13 Family Activities in Bali Indonesia

Bali is an adventurous land in Indonesia. The food and the beaches are always great, but there are also so many other things to discover. If you are taking your family on a vacation in Bali, consider these 13 Family Activities in Bali Indonesia. These activities will make both children and parents happy.

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1. Sign Up for Rip Curl School of Surf

You and your family can sign up for Rip Curl School of Surf in Bali. It’s a fun and short course that can teach you how to surf. It’s an amazing way to enjoy the sunny beach in Bali. Moreover, you can earn a new skill. The course is available for people from any age.

2. Enjoy Ayung River Rafting

Another fun water activity for the whole family is Ayung River Rafting. It is located in the valley close to Ubud. However, only those with ages from 7 years old are allowed to participate the activity. Nevertheless, this very popular river rafting will take you through the adventurous rough waters and rocks in the river. If you like rafting, you may also want to read the longest river in Indonesia.

3. Enjoy the View at Temega Tree House

The Temega Tree House is made up of bamboo. It is located in a region called Karangasem. The place has many suspended bridges. So you can try to walk on all the bridges while also enjoying the Bali view from above. From such heights, you can clearly see the beautiful rice terraces in Karangasem. The place also offers food and snacks for you to eat.

4. See the Butterflies at Kemenuh Butterfly Park

The Kemenuh Butterfly park was officiated in 2016. There are many species of butterfly flying in the area. Reportedly, there are around 500 species. Children and parents will like this place. It is filled with native plants of Indonesia. Furthermore, the activity is educational too. You can observe how the butterflies undergo metamorphosis.

5. Fun at Bali Treetop Adventure

The Bali Treetop Adventure is located at Tabanan. It is a popular place for families as children can play around the place. There are challenges and obstacles that families can take. You can basically swing or climb from one tree to another. Each activity will let you have safety wire to keep you moving freely without being afraid of getting hurt.

6. Visit the Temples in Bali

Bali is the home of temples in Indonesia. There are so many temples that you can choose from such as the underwater temples in Bali. Always remember to keep your etiquette while you are inside the temple. Understand the rules when visiting temples in Bali. Always dress appropriately so that they allow you to enter the place.

7. Experience Another World in the Upside Down House

There is a unique place for families to enjoy in Bali. It is the Upside Down House. Inside the house, the furnitures are placed in such a way that they seem to defy gravity. The house challenges your perspective. It makes you feel as if living in somewhere outside of this world. Moreover, children can take fun pictures with you.

8. Meet the Fishes in Ultimate Seawalker Experience

The Ultimate Seawalker Experience in Nusa Dua will allow you to see fishes closer. In the Grand Mirage Resort, a boat will take your whole family to a specially built place that they have. Here you put on your helmet that makes you look like an astronaut. You dive into the water and walk around to feed the fish. Furthermore, you can take pictures too.

9. Learn Chocolate Making in Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory

In Big Tree Farms Bamboo Chocolate Factory, your whole family will enjoy learning the whole process on chocolate making. The factory is located at a secluded farm. The place will show you how the cacao beans are transformed into the chocolate that you love so much. You might want to read more on making choclate in Indonesia cocoa production. Also, the place has an amazing structure of a bamboo cathedral. This is definitely a family activity that you should not miss out on while you are in Bali.

10. Be a Pirate at the Pirate’s Bay

If you have children who loves pirate then this is the perfect activity for you. Take them to the Pirate’s Bay at the Nusa Dua beach. There are big ships that imitate those that are owned by pirates. The children can play around the ships as there are swings and ropes for them to climb on. While the children play, you can enjoy the view and sun at the beach. There are also food available for you to complete your experience.

11. Eat With Bunny Companions

This next place is a more calming place for family to enjoy. In this place, there are bunnies around you. It is the Maha restaurant. Children will love petting the bunnies and watch them hop around the place. Other than that, they can rest their feet with their bunny friends. Moreover, there are many food that you can choose from on the menu.

12. Learn Balinese Culture in Pondok Pekak Library

This next family activity is more cultural. In Pondok Pekak Library, children and adult can learn many activities that are authentic in Bali. They offer short lesson on carving fruits, traditional dance, playing the gamelan and making Balinese offerings which is the cultural norms in Bali. Furthermore, you and your kids can learn to make masks from wood.

13. Relax at Family Spa 

This last family activity is the perfect way to end your day. It is a relaxing spa at the Jiwa Spa at the Conrad. Both children and parents will have their own time to treat themselves. The massages they offer will help to lift the tiredness from everyone. Don’t forget your massage etiquette in Bali.

Enjoy all sorts of entertainment while you are in Bali. Eat, play and sleep in the island with your loved ones. Bali is a place where family can spend their precious time together. Make lots of unforgettable family memories in Bali through these activities.