Best Bali Gardens – and Wonderful Things You Should Know

So, after telling you some tips about traveling to Indonesia, now we want to tell you about something specific. This thing is rather refreshing and sometimes used by people as a place for relaxing and breathing in the freshest oxygen on a Sunday morning. What is it? Do you know what actually is it? Yep, […]

The Types of Plants in Bali Indonesia

After talking about the Bali Island’s attractions, best accommodation, and even its traditional foods, now we want to approach with an information about a flora or the world of the plant that exists in Bali island. Now, if we want to talk about flora in Bali, is there any uniqueness of the plants in here? […]

10 Different Types of Grass in Indonesia

Grass is a plant that has a kind of root that propagates and also clumps. Besides grasses known as weeds or disturbing wild plants, there are actually several types of grass that are useful. For example types of garden grass and types of animal feed grass. Both types of grass are very useful for humans, […]

10 Types Of Avocado In Indonesia

Who doesn’t know avocados. Many people make this avocado as a juice which tastes great, what else is there a mixture of chocolate milk and some other sweeteners. Avocados are no longer a foreign fruit for Indonesians. Avocado cultivation in Indonesia has been done for a long time. Besides being delicious, avocados have health benefits. […]

10 Types Of Bananas In Indonesia

Banana is a fruit that is always consumed by Indonesian people. It is one of the type of Indonesian fruits. This fruit also popular in the world, especially in South East Asian.  The content of vitamins and carbohydrates makes bananas can be used in a variety of processed foods. So it’s not uncommon to see food […]

15 Popular Flower in Bali That Loved by People

Bali island is not only famous for having the interesting locations which can hipnotize the people, especially for the people who rarely see them. The stuff like the beaches and the nightlife are two thing of all many things that can be found inside Bali island. Read also : Common Flowers in Indonesia Rare Flowers […]

15 Beautiful Endemic Flora in Indonesia

In Indonesia, maybe the common thing that people always hunt for is the attractions. There are so many of them in here, and usually the foreigners coming in here looking for the natural ones that exist in the land of Indonesia. The tourists want to seek a better place for resting, and then just enjoying […]

10 Rare Flowers In Indonesia (#8 is beautiful)

Indonesia is a country which is rich for its natural resources. Various plants especially flowers are growing well in Indonesia. However the existence of some Indonesian flowers are getting rare so that those flowers are in dire need to receive some protections. Below are the list of some rare flowers in Indonesia, check it out! […]

Indonesia Cotton Fabric – Making Process – Places

Cotton is a natural plant fiber from cotton seeds. The fibers used in the textile industry are the starting point of the production chain. Cotton fibers are obtained from cotton plants and then woven into threads. The woven cotton yarn or knit is then converted into cloth. The use of cotton has a long tradition […]

Top 15 Indonesian Herbal Medicine – Benefits

In Indonesia alone many types of medicinal plants are scattered in various regions. Each region has its own recipe in processing herbs into medicinal plants. However, by re-using natural medicine will certainly minimize the side effects of drugs used. In addition, knowing the various medicinal plants that are efficacious in treating the disease will eliminate […]