17 Causes Of Volcanos In Indonesia – Impacts

In Indonesia, itself consists of several mountains that are still in the category of active and dangerous. The mountain is spread almost in all corners of the archipelago. Hence samples for active volcanoes in Central Java need to be Aware.

Generally, volcanic eruptions occur some of the symptoms and causes, this is usually known from the eruption of the eruption of the mountain, in every region of Mount Merapi facilitated with the tool.

Here are the causes of a volcano in Indonesia that can be seen with signs and features such as:

1.  An Increased occurrence of volcanic earthquakes

One of the causes of erupting volcanoes is the increased frequency of volcanic earthquakes. The increase in this earthquake is characterized by the occurrence of unusual activities on the volcano. For example, earthquakes occurred dozens of times recorded in Seismograf earthquake vibration measuring devices.

In addition, the increased activity of seismic and other volcanic events caused by the movement of magma in the earth, hydrothermal that takes place in the bowels of the earth.

In the event of an earthquake and other seismic activity, then the status of the volcano should be increased to the alert level. And when entering the alert level, the community is immediately given counseling, performing hazard assessment and also the potential to level up to the next level, to be more prepared and alert if at any time occur unwanted conditions.

Checking and implementation of shift monitoring should also always be done.

2. Tectonic movement in the earth’s layer

One cause of volcano in Indonesia is the movement of plate tectonics that occurs in the earth layer. Tectonic movements that occur in the structure of the earth layer below the mountain, such as plate movements can cause increased pressure on the magma kitchen and will eventually make the magma is pushed up to just below the crater.

When this condition occurs, then the signs that occur on earth is that many animals around the mountain migrate and also look restless. In addition, the temperature in the crater also increased so that the groundwater around the mountain to dry.

3. The occurrence of deformation of the mountain body

The cause of the volcano erupts next is due to the deformation of the body of the mountain. This is caused by the increase of magnetic and electric waves that can change in the structure of the rock layers of the mountain that can affect the inside, such as magma kitchen volume is smaller, or can also channel connecting the crater with the magma kitchen.

4. Earth plates jostling each other

Mounting eruptions can also occur because of the Earth’s plates that jostle each other. This causes great pressing pressure and also pushes the surface of the earth resulting in various other tectonic symptoms, volcanic as well as increasing the geological activity of the mountain. Read more about Highest Mountain in East Java

The plate is one part of the earth’s crust that keeps moving at all times. Mountains or mountains are the zones where the two plates meet, the pressure of the plate can also be the cause of changes in the structure of the volcano.

5. Extremely high pressure

There are several things that cause volcanic eruptions, as described earlier. The various causes of the erupting volcano as described above push the magma fluid to move upward and into the crater ducts and out. If along the way the magma in the channel crater channel is experiencing blockage, it can cause a large explosion known as the volcanic explosion.

The greater the pressure and also the volume of its magma, the more powerful the explosion that occurs.

6. Increased heat cloud on volcano

The bursts of hot clouds are very dangerous and can also be hot clouds flow, hot clouds and hot clouds of fall. Heat flow clouds are clouds of great eruption material that is hot, flowing Down and finally settling in and around the river from the valley.

A blowing heat cloud is a cloud of hot eruption material, blown off by wind speeds of up to 90 km / h. The hot cloud of fall is a cloud of large and small heat eruption material thrown upward by the force of a large eruption. Read more about  Volcanoes in Indonesia

The large material will fall around the peak while the soft will fall to tens, hundreds or even thousands of miles from the peak due to the influence of wind gusts. Hot clouds can cause burns to open parts of the body such as the head, arms, neck or legs and also cause shortness to not breathe.

7. Increased lava

Lava is a high-temperature magma liquid that flows to the surface through the volcanic crater. Dilute Lava is able to flow away from its source following the existing river or valley whereas thick lava flows not far from the source. Lahar is one of the dangers for people living on the slopes of the volcano.

Lahar is an outflow of Bandang on a mountainside consisting of a mixture of clay-sized volcanic material to a lump. Known as lava eruption and rain lava.

Lahar eruption occurs when a volcano that has a crater lake erupts, so the hot lake water mixed with eruption material, while the rain lava occurs due to mixing eruption material with rainwater around the peak.

8. A sediment of magma in the bowels of the earth

One of cause volcano in Indonesia other is the process of the eruption of the mountain begins with the existence of magma in the bowels of earth or Earth’s core. Magma itself is a molten rock that is in the belly of Earth. Magma can be formed by the heat in the interior of the Earth.

If the magma cannot be accommodated by the mountain then gradually will the eruption of Mount Merapi. Due to the temperature and the many materials in the belly of the mountain. And this is very dangerous if not addressed and monitored regularly.

9. High-pressure steam

Water vapor is formed along with underground water heating or rainwater that seeps into the soil inside the crater then direct contact with magma, phreatic eruption accompanied by smoke, ash, and material in the crater.

The height of phreatic eruption, he also varied, can even reach 3000 meters depending on the strength of water vapor. Read more about Benefits of living near volcanoes in Indonesia

10. Crystal stone process activity in Mountain

The study of crystal stones measuring a millimeter, called quartz crystals embedded in volcanic ash and rocks. Quartz crystals grow in magma and record chemical changes and thermodynamics before the eruption occurs. It’s like a tree circle that records climate change.

When conditions in magma change, crystals respond and produce different growth zones within the crystal, which record changes. Read more about Volcano eruption In Indonesia

The problem is, every analog ‘tree circle’ is only a few micrometers in size. This type of stone also contains a lot of water, which can be released into the magma, producing steam. Thus, the gas pressure increases in the magma chamber and eventually leads to a volcanic eruption.


Here are the impacts from causes of a volcano in Indonesia:

  • Nature Damaged

Due to human actions that often damage the nature that should be maintained and preserved. If the mountain continues to be destroyed then the emergence of the law of nature, who destroys who will feel the consequences of these actions.

  • Land Gradually Moved

As a result of moving land caused by earthquakes, either on land or at sea. If the earthquake can make the soil become cracked and shifted, the mountain will automatically affect the turmoil into a mountain magma eruption.

  • Air Temperature Risen

The sign of a volcano will erupt which is the rising air temperature that is around the volcano. Increased temperatures are felt by people who are in the vicinity of mountain slopes or mountain foothills.

The rising temperatures around the volcano are caused by more and more magical activity that will gather near the surface of the earth.

  • Gases Evaporated

Regarding these dried springs, basically the reason is the same, that is, the increasing temperature around the volcano. If the magma that is in the bowels of the earth (read: the core of the earth) has risen to near the earth’s surface, the spring will evaporate into gases and fly upward. As a result, the amount of water becomes less. Read more about History of Gheothermal Exploration in Indonesia

  • Volcanoes Roar become heard actively

The roar that comes from within the mountain occurs because of the increased activity of the magma that is in the bowels of the earth. Typically, this rumbling sound happens at night, then on average the volcanoes are going to erupt, they make a roar that grows more and more frequently.

  • Volcanic Earthquake

Volcanic earthquake is an earthquake that comes from volcanic activity. Volcanic activity when will erupt the most is in the form of magma activity in the bowels of the earth. The increasingly active magma in the earth’s belly creates a roar and causes vibrations.

This vibration eventually reaches the earth’s surface and is called an earthquake. This volcanic earthquake will often we feel, the closer to the mountain will erupt than the intensity of the earthquake will be higher.

  • Hot Cloud Occurred

The sign of the mountain will erupt next there is a hot cloud. Hot clouds are smoke released by volcanoes as a sign that the mountain has magma activity. The hot clouds of this volcano are occasionally white puffs of smoke and sometimes chocolates which can be large amounts or the usual amount. This hot cloud has properties that are very hot and harmful to health.

Thus the explanation of the cause of volcano in Indonesia might be useful.