

One example is looking for cheap flights, this is to save a lot of money, especially if you are a very economical person, or because you are still in school and so on. One of the advantages is that you have this type of traveling. Hence the recommended best places in Indonesia for backpackers fun and exciting.

You can easily get to know every area that you pass because traveling is not only using classy vehicles and luxurious facilities. In a backpacker way, you will get an inner satisfaction that cannot be replaced with anything. To find out what tips for backpacking in Indonesia, here are some explanations that you can find as below:

1. Search and Get Flight Tickets Discount or Cheap Prices

One way to save costs in large quantities, you can try booking flight tickets to Indonesia through airlines that have cheap packages or discounted prices.

Or you can order well before departure, this is very beneficial for your funds. While waiting for a ticket you can also find information about the destination, and interesting things you can do before you travel to Indonesia. So you can prepare everything for the worst.

2. Using the Sea Ship Line

An example of another way to save backpacker style is to use the services of a ship, you can access the trip by knowing the route and price of the previous ship. For example, if you depart from Singapore, you can use a speedboat departing from Singapore to Batam Island.

It does require a struggle to get to Indonesia, but if you are used to it all will run smoothly. After you know the ticket price and departure schedule, you are ready to go to Indonesia and can enjoy various facilities. Here are a few things you only see in Indonesia.

3. Using Bus Fleet

The next tips for backpacking in Indonesia are that you can use a fleet of buses to the city you want. Maybe after you use the flight service, then you can try using a bus that has been provided in every city in Indonesia. For example, if you arrive at an international airport, and you want to go to Jakarta.

There are many airport buses that can take you to the city of Jakarta, you can ask for help from the driver to drop you off on a strategic route that you are looking for as a transit point before heading to another location. Bus prices are much cheaper than you use a taxi or other rental vehicle.

4. Using Motorcycles to Indonesia

If you are adventurous and happy everywhere using a motorbike, then it can be an alternative if you want to visit Indonesia.

You just need to find out the cost of transporting the motorbike using a ship, along with finding information about the ship’s departure schedule and price.

Besides you save millions of rupiah, you are also easier to access everywhere using a motorbike. However, what you need to know if you use this fleet is a driving license that you have to process in advance and other things that are terms and conditions that apply in Indonesia. Here’s what you need to know, namely things you cant do in Indonesia.

5. Find Cheap Accommodation or Hotel

If you want to vacation for a long time in Indonesia, for example, more than a week, it’s good to look for boarding houses with bills per week. In this way, you are guaranteed to save a lot of money and do not need to bother carrying heavy luggage every day.

However, you have to make sure the boarding location is in a strategic location and in accordance with your itinerary.

Do not let the money that you save makes a breakdown of expenses in the transportation department. For those of you who vacation less than a week, you should look for accommodation in accordance with your itinerary.

In Indonesia, there are various types of accommodation suitable for backpackers, ranging from hostels, bunk bed dormitories, cheap guest houses to capsule hotels.

6. Looking for Cheap and Delicious Food

Tips for backpacking in Indonesia next is that you can look for delicious and cheap food stalls. There are many cheap eateries in Indonesia such as warteg, warsun and so on. Or some food stalls that quite hit among backpackers, including in Rawamangun, Blok S area, Blok M and so on.

If you stay at a guest house with kitchen facilities, you can cook snacks such as instant noodles, egg-eye beef with bread or fried rice. Practical, right?

Famous fast food can also be a mainstay if you’re hungry. You can also come to the Coffee Shop in Jakarta, which offers a cafe-style sensation at a very affordable price. Some important things you can do what should I buy in Indonesia recommended.

7. Itinerary Planning

Itinerary becomes an important thing that will affect the costs that you will spend when traveling in Jakarta.

The city of Jakarta cannot be explored in one visit, so don’t push yourself to visit all destinations at once. Calculate various kinds of obstacles that might occur, such as tired bodies, or leaking tires in the middle of the road. When creating an itinerary, it is better if it is divided based on geographical area and ease of access.

At this stage, Google maps can be a tool that you rely on. So make a day by day plan to explore each area that you really want to explore.

8. During The Trip

Tips for backpacking in Indonesia, which is important is during the trip, do not forget to always bring a bottle of drinking water yourself, and fill in your accommodation before starting the trip. Also, prepare small money to pay for food in the shop or to pay for public transportation.

If you rely on Google maps during the trip, there is no harm in preparing an alternative plan by downloading offline maps for the area you are going to visit.

One more, make sure your bank’s power is in full capacity so you don’t panic if your cell phone’s battery runs out. Do not hesitate to ask if you are lost, because Indonesians are notoriously friendly and will not hesitate to tell the right direction. The thing you can do is morning activities in Indonesia fun and exciting.

9. Safety First

Never leave valuables and important documents in your accommodation. If your accommodation provides electronic safe boxes, you can put valuables and important documents such as laptops and passports in them.

The availability of these lockers can be a condition when you choose accommodation, especially if you carry a lot of valuables. And avoid using jewelry excessively as long as you explore the city of Jakarta to avoid pickpockets and robbers.

10. Souvenirs

Souvenirs are certainly included in one item that will increase your expenses. One way you can save on expenses is by shopping at the market.

By coming to a market that is widely available in Jakarta, in addition to being cheap, you can bid on the price. This traditional market does not only provide souvenirs at low prices but also various Indonesian specialties and the best outdoor activities in Indonesia that you must try !


Next tips for other backpacking in Indonesia that you can do while on vacation in Jakarta are:

  • If you go to Indonesia with friends or relatives, make sure if you want to travel, eat or whatever you want to share. Or you can joint venture so that it can save you a minimum of expenses.
  • Avoid gathering or hanging out in unfamiliar places or you have never known before. So you can be vigilant and also be careful because wherever we are is not always you can find good people. So first study the place you will visit first. Here’s what you need to know examples of culture shock in Indonesia you would be experience.
  • You can find cheap tourist attractions in Jakarta, such as Ragunan, Ancol, Taman Mini and so on. You can also order tickets beforehand or at certain moments, so you can get a discount.

So first this time about tips for backpacking in Indonesia, hopefully, it will be your reference for visiting and saving holiday in Jakarta and its surroundings.