17 Romantic Tourist Attractions in Indonesia Must Visit

Romantic is a famous word. It is very famous if the romantic word is connected with the couple and an atmosphere. Besides, it can be connected with one of the popular day. Valentine is a day which is connected with the romantic atmosphere. Every Valentine’s Day arrives, there are a lot of couples who want […]

6 Tourist Attractions with a Heart Symbol for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Have you ever celebrated valentine’s day with your partner? you should try to take a vacation by visiting fun tourist locations. It can be the alternative of fun valentine’s day celebration and also it becomes unforgettable moments. You do not need go abroad since there are a lot of the best tourist locations in Indonesia […]

37 Charming Tourist Attractions in Batang, Central Java

Indonesia is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. This matter because there are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that can be called never deserted by the visitors. People who visit those tourist locations originate from any region. Not only domestic tourists who can visit but also, there are not few international […]

Recommended Places to Visit Around Bromo

Bromo mountain is one of the most famous tourism site that has many visitors every year. It’s located over four region, Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Lumajang, and Malang. It’s one of most active volcano in Indonesia, though it’s dangerous, it attracts most tourist due to many amazing natural scenery that can make your vacation worthwhile. More about […]

The 15 Reasonable Reasons to Visit Flores Indonesia Now

Now, now, who wants to go on a vacation? Do you have any place to go to Indonesia? Well, don’t worry because we in the Facts of Indonesia.com will give a gift of information that can be very helpful for you on your holiday. Let’s see here, you can take a journey to the natural […]

12 Must Visit Beaches in Lombok

Indonesia has been known for its natural beauty and people friendliness since so long. Moreover one of the big cities in Indonesia is becoming a tourist attraction,which is, Bali. However there are still many places in Indonesia available with each distinct beauty. Best Beaches in Indonesia near Singapore Popular Coral Reefs in Indonesia One of […]

13 Ways on How to prevent getting sick in Bali

Rushing to the bathroom with an upset stomach is not how you want to spend your holidays. You can get sick anywhere, but there is some illness that often happens to people traveling to another country. Your body is getting used to the weather, food and the habit. This also can happen to you when […]

25 Tips for Traveling in Indonesia

Being one of the most diverse countries we’ve ever been to, the famous city in Indonesia has a little bit of everything for everyone. The iconic Bali tourist attractions are famous all around the world. From serene temples and volcanoes to the jungle wildlife in Sumatra. It offers diverse nature, culture, and cuisine. Indonesia is a country […]

The Best Massage in Jakarta for Relax

There are many perks living in the big city. Jakarta, The capital city of Indonesia also serves many advantages for people living in Jakarta. You will have no problem to decide on what to eat in Jakarta or what famous places to visit in Jakarta. It is truly one stop living paradise for anyone living […]

15 Things To Do In Jakarta Old Town

When you walk and enjoy the beauty of the old city in Jakarta, you can try many things there. There are many types of culinary tours, photo tours, art markets, and so on. The old city witnesses the history of the Indonesian struggle against the invaders. In addition, this typical Dutch-style building is an attraction […]