12 Best Place to Do Horseback Riding in Jakarta Indonesia

Horse-back riding can be classified as underrated sport activity amongst all kind of sports. This type of sport require another level of skill because we have to balance our body on top of a big animal, which is a horse. Although viewers might just see the riders sit and sometimes pat their horse, it surely is not an easy job to do. We need to build strong relationship between ourselves and the horses we ride. Because in serious horse riding competition, judges will see us as one participant – us and our horse.

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And just like other sport activities, horse-back riding also brings benefit to anyone who dare to try. It becomes an addiction for some people because they feel satisfied after doing this type of sports. Here are some benefit we can harvest after doing horse-back riding for a while :

  • Physical Benefit – Physical benefit are the ones that will not be instant felt by rider but eventually their body will feel so much healthier than before. Horse-back riding stimulates coordination and motoric abilities, strengthen up muscles, stimulates sensory system, upgrade joints mobility, and so on. Another good news is that it burns lot of fat in our body around 5 calories per-minute. Another training riders usually take in between will help them shaping up their body as well.
  • Mental Benefit – Riders will be mentally stable after taking horse riding as their regular activity. This thing possible happen because they’re used to focus and understand the horse, riders will learn how to sit properly, to behave in front of the horse, to hold its rope, and else. Although they learn it hard way at first, but thr connection they both have will bring so many good changes.
  • Emotional Benefit – Emotional benefit will be gain from connection that has been made between the horse and the rider. They will have a close relationship just like a good friends at last, even though it may seem stressful to conquer at first. Riding in the open air also helps them get clearer mind. And often times riding together with other horse-riding lovers could lead up to another friendship where we make friends with people with the same hobby like us.

Since so many people starting to love horse riding, many horse riding lovers made a lot of variations about this activity and starting to take this seriously as a serious competition, such as :

  • Dressage – This type of horse riding really emphasis on both living things relationship (horse and human). The rider need to show judges beautiful horse transitions (more like gymnastic) by the way it walks, trots, canters, and other poses for particular competition. Judges are going to rate each movement from range 1 to 10 base on how supple it is. And in the end, all participants have to fight for highest score amongst all to win the prizes. This type of horse riding not only showing strength, endurance and sweat but also showing some arts in each movements.
  • Showjumping – This one is another type of horse riding that require participant to move smartly and precisely to avoid obstacles that intentionally installed in the arena. Participant will have to finish a 150-1200 m tracks with full of distraction such as puddles and high hurdles.
  • Eventing – Eventing is horse riding activity that demand endurance and durability for both rider and his horse, because eventing usually lasts for several days. In between competition there would be 3 type of riding such as dressage, showjumping, and cross-country riding. Beforehand, all participants normally having an intensive training for weeks. Both horses and its rider also need to get health checked before allowed to take part in competition.
  • Endurance – Endurance riding is not looking too far on the horse riding technique but more on its participant endurance level. They will be tested to finish a long track across various surfaces in the wild areas for several days. Horses and riders need to be on their fit condition before registering up on this type of contest.

After knowing that it brings so many benefit to our body, now is the time to try horseback riding sport. For some of you who live especially around Jakarta, here are several places you need to for horse-back riding in Jakarta, Indonesia :

1. Horse Racing Pulomas

pulomasLocated in North Jakarta, this place offers some cheap horse riding prize which only costs 10,000 for one round. They also have “delman”, a horse-drawn carriage as family attraction with low price, too.

Pulomas Horse Racing also has some kind of competitions and horse riding events that held occasionally. They provide ridding school, private lesson, group lesson, and a special autism therapy for our special friend.

2. Trijaya Equestrian

To have more private spaces and trainers, you should try coming to Trijaya Equestrian in South Jakarta. They offer several learning packages to choose, and are willing to train even when you’re still a beginner.

They also provide young-age beginner to train with a pony rides, trained by professional trainers we don’t need to worry about the safety and another standardized facilities.

3. Pacuan Kuda Stables & Equestrian, Pamulang

pacuan kuda pamulangOpen for public, this places has quite expensive in riding prices but really worth to try. They don’t put up entrance price for anyone who wants to see athletes doing training, they only charge us if we want to try riding the horse and it starts from 90,000 rupiahs.

They’re raising their own “international standard-ready to export to various contries” horses here, with more than 50 horses to ride and see. They also provide archery activity.

4. Gading Equestrian

gading eq

Located in Pejaten, South Jakarta, this place is becoming adults and kids favorite to spend time by training their horse riding skill. They also have horse farm here with proper facilities and high-quality trainers.

This place provide so many various equestrians need that will be needed by another fellow equestrian, good quality, many options, and they taken a good care of each horses nicely.

5. Arthayasa Stable & Country Club

arthayasa stabMany national athletes train here, and this place is open for young beginner to start horse-riding training at young age. The location is beautiful and cool too, very suitable for spending time with family.

Arthyasa Stable and Country Club located in Grogol, Depok City, a little bit aside from Jakarta City will offer us less noisy circumstances to help us focus more when we’re training.

6. Brancho Bintaro

brancoThis place might be the most crowded between all of horse-back riding places in Jakarta. Located in Bintaro, Brancho provide the guests with so many type of horse from pony to giant type of horse such as Germany horse.

The place are surrounded by green trees so that guests will feel more relaxed and enjoyed to ride a horse for several rounds. Prices range between Rp. 20-25,000.

7. Adria Pratama Mulya (APM) Equestrian Center

 Located in Depok, APM offer us 14 ha green areas where we can start trying to ride, or even learning professional horse-riding skills, teach by many riding experts in here.

We will feel more relaxed and comfortable to do training in a green area. And, being taught by friendly and supportive trainers makes it easier for us to train.

8. Jakarta Perkumpulan Equestrian Center (JPEC) Sentul

This equestrian center is a bit private and exclusive because the riders usually self-owned or club-owned their horses. They also provide pony riding training for kids, and another horse riding certifications.

Moreover, the trainers are all certified and their supporting facilities are all above national standard that’s suitable for training even for professionals.

9. Anantya Riding Club

Located in Gunung Putri, 20 km from Jakarta, this riding club provides us various level of expertise with accredited instructors, from self-riding, showjumping, dressage, to other riding types. They accept from 5 years-old beginner to adult age.

Therefore, they basically accept a wide range of age for training and are willing to help you start gaining better skills in horse riding, for achieving certain standard skill for competition or just for fun only.

10. Nusantara Polo Club

nusantara polo clubLocated precisely in Jagorawi Jagorawi Golf and Country Club, Cibinong, Indonesia. This place is devoted to persons who love to learn more about horse riding, polo sport, and know more about the horse itself.

From professionals to beginners are welcome in this club. Many horse riding enthusiast called this club as a family-friendly one, but is suitable for serious professional training, too.

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11. Gedung Olahraga (GOR) Ragunan

GOR ragunanRagunan as a famous zoo also provide animal ridings such as elephants and horses. But only kids can try to sit on top of the horses, remembering the tracks is very short too.

However, if you are an expert and want to do some training, the running track in GOR Ragunan can be one of the option to choose, because they have some kind of track (mainly used for running) that can be used as a riding track, too.

12. Fauna Land Ancol

fauna landLocated in North Jakarta, this place is suitable for young riders. Fauna Land Ancol offering some horse riding experience to try for your kids in their petting area. Another animals are also available to be petted such as turtles, birds, goats, rabbits, even kangaroos, and many more. This will surely bring joy and new stories to your kids.

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If you keen on learning how to horse-ride in a proper way, please do come to one of those places to start your first ride. Have a happy horse riding in Jakarta!