10 Local Types of Rambutan in Indonesia

Indonesia is the country of crops and agriculture. It because it has the fertile land that could grow everything here. It is also a country with the most various fruits are exist here. Can you count how many kinds of fruits that are available in Indonesia? There are many which couldn’t be counted. One of the famous fruit from Indonesia is rambutan.

Rambutan is a seasonal fruit in Indonesia. Entering the rainy season also means entering the rambutan season. Usually the fruit is harvested from December to February, depending on rainfall in each region. Rambutan fruit is most commonly found in Southeast Asian countries. Indonesia is the best and most producer of rambutan. Do you know that there are many types of rambutan in Indonesia? Here are the types of rambutan in Indonesia

  1. Rambutan Si Madam

The color of rambutan fruit is very beautiful and attractive eyes, the hair is thick and bright red. But do not be fooled by the bright red color, this fruit does not taste sweet, but tends to be acidic. This rambutan tasted really sweet, although sometimes it tastes really sour. But over all, the taste of this type of rambutan is good.

The amount of fruit juice is large, the fruit is thin and sticks to the fruit seeds. But rambutan is among the preferred and hunted types because of its unique taste. You will definitely be addicted to eating this type of rambutan.

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  1. Rapiah Rambutan

The skin color of the fruit is yellowish green, the fruit hair tends to be short, rare and rough. Even though the fruit is not beautiful, rambutan rapiah has a very sweet taste, the fruit is thick, chewy, slightly crunchy, the fruit and seeds are easily released or also called ‘glaring’.

Rambutan rapiah is the best type of rambutan and is much preferred in Indonesia. Almost every yard owner in rural areas in Indonesia, always plant this type of rambutan in their yard.

  1. Rambutan Lebak Bulus

As the name implied, Rambutan was first cultivated in the Lebak Bulus area, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta. The fruit is round in shape. The fruit hair is red with a yellowish tip. Rambutan Lebak Bulus is very fresh. It tastes sweet with a little acid and has plenty of water. This type of rambutan is often made sweets until canned fruit is made.

However, you don’t need to worry for the taste. It is also full of vitamin that would make your body healthier. You will feel if it is not enough while eating this rambutan.

  1. Rambutan Si Batuk Ganal

This type of rambutan originates from the Andai River, South Kalimantan. The fruit tends to be bigger than other types of rambutan, the color is yellowish and red. If it is cooked, the rambutan flesh will be easily released from the seeds. The water content in the fruit is quite a lot, the fruit has a sweet and fresh taste. The red color of this fruit shown that the taste is sweet,

Moreover, it might be interesting to eat this fruit because the fresh from the fruit water. You could lose your thirsty after eating this kind of fruit. It also contains many vitamins.

  1. Rambutan Antalagi

Rambutan also comes from the Sungai Andai area, South Kalimantan. The fruit is round and elongated, slightly flat, with short fruit hair green and slightly yellow. It tastes very sweet and has a very fragrant fruit aroma. Rambutan antalagi is the best type of rambutan typical of Indonesia.

Almost of rambutan in Indonesia tastes good. While the harvesting comes, you might find the lower price while buying this rambutan type.

  1. Rambutan Narmada

This rambutan type comes from Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Fruit meat tends to be chewy, not soft, and has a distinctive sweet taste. The fruit skin color is bright, a combination of yellow and red. In the areas of Bali and Java rambutan Narmada is the belle of rambutan that is much loved by the public. This sweet rambutan would make your day fresher.

Narmada tastes very good. Its water is also sweets that would make you eat more and more. A kilo of this kind of rambutan is usually at the highest price.

  1. Rambutan Kapulasan

In the past, rambutan cardamom was found in many areas of Bogor and its surroundings, but now this type of rambutan is quite rare. Unlike the other rambutan, rambutan kapulasan has very short, stiff and quite thick fruit hair.

The fruit is very thick, a sharp knife is needed to remove the flesh. Another name for rambutan kapulasan is rambutan tripe. It tastes sweet and sour, the fruit is dry because it doesn’t contain much water.

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  1. Rambutan Binjai

This type of rambutan is the best rambutan in Indonesia. The fruit is bright red to deep red. Fruit size is often larger than other types of rambutan. Rambutan Binjai has not too thick hair, but is rather rough and rare. It tastes sweet and slightly sour.

Due to its sour taste, this type of rambutan has much vitamin C that would make you fresh. Moreover, the price of this rambutan type would be lower. The thin skin of this rambutan is signed that it has thick fruit that you can eat.

  1. Cimacan

This type of rambutan from West Java has less dense hair. The color is yellowish red to dark red. Her hair is rough and rather rare. The taste is sweet, slightly runny and the skin is easy to peel. Although sometimes you will find it is difficult to peel.

Especially for this types of rambutan, the red colour of the hair indicates that it tastes sweet, meanwhile the yellow one indicates sour. However, it contains much vitamin that you never imagine.

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  1. Rambutan Bahrang

Rambutan Bahrang is from Langkat, North Sumatra. The advantage of Rambutan Bahrang is that it has a hair size that is longer than other rambutan types.

In addition, the flesh is slightly yellowish in color, has a moisture content. Buah Rambutan Bahrang has a very sweet taste. When it’s ripe, the rambutan Bahrang’s rind will be reddish orange. In addition, this type of rambutan contains much vitamin.

Those are rambutan types in Indonesia. There are so many typical fruits in Indonesia. They taste very good. Once in a life, you should try rambutan in Indonesia.