15 Types Of Laws In Indonesia – Characteristics

Each country certainly has a different legal base, even with the same goals and missions. In Indonesia itself there are several types of laws that apply, both general and legal law internationally.

The legal basis is made so that all actions and deeds that are not in accordance with the rule to get justice, by sanction and punishment. This applies to officials, the military, the general public, certain tribes of nature also has its own laws.

So, do not mess with the name of the Law. In because the risks and the negative is very harmful to someone and his future.

1.Custom of Law

What is meant by customary law is a law that passes in one area in Indonesia, which regulates the sociology and habits of life in society. Both laws that apply in writing or unwritten, customary law is very strongly felt if encountered in some areas, especially areas that still uphold the customs and traditions. The customary law is applicable in some tribes in Indonesia. Example customary law is the procedure of dividing the heirs among Bali.

2. Criminal of Law

Criminal Law is a basic law applied to the whole society, the law applied in order to prosecute criminal acts both individuals and groups. All criminal law covers fairly severe laws. Arranged by many chapters according to the level of unlawful acts. Any action that is not in accordance with the law will be sanctioned in accordance with applicable clause. These laws include the punishment of corruption, narcotics, murder and so on

3. Family of Law

In a family led by a father or husband, certainly, need a legal name. This is done so that members who violate the rules get sanctioned. These laws include family and relatives.  This law is also referred to as a family law, some are made in writing or not written. With applicable law rules tailored to family agreements, examples of family law include marriage, divorce and wealth.

4. Legal Assets of Law

The law of property is the law that regulates the property either individually or in groups. Included in the matter of inheritance, this law also already exist in the holy book of the Quran which regulates how the wealth is arranged in such a way. So if there is a dispute on the wealth of law this is valid as the basis of the decision.

5. Law of Attraction

The law of objects is almost equal to the law of wealth, every object that moves or is not regulated in clear rules. How this law provides rules in the use until the destruction of the object itself. For those expressly enforced and in accordance with the rules applicable either in writing or not. Examples of law objects are in the arrangement of land and building rights.

6. The Law of Alliance

The law of engagement is a law governing property and wealth, in which two parties have equal obligations and rights. This law is also still within the scope of the civil law, which is governed by clearing and written laws. In because this law covers the rights and obligations of the two parties, then the risk will be borne one of them. Examples of legal engagement are accounts receivable payable.

7. The Inheritance of Law

The law of inheritance is also a law that is almost equal to the law of wealth and things. Where this law regulates the right of inheritance within a family. This law is also still included in the category of civil law. All existing laws are legalized and have articles. In religion, there is also arrangement this law, even long before the rule based on the law of the State. So if you want to take care of the heirs better to see and study this legal basis in detail, so that there is no injustice in the family

8. Legal News Events 

Which is a legal event that is the rule of law that includes the rule of law in the form of material, or law enforcement tool where the rules relate to the social task of social life. The procedural law is divided into two categories: criminal law and civil law. Examples of procedural law are suing and suing both material and non-material.

9. Marriage of Law

The law of marriage is clearly regulated both nationally and religiously, each having its own rules for the purpose of marriage in accordance with applicable law. In marriage law where couples and families have their rights and obligations respectively, how also this law arranges for married couples to keep the household and his descendants well. In addition to marriage, this law also regulates the problem of divorce and problems in the household. Obviously, the example in this law can be seen in some references to be married life.

10. Divorce of Law

The law of divorce is the same as marriage law, where these two laws are arranged in such a way as to create a happy home. Both in the perspective of the State and the point of view of religion. In the article of State law is clear the arrangement, ranging from marriage, household to divorce.

11. Buying and Selling of Law

The law of sale and purchase is a law that applies to both parties, both buyers, and sellers. This law regulates how both parties conduct buying and selling activities in a lawful and honest manner. The sanctions that apply according to previous agreements, by not doing things that are not good of course. In the Islamic religion itself, it is clear that this law is arranged in such a way that there is no cheating and deception in it. Legally for abusive sellers and buyers such as cheating or cheating, there are strictly enforceable laws.

12. Shariah of Law

Shariah law is a law that is identical with Islamic law itself, this law regulates the life of both individuals and groups. In addition to law, Islam also regulates guides of diversity and social life in order to achieve ultimate life both in the world and the hereafter. Examples of sharia law in the case of accounts payable, in Islamic sharia law lending usury is prohibited.

13. Nature of Law

If it speaks of the universe, it is certainly very universal and great. Nature and life certainly provide so many benefits for the survival of man and the earth. This natural law is not a fixed law, but the naming of some ideas and united into one unity is the law of nature. The laws of nature are divided into several laws nature:

  • The law of nature that comes from God (Irrationalism)
  • The laws of nature derived from human logic (Rationalism)
  • The laws of nature that originate in the panda of human senses (Empiricism)

Examples of natural laws are the presence of rain, wind and other natural phenomena.

14. Military of Law

Military law is a law created to regulate actions and acts that violate ethics and legislation militarily. Usually, this law is synonymous with a good military Army, Navy, Air Force and Police. This law is very strict and has its own jurisdiction called the military court. Examples of military law such as cases of corruption or abuse of authority by military officials.

15. International of Law

International law is a law that regulates a wide range of international nature, this law is aesthetic of behavior and relations between countries, between nations and intercontinental. Of course, this law cover’s many things and a wide range.

The international law aims to create cooperation and world peace as a whole. Avoiding State conflicts, and eliminating injustice and war between nations and between countries. Examples of international law are the laws of war and economic agreements between countries.

Those are complete explanation about how many types of law in Indonesia which always developed for almost around archipelago.