The List of Must Try Restaurants in Bandung West Java

So, after exploring wonderful places in Bali island such as the pools, the natural attractions, and even the types of accomomdation, we want to take you back to Java island, to an area name Bandung city. For some of you who already visited Indonesia, have you visited this city before? Or maybe this is your first time hearing its name?

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Bandung is a city that located in West Java province of Indonesia. In the city, you can find so many interesting attractions, with the most popular one, Trans Studio Bandung. To accomodate the tourists who come from other areas around the country, many hotels and resorts were built. Aside from those, the restaurants with all kinds of foods were also founded. That’s why, taking a culinary journey in the city is considered to be a great thing to do because you can find the must try restaurants in Bandung, such as :

1 – Gormeteria

For the first one, we have a restaurant or as we can say a combination between a cafe and a restaurant that located in Pasirkaliki street number 176, Bandung called Gormeteria. Even though the name of this venue is Gormeteria, you can’t find gourmet in here. Instead, you’ll be treated with collections of cakes, such as Es Podeng Cake, a combination between cake and the Es Podeng.

However, the place is also serving the breakfast and lunch menu. Even for some people who want to have a nice experience of a romantic dinner, they can book it here. The shop opens from 7 am to 10 pm, so it’s very flexible basically. If you want to take some pictures, this store has some photogenic backgrounds that you can use.

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2 – Miss Bee Providore

The next one is restaurant named Miss Bee Providore. Guess it, Does this restaurant serve the mexican food or maybe Italian? Nope, even though the name does sound like an Italian or Mexican name, Miss Bee Providore only serves the American foods. So, in the menu, you can find some things like baked beans, bacon, baked tomatoes, etc.

The place is really cozy because there’s like glass wall here and there that making the place more clean and elegant. Miss Bee also decorated with the interior of an old building, so you can easily find the vintage atmosphere when eating in here. There’s also a playground spot for the children, so they can always have fun.

3 – Two Cents

On the third one, we have this Two Cents restaurant that located in Cimanuk street number 2, Riau, Bandung. If you ever visited this restaurant before, you may realize that this place is like never empty. The place is always full of customers who are in love with their menu. The best one is still their coffee though.

But aside from that, you can also order some foods like Spicy real, which is very spicy and filling. The next best food is Chicken Cheese Baked Rice, which served with melted cheese for all the cheese lovers out there. Aside from the interesting menu, people do love hang out in Two Cents because of the friendly and cozy environment.

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4 – La Costilla

La Costilla is a restaurant that located in Karangsari street number 8, Sukajadi, Bandung. The design of La Costilla restaurant is indeed unique. The fancy chandelier combined with the simple tables and chairs, even though the walls look so modern.  It’s a design that you can easily find in the restaurants in Bali Island.

However, the best menu you can get in here is the USA Giant Ribs, which is as you can imagine it’s the special one from the restaurant. The size of it is really big though, so if you can’t eat it alone, you maybe need some friends to help you. Aside from that, there are the other ones such as Jalapeno Aglio, Fettucine, Latte, and Galletas Y Crema.

5 – Tafso

So, let’s go out of the city and go somewhere else with the natural environment around it, like barn for example. But this is not an ordinary barn, it’s the Tafso. The TafsoRestaurant that very similar to a barn located in Baru Laksana street number75, Lembang, Bandung. The popular aspect of this place is of course, the outdoor seating, so you can see the perfect city view.

The restaurant can serve you with all kinds of menu. So you can pick from Indonesian, Western, or Asian foods. A unique thing about this restaurant is the deposit payment. Each person should pay some amount of money when entering the restaurant. The deposit can be changed later with foods. This deposit payment is the way to reduce number of tourists who only come to this place for taking photos and not ordering anything.

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6 – Ambrogio Patisserie

The one that should be included inside the must try restaurant in Bandung is Ambrogio Patisserie. The unique thing about this place is the ambience. Somehow the restaurant seems very cozy and refreshing because of its nice touch on decoration. For example, you can notice the vegetations on the walls.

The place also supported with a very nice menu. For example the Mongolian Beef Sandwich, Carrot Cake, Aglio e Olio, Chicken Gordon Blue, Dory w Lemon, Ice VanillaLatte, and many more. Ambrogio opens from 7 am though, so for you who want to have a nice breakfast you should come to this place.

7 – Welfed

Another one in must try restaurants in Bandung is the Welfed. Again, we’re gonna meet a restaurant that has high points on the decorations. As you can see in the picture, Welfedrestaurant has this kind of combination between the modern design in some parts of the walls and the wooden aspects on its roof and tables, which is very nice.

Aside from the astonishing design, you can order some of the best foods you can get in here, like Foie Gras Seared. Other than that, there are other grilled foods, the top choices of this restaurant. The dessert also very colorful. Violet Sorbet, Butterscotch, and also the Toffee are always worth taking. Want to get well fed? Welfed is the best choice you have.

8 – Lawang Wangi

Even though the name of the restaurant is really traditional, the look of this place is indeed very modern, really contrast. The table and chair sets do look very simple yet elegant. Around you are the glass walls, so you can directly see the view around you while eating. However, the location of Lawang Wangi is in the DagoGiri street number 99A, Dago Pakar, Bandung.

The store opens from 10 am to 11 pm only, with the outdoor seating, and take away service. In Lawang Wangi, there’s no alcohol though. Instead, you can try to drink some of the traditional drinks. About the foods, you can get some nice meals such as Barbeque Chicken Wing, Nachos, Cream of Chicken Soup, Garden Salad, Meat LoverPizza, Sirloin Steak, and many others.

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9 – Kampung Daun

In the ninth place, we have this Kampung Daun restaurant in the must try restaurants in Bandung WestJava. What a nice place we have here. As the name really means (village of leaves), around the restaurant you’ll be greeted with a lot of green vegetations around you. It’s almost like visiting a safari park. You can take a walk first to see the environment around Kampung Daun, maybe take a picture or two.

However, the price of foods in here is basically affordable. You can get a meal starting from Rp12.500,-only. In this restaurant that located in Sersan Bajuri street number 88, SersanBajuri, Bandung, you can order some stuff like Bala bala, Tempe Mendoan, TahuBrontak, Tongseng, Sop Buntut, Sop Iga, All kinds of Soto, Rawon, Nasi Kukus, Ayam Bakar, and all other Sundanese foods.

You can also take a look at our list below to find more recommendations or choices in the must try restaurants in Bandung. However, all of them are great and worth to visit. That’s why we provided some more of them in the section below :

1. Sydwic

2. Sapu Lidi

3. Maja House Bandung

4. Pino Pizza

5. The Valley Bistro

6. Cie Rasa Loom

7. Roemah Nenek Resto Cafe

That’s the article about the must try restaurants in Bandung city West Java. Of course, outside from our recommendations above you can also find the other ones that located around Bandung. Explore the city fully to find the restaurant that can suit you the best.