13 Interesting Plants in Indonesia (#7 is Lovely)

Indonesia is a famous country for its natural beauties that lie across its land and sea. People come here to enjoy and taste how pleasing all of those can be. Our eyes and mind will feel relaxed by lovely views, our tongue will be satisfied by various delicious meals originated only by Indonesian, and our trip will be such a nice experience surrounded by many friendly local people.

In addition to variously pleased our eyes sight and fulfill our curiosity about Indonesian facts, there are also another thing to see and know about when you are spending holidays here. It is Indonesia’s Fauna. (Read more about : Famous Plants in IndonesiaNative Plant of Indonesia )

Indonesia have lots of species living in here. Because of its location that stand along equator line, made this country tend to be tropical with lots of sunlight and high intensity of rainfalls. That state are making Indonesia a great place for uncountable fauna species to live. Here are some of Interesting Plants in Indonesia that you might want to take a look in your free time here :

1. Jasminum sambac (‘Melati’)

melatiMelati is one of the national flowers of Indonesia that represent Indonesia as the it ‘national flower’, according to Presidential Decree No. 1993/1993 endorsed by Mr. Soeharto.

This pretty yet calm flower has mini white flower crowns. It smells good and relaxing, and you can tell its fragrance from couple meters away. This type of flower is believed to be the symbol of purity and simplicity.

Some tribes in Indonesia are using it as an accessories to complete their traditional look to held traditional event such as wedding, and other ceremonies.

2. Phalaenopsis amabilis (‘Anggrek Bulan’)

Anggrek Bulan or Moon Orchid in English is also type of flowers included as the national flowers of Indonesia, representing ‘charming flower’ of Indonesia. It has a very lovely features with wide white flower crown and a little bit of yellow on the center. It radiates a bit of a sweet-smelling fragrance also.

This flower lives as an epiphytes with some support from its host plants. It can live up to 600 meters above the sea.

3. Rafflesia arnoldi (‘Bunga Bangkai’)

rafflesia-arnoldiiBunga Bangkai or corpse flower in English, is the last representation of the national flowers of Indonesia with a ‘scarce flower’ title. It lives endemically happy on Bengkulu, South Sumatera. Read more about Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower Facts

This flower is unique because it stinks. The only part of its body that we can see is its five big red flower crown. It has no real stems, leaves, or roots because it needs a host plant to survive. Now, Rafflesia arnoldi has been classified as almost extinct. (Read more about these 3 beauties here : Indonesian National Flower)

4. Amorphophallus gigas (‘Bunga Bangkai’)

bunga bangkaiThis flower is also had a ‘stink’ being said as its famous name because this type of flower is literally stench (just like Rafflesia arnoldi). But it has a lovely features with a height up to 4 meters and diameter of 2 meters.

On the other hand, its flower crown look uniquely gorgeous supported with long stem below. Amorphophallus gigas is originated from rainforest in Sumatra.

5. Coelogune pandurata (‘Anggrek Hitam’)

anggrek hitamAnggrek hitam or Black Orchid lives in East Kalimantan forests an nominated as fauna mascot of this province too. It looks so exotic with black flower crown decorated with a bit of greenish line and furry center.

On the other hand, Orchid collectors are willing to reach out deeper for having this beauty as one of their collections. You can meet this beauty in Kersik Luway nature preserve.

6.Nepenthes maxima (‘Kantong Semar’)

kantong semarKantong Semar is Semar Bag when translated into English. This plants have a very unique form which shaped like a real cylinder bags which is used as a trap for their prey. They consume insects, frogs, leeches, and some others.

These plants live in lowland tropical rainforests, mountain forests, peat forests, kerang forests, limestone and savanna fields. Then, it grow and spread from northern Australia, Southeast Asia, to southern China.

7. Amaphalis javanica (‘Bunga Edelweiss’)

edelweissEdelweiss flowers have a nickname which is ‘perpetual’ or ‘foreverafter’ flower. This flowers have the ability to stay the way they are just like the last time you plucked them out of their roots. It can’t be rotten.

Furthermore, it originally live in an edge cliff of a mountain and need some sacrifice to get them. The Edelweis are the most familiar flowers of mountain climbers, unlike any other flowers we can find in any place, the Edelweis flowers will grow only in certain places, high-lying plains in full sun. (Read further more info of this beauty : Edelweiss Flower Facts)

8. Myrmecodia tuberosa (‘Sarang Semut’)

sarang semutSarang Semut, or Anthill in English, contains so much benefits inside such as curing so many disease. It has an odd form just like its name, shaped like an ant hill and ants literally lives in there.

Then, it growing in the region of Southeast Asia to the Pacific region such as the Solomon Islands. In the island of Papua, it became the region with the largest number of Sarang Semut species.

9. Myristica fragrans (‘Pala’)

palaPala (nutmeg) is originated from Banda, Maluku. This plant has a high value and price to sell for its fruits and seeds to become a famous spices since the Roman era.

Meanwhile, nutmeg can be used directly as the spices. While its oil obtained by distillation. As well as it can be used for medicine and cosmetics. Moreover, Nutmeg oil is also used in the pharmaceutical industry as a medicine for abdominal pain, diarrhea and bronchitis. Read more about Indonesian Nutmeg

10. Santalum album (‘Cendana’)

cendana2Cendanas are famous for its ability to produce great quality of cendana woods and oils. It smells nice. Many found in East Nusa Tenggara, especially on Timor Island.

Cendana has a fragrant aroma. Wood and oil are used for religious ceremonies as well as traditional ceremonies in various countries. Essential oils produced used as raw materials for the production of perfumes, soaps, medicines and cosmetics. Their wood is used for handicraft items. The highest quality of Cendana comes from the very bottom of the tree that has been more than 50 years old and grows in the forest.

11. Cananga Odorata (‘Kenanga’)

kenangaKenanga is now becoming an identity of North Sumatra. It is being distilled into Java Cananga Oil that being shipped to many countries such as Singapura, China, Germany, Brazil, and US.

Then, Java Cananga has lots of functions several of it is to overcome various types of inflammation including to reduce pain, remove insect bites and heal wound tissue lightly.

Moreover, you may want to read about Medicinal Plants of Indonesia.

12. Myrtaceae (‘Cengkeh’)

cengkehA long time ago, for this plants only, European people were willing to sail across the sea to get them. Cengkeh is famous as a spices to cook savory meals. Nowadays people also use cengkeh as a natural remedy for several disease, to add some flavor to food, turned into various type of drinks, and as one of the basic materials of cigarettes.

Meanwhile, The branches of Cengkeh are generally long and filled with fragile small branches. Cengkeh originatde in some islands in Maluku and also in Papua and Papua Nugini.

13. Eusiderxylon zwagzr (‘Ulin Trees’)

ulinUlin tree is one of the ‘Indigenous tree species’ originated from West Kalimantan. This type of wooden tree is gigantic, that can grow up until >3000 meters with 225 cm trunk size diameter.

The fauna experts have classified ulin trees into 4 groups according to its function and trunk color which is Ulin Tando (chocolate reddish trunk), Wax Ulin (dark chocolate trunk), Chopper Ulin(yellowish trunk), and Chalk Ulin (light brownish trunk).

All of them are proper for building foundation and to be flooring material because of its strength and it contains strong cambium. But only Chalk Ulin are suitable for making shingle roof because it is the mushiest. You can meet this trees at Arboretum Center for Research and Development of Bogor Natural Forest or at Conservation and in Forest Research Sumberweringin Bondowoso, East Java.

After knowing several names of interesting plants in Indonesia, what do you think? All of them are pretty unique, right?

Most of them not only beautiful to look at, but also have another thing to offer which is its practical function such as Ulin Trees and Mahoni Trees for home furniture. And, lots of them on the list (and few other plants) are endangered and protected by Indonesian law. It might be your last time to see them with your own eyes living colorfully and beautifully on its origin habitat. Especially you, dear plant lovers, don’t missed your chance to experience their beauties by yourself here in Indonesia!