10 Different Types of Grass in Indonesia

Grass is a plant that has a kind of root that propagates and also clumps. Besides grasses known as weeds or disturbing wild plants, there are actually several types of grass that are useful. For example types of garden grass and types of animal feed grass.

Both types of grass are very useful for humans, ranging from meeting animal feed needs of farmers. In addition, grass can also make your yard much more beautiful. Especially if added with various types of flowers. To see more detail, you can read these different types of grass in Indonesia.

  1. Elephant grass (Purpureum purniset)

Giant grass is highly nutritious and true for cattle feed, like cattle, goats and other livestock. However, the grass with the Latin name of the Purpureum purniset can also be used as garden grass.

Although it is seen from its poor texture, elephant grass is easy to grow and resistant to the foot of the human foot. So it is very suitable for the park that people often go through. Growing elephant grass is very fast. So you must be diligent to cut it.

  1. Mini elephant grass

The mini elephant grass may now become the most favorite for everyone. It is because when it compared with ordinary elephant grass, the mini elephant grass is smaller in texture and smaller. But still like the usual elephant grass, the miniature elephant grass is resistant to the foot of the human foot. It is so suitable for a children’s playground. The grass was cut off once a month.

The mini elephant grass can still grow even though it only gets 50% sunlight. For that it is very suitable to be planted in a place hard to reach by the sun.

  1. Varigata mini elephant grass

Unlike the previous two elephant grass, this mini varigata grass looks unique. In terms of appearance, characteristic and texture, this varigata mini elephant grass is similar to the features in the mini elephant grass. It’s just different in color. The mini elephant grass has only one color green. Meanwhile, varigata elephant grass has a mixture of white on each leaf. So it looks good for home gardens. But the price of varigata mini elephant grass is more expensive than the mini elephant grass.

  1. Swiss grass

The Swiss grass is the finest grass of all kinds of grass. But this grass requires full sunlight, at least 80%. The Swiss grass should not be moist, because if the moisture will not be maximal. To keep the grass good, you can cut the grass at least once a month.

For fertilization, it is also better to use urea fertilizer than manure. Because if using manure will grow weeds and can cause Swiss grass dead. In terms of price, the most expensive Swiss grass among other grasses. However, the way to plant it is not too complicated, the point of planting seems easy during the rainy season can actually be in the dry season but you have to diligently water it morning and afternoon so that the grass does not dry.

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  1. Weeds grass

Weeds grass is called ilalang in Indonesia. This type of grass is found on the roadside, forests and rice fields where the soil is dry, seen from the development of this weed grass is very fast in multiplying the seed of its seed that there are several factors.

Among the ways in which their lives are generally the weed grass grows in groups of places where it facilitates them in spreading their seeds as well as their model of flowers that are similar to cotton so that if exposed to the wind is very easy to fly.

  1. Grinting grass

Grinting grass has its own advantages among other types of grass the advantages are its survival strength which no doubt survives in prolonged dry seasons but this species of grass is also unnatural to the animals.

So the grass is much left untreated by the grasshoppers, but grass grinting is very useful to protect the erosion on the sloping ground because it is the root of its fiber that is quite large and strong so it can make the soil compact not easy to collapse. Initially grinting grass is a coastal plant that is currently growing in the corners of the area up to rice fields. In this grassy field weeds are very disturbing the growth of main crops planted by farmers.

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  1. Teki grass

Grass of teki seems to have been a lot of people who have heard but few know it, this grass is also found in many places but he prefers to be in a dry but wet place like riverside, canals and rice fields. Teki grass is an annual plant that he can grow up to 140 cm high grown with leaves usually aligned to the left right into 3 parts, the bottom of the stem is white, under the stem on the sidelines roots he has a bulb that can be taken many benefits.

One of the studies conducted by the University of Brawijaya Malang, Faculty of Agriculture found that the grass could be used as a raw material for bioethanol production after undergoing several fermentation processes. The process was very easy only to dry the lawn and then pounded.

  1. Golf grass

This Golf Grass is similar to Swiss grass only the green color of this grass is very easy to grow and does not require much water intake but do not forget to water it if it is first time to plant it.

Formerly this type of grass is categorized as another plant nuisance grass, it is now possible to switch functionality due to its beauty. As the name suggests, this grass can be used as a base for the wide golf course to reach the hectare.

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  1. Japanese grass

This grass of Japan is similar to the grass above the golf grass that grows it and its growth is as easy as it is widely used as home garden decoration, just like in front of my house until now it has reached 15 years.

The initial planting time of just a few centimeters now reaches tens of meters and its thickness of about 15 cm was never given fertilizer. Although it is a good lack of grass it is not possible to hang out because its small and pointy leaves like a needle sometimes pierce the skin.

  1. Peking grass

The peking grass characteristic has a thin, sparse leaf type. This grass had become a favorite of garden lovers before the 2000s. Usually peking grass will look yellow below if it is too heavy, this is because of no sunlight. For that, routine maintenance that needs to be done is routine pruning within 2 months. This type of grass also needs to be given urea fertilizer every pruning finish. The park’s grass price ranges from Rp 28,000 to Rp 35,000 per cent.

Those are some kinds of grass in Indonesia. Now, you can notice that not all of grass in Indonesia could are useless, right? Some of them even could beautify your garden or park.