15 Best Restaurants in Jakarta for Valentine

Valentine is the most romantic day of the year. During this time, many people are showing their love through some romantic actions such as giving their girls a flower, taking her to vacation, and maybe take her to a beautiful resturant where the atmosphere is really good for them. With some creativity, some people have created wonderful restaurants that spread accross the city.

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Taking your girl to a romantic dinner is considered pretty important for your love life. You don’t need an expensive place with the foods that have extensive prices, if that’s not affordable for you. With a limited budget, you can even bring your girl to some affordable yet still beautiful restaurants in Jakarta for Valentine. They surely can bring the experience that you’re looking for.

1. Cafe Batavia

For the first one, we’re gonna talk about one cafe located in Taman Fatahilah, Pintu Besar street number 14, Jakarta named Cafe Batavia. You and your loved one can enjoy American, Indonesian and Chinese foods. Like the usual cafes out there, this Cafe Batavia has some beautiful services like Breakfast menu, Full Bar, Live Music, free wifi, and also kid friendly.

For a price, you can get some menus starting from food menus such as Start menu, Scup, Salad, Pasta, Sandwiches, Main Courses, Porridge, and Scup and Salad for the western menu. Asian menu, you can choose starting from Grilled Mix Satay, Chicken Satay, Hongkong Howker Noodle, Tongseng Kambing, and Po Cai with different kinds of topping.

2. Wilshire

Wilshire is located in Senopati Raya number 64 Senopati, Jakarta. This restaurant is known for two main things, romantic dinner and wines. With the wooden accents, the restaurants looks really cozy, yet still very simple. Based on many trusted reviews from critics, the people really love the ambience of this place.

People do come here to celebrata the anniversay with their loved ones. Once, again the nuances really supporthing them, especially the romantic aspects that reallu suit them. For the drinks, you can choose fresh juices, soft drinks, fresh juices, teas, specialty coffes, and also cocktails. Having lucnh in here is also great, becuse they have some interesting meals such as Insane Fried rice, Spaghetii Aglio Olio with Chicken, and also Wagyu Bowl.

3. Potato Head Garage

In Indonesia, there are two branches of Potato Head Garage that already popular, one in Bali and the other is in Jakarta. In Bali, they use the concept of simplicity, where there’s nothing excessive about their decorations. It’s pretty simple. In Jakarta, the concept of Potato Head Garage is little bit changed. They rather use modern and classy tone in here.

For the foods, they serve many kinds of meal from Australian, American, European, Japanese foods, to little touch traditional meals. You can also order the best wine they have to complete your dining session. This is also perfect if you’re dining with your loved one, to increase the atmosphere you know. Overall, visiting this restaurant would be great even you’re taken or not.

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4. Skye

Maybe the most romantic thing you can do in cities like Jakarta is take her to some dinner in a very nice place on top of the world. Not literally, but in a very high place with a spectacular view like Skye restaurant. This restaurant is known as a romantice one, always serving the customers with nicely places tables and candles on every table.

For you who want to visit it, you can come to M.H. Thamrin street number 1, Menteng, Jakarta. The restaurant has two main parts, indoor and outdoor. But outdoor is simply better because of Jakarta city view that is second to none. The foods are also very good, such as light plates, hots starters, from the grill, salads, and soups.

5. Table 8

The next restaurant in the best restaurants in Jakarta for valentine is The Table 8. It’s located inside Hotel Mulia in Asia Afrika street, Senayan, Jakarta. The main meal in here is Chinese, consists of dim sum, noodles, and many more. The services in here are wifi, luxury dining, buffet, praying room for muslims, private dining area, and also valet parking.

It’s recommended to do a booking first because you can not know when the place can be filled up. Many loyal customers are coming to this restaurant every time, so it’s not impossible that this restaurant can be full in short period of time. This place is suitable for both family dining and romantic dining with fairly affordable price.

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6. Casa D’ Oro

The next one in the best restaurants in Jakarta for Valentine is Casa D’ Oro. From its name, you can guess that this restaurant served Mexican foods. Yes, the meals in here are considered having a special taste that can even suit local tongue. For you who intereted, you can visit this restaurant that located inside Hotel Indonesia Kempinski in M.H Thamrin of Central Jakarta.

Many good reviews can be seen on every websites on internet, they were saying that this restaurant is really good to celebrate valentine with your loved one. The meals here are always served uniquely, even they always come in small portion. This restaurant alone has this Valentine package that really perfect for two.

7. Pingoo Restaurant

In the area of Tanjung Duren Jakarta inside Neo SOHO Mall on the ground floor, you can find a restaurant named Pingoo Restaurant. So what kind of restaurant is this? Pinggo restaurant will served you with its best seafoods and speciality in western meals. The most interesting thing in this restaurant is the penguin.

When you eating your meals, you can see them clearly. They are so cute and it’s amazing to find animals like this inside a hotel! Because of the nuances that this restaurant sell to the customers, the price can be higher sometimes. But it’s all worth it, still. About the menus, the meals in here are varied from Salad to Soups and delicious appetizers.

8. House Rooftop Kitchen and Bar

Looks beautiful like one restaurant that already mentioned before, House Rooftop Kitchen and Bar is also serving its guests with the best view, meals, and drinks with high quality and services. The place itself looks really exclusive on top of MD Place Building where you can directly see the clear view of Kuningan area Jakarta.

The place is also decorted with green vegetations that can make the place more cozy and calm. In House Rooftop Kitchen and Bar, you can choose meals from many categories such as Soups, Starters, Salads, and organic burgers. You can even order up some pizzas. The dessert like red velvet cake, ovomaltine cookie skillet are also very good.

9. The Pier

Looking for a nice place for dating to celebrate your valentine? Maybe The Pier can be the right place for you and your loved one. With a background of Ancol backwaters, the ambience is very good, especially if you come here on the evening. If you come during afternoon, the ambience can be said to be uglier.

Foods here vary from Seafoods, Pizzas, Steaks liken Grilled Sirloin, Tenderloin, Pastas like Spaghetti Carbonara, Spaghetti Chicken Alfredo, and Prawn Pasta, Asian foods like Ox Tounge Stew, Wok Roasted Rice, Special Seafood Fried Rice, and Curry Rice. You can also order signature drinks like Green Apple Mango Sorbet, Avocado De Kalaha, Blue Long Island, Single Espresso (Double is also available), and many more.

10. Le Bridge

This restaurants is one of many restaurants that serve complete sets of Western and Italian foods. Kinds of them are also so many. The place looks very simple with some tables and chairs, complet with candle lights during the night. Per table, usually there are two chairs that facing each other, perfect for a couple.

For the foods, you can order some steaks (Wagyu Sirloin, Wagyu Tenderloin, Salmon), pastas (Spaghetti Aglio Olio Tuna, Chicken, Spaghetti Bolognese, Fettucines, Lasagna Beef), Hot Dogs (Chicken Katsu, Beef Hotdof, Le Bridger Hot Dog), Burgers (Cheese Burger, Mr. Sunshine Burger), some salads, smoothies, coffees, and also some snacks to accompany your beautiful evening.

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The ten best restaurants in Jakarta for valentine are not enough for you? You need another options? Don’t worry, we got you. Beside showiing you the complete explanations of the ten places above, we also prepared a small list that containing some choices for you to choose.

  1. Soupanova Ecosky
  2. JimBARan Lounge
  3. Avec Moi
  4. Seggara
  5. Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy

With all the unique best restaurants in Jakarta for Valentine, surely your special day will be much more memorable. The supporting atmosphere, really good and tasty foods and also affordable prices can make your time more precious to build your relationship stronger. Jakarta is indeed a beautiful city to explore. It’s much better to explore it with your loved one.