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10 Types of Accomodation in Bali

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Bali is one of Indonesian islands that hide earth-gems inside of it. This place is surrounded by so many beautiful beach with amazing view and proper wind speed and waves for doing various water sport activities, and a lot more natural attractions, and also rich with its people and daily cultural behavior. A lot of tourists never bored coming back for experiencing more of it.


Because of its so many popular tourist attractions, Bali has the most promising tourism sector amongst other locations in Indonesia. Investors are competing with each other to invest more on this island. They make access to the areas with lovely view that are still hard to reach, providing recreational suggestions, opening restaurants, and also building and owning accommodation to be rented.

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Having a suitable and proper accommodation is one of the most important thing to consider when we’re planning on visiting Bali. Choices are so many but still need to choose what’s best for you and your travel partner during your stay.

Here are several types of accommodation in Bali that can be considered as references, to choose the best one according to you needs.

1. Hotel

hotel baliHotel is the most secure and usual places that most people finally choose when they are travelling. Moreover when they’re only going with few numbers of people below 5 person.

They tend to choose hotel because it offers other services to such as breakfast meal, room cleaning services, a pool, gym, and other convenient facilities.

Type of hotel we choose can be adjusted to the budget we have, from 5 stars hotel to hotel with no-star.

2. Boutique Hotel

bali boutique hotel

This is another type of hotel that is more exclusive that the regular ones. Because it presents you with more intimate services, and proper interior design to please the aesthetic part of a person.

They usually have fewer number of rooms to rent, and of course higher price than ordinary hotel.

3. Motel 

bali motelMotel stands for Motor Hotel, which means that this types of accommodation in Bali will provide you with easier access to the road (trains, metros, buses) and also near the main road.

Motel provides their guests with a parking lot in front of their rooms. This type of accommodation are specially designed and built for those who are traveling between cities and need to stay overnight.

4. Hostel (Inn)

bali hostelHostel is a suitable choice for you, backpackers, who are willing to share rooms with random people for 6-8 persons in one room. Bathrooms, kitchen, TV rooms, and all as a sharing facilities for all guests.

Usually backpackers and travelers don’t mind to rent this type of accommodation because they only need to pay a cheap price, saving money. Besides, all they need is only a place to sleep for a night or two.

5. Guest House

bali guest house 2Guest House usually managed by the house owner only, with a little help from one to two staffs. They will put up a low price so it is a ‘yes’ for backpacker and cheap traveler to stay.

However, you need to remember and select house that has an acceptable rules for you. Check-in are made by an appointment beforehand. Read more about Massage Etiquette in Bali.

6. Boarding House (Kostan)

bali kostanIn Indonesia, Boarding house is also famous as “kost-kostan”. This type of accommodation in Bali generally built in a building with several mini rooms, usually 3×4 m or bigger, with bathroom inside each room or outside.

The price is really low and those of you who are willing to sleep here should be ready to be independent and experience a dirty bath and bed rooms because it’ll be our own responsibility to clean up. No helping service and security. A bit risky, but if you’re sure enough for your own safety it’s okay. Fit for students looking for cheap cost accommodation.

7. Apartment

bali apartementApartment is basically similar with hotels by its facility. There are security, pool, gym, and other usual facilities but apartment isn’t providing us with personal services such as room cleaning and breakfast at room.

This type would be more suitable if we want some privacy and don’t need too much space during our stay, because usually we travel a lot roaming around the area.

8. Villa

bali villaWhen you are going on a holiday with bigger number of people, villa is one of the best choice you may want to choose. Villa will provide you bigger spaces, at your own house building. Mostly provided with personal pool around the house.

You will get quitter atmosphere because villa usually located far from the crowd, and nearer to the beach or mountain. With so much fresh air and solitude moment are a great place for relaxing.

9. Resort

bali resortResort is located near lovely view such as mountain or beach that prioritize guest’s comfort and recreation by providing various type of sport activity, parks, places to shop, kids corner, spa, and so many more else.

On the other hand, Resort will be better enjoyed with lovely family and kids. This type would be suitable for us who seek for relaxing and solitude time with our loved ones.

10. Cottage (Bungalow)

bali cottage 2Cottage are pretty similar with resort, where they offer many family attractions to choose while having a stay in their cottage. Located near quite natural beauties so then you can feel more relaxed and comfortable.

This type will let you and your family have your own form of separate buildings (buildings such as huts) and completed by the presence of other supporting facilities. Also best enjoyed with family, for another option besides resort and villa.

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Those are some types of accommodation in Bali that you can consider renting to be your several-days place to relax during holidays. Picking out the right one is a must, especially for those of you that made Bali as your weekend getaway place and just want to spare some free time relaxing at your lodging. Please choose wisely according to your budgets, purposes, numbers of people in one housing, and other considerations you need to make.

Make sure you don’t miss any rules applied inside you lodging because some of them may prohibit you to bring pet, to come home late at night, to use sexy clothes, to smoke, to cook your own meals, and else.

Hope this information is useful for you. And have a nice stay at Bali island, hope you enjoy the island as much as most Indonesians do!

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