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14 Must Visit Markets in Bali

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For those of you who are happy with the world of shopping, and happen to be in Bali on holiday events. So you should try to visit some cheap markets in the city of Bali.


In addition, there are many items, souvenirs, food, clothing, and also a complete and attractive choice, and the prices offered are very cheap and can be bargained. Here they are the famous things in Bali Indonesia you must try.

There are many Balinese artworks that can be used as souvenirs when returning to your home. To find out what are the reasons for must-visit markets in Bali, the following options and places should be visited:

1. Sukawati Art Market

Sukawati Art MarketThis is the largest art market on the island. Many tourists visit to shop for Balinese items.

This market in Gianyar Regency can be reached from Ngurah Rai Airport in just 45 minutes. Items sold in this place are types of clothing, accessories, handicrafts, and paintings.

However, when shopping here you must dare to bargain at a cheap price. Because the initial price is definitely high, so you can bid a lot cheaper. The following about the best and famous park in Bali you must visit.

2. Guwang Market

guwang marketIf you feel Sukawati Market is too full and crowded with visitors, then you can go to Guwang Market.

The location of the market is not far from Sukawati Market. The atmosphere in the Guwang Market is much calmer and every booth in this market also looks neater.

Items sold at the Guwang Market are almost the same as the Sukawati Market. Here, you also have to be good at bargaining to get items at a lower price. Guwang Market is very suitable for visiting groups of tourists who take a bus because lava parking in this market is very broad

3. Bedugul Traditional Market

Bedugul Traditional MarketThe reason why the next must-visit markets in Bali are Bedugul traditional markets. You can shop for cooking if you plan to make your own food while in Bali. All food ingredients sold are guaranteed fresh because this market is located in a mountainous region that has cool air.

Although this is a traditional market, this market is neat and clean. The items offered are arranged very neatly so that it attracts the attention of visitors.

Not only selling food ingredients, but Bedugul Traditional Market also sells various handicrafts or souvenirs typical of Bali. You must know the famous landmarks in Bali Indonesia.

4. Kumbasari Market

Kumbasari MarketKumbasari Market is a cheap shopping place in Bali which is always a destination for traders who want to shop wholesale.

The price of items purchased both retails and wholesale will be much cheaper and profitable for you. You who want to shop for goods in large quantities for souvenirs or resale.

The items sold in this market include Balinese clothing, paintings, and handicrafts. Very curious to try to visit and shop in this market.

5. Badung Market

Badung MarketYou must visit the market in Bali next is the Badung market, Bali. Pasar Badung is a place to shop for cheap Balinese traditional ceremonies.

In addition, the goods sold in the Badung Market are almost the same as those in the Sukawati Market.

If you shop wholesale, you will certainly get a discount from the trader. Even if you don’t attend Balinese traditional ceremonies, you can buy traditional ceremonial items in Badung Market if you want to buy them as souvenirs or use them yourself. Here are examples of effects of mass tourism in Bali that you can see and feel.

6. Merta Nadi Art Market, Legian

Merta Nadi Art Market, LegianThis market is located not far from Legian beach, about 50 meters away. You can get to this market just by walking from the beach. The items sold here are Balinese clothing and accessories.

You should come at night when the market is about to close. The reason is, ordinary traders give expensive prices during the day and tend to give discounts when they want to close the stalls. So it’s very profitable right?.

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7. Ubud Market

Ubud MarketOne of the other shopping centers in Bali is Ubud market. The Ubud Market also sells a variety of works of art such as paintings, sculptures, woven bags, batik clothes, to traditional Balinese clothes.

This market is classified as very large and wide, so you have to enter the market to get a cheap price. Because most traders who are in front of the market offers quite high prices. But you better come here in the morning, because at noon this market is filled with groups of tourists.

For this market location is very strategic. Because it is located right in front of the Saren Puri Agung Ubud, more precisely it is located at the intersection of Jalan Monkey Forest. This example is about the top biggest market in Indonesia with great facilities.

8. Kuta Art Market

Kuta Art MarketAnother must visit a market in Bali is the Kuta art market. This market is visited by many foreign tourists.

Because most of them want to buy Balinese shirts made from cotton or rayon fabric. The most sought-after product from this market is a Balinese shirt with a logo of local beer that is very popular with many tourists, especially tourists from Australia.

In addition to being able to get cheap items, in Kuta Market, you can also enjoy the sights and a cool breeze on Kuta beach because of its very close proximity.

9. Legian Market

Legian MarketNot only is it famous for its nightlife, but the Legian area is also famous for its many markets that sell Balinese knick-knacks. Along Jalan Legian, you can find various souvenir shops to boutiques that sell a variety of branded items.

Besides that, you can also stop by the cafe which is widely available along Jalan Legian.

So you can easily reach the location because it is very close to the city center and entertainment. Hence the top night markets in Bali Indonesia you can try to visit.

10. Sindu Market

Sindu MarketSindu Market is a clean and crowded traditional market. Having a real name Padar Ramah and Segar, this market is often used as a local community to shop for daily necessities.

However, goods sold are suitable as food ingredients that can be cooked or want to shop for Balinese snacks.

Cheap Vacation Tips to Bali, one of which is looking for cheap food or cooking your own food. If you are a backpacker, then this place is one of the shopping locations for food that can be visited, other than that it’s cheap.


Apart from these markets, the following is a list of your must-visit markets in Bali which must be visited next:

  • Mertanadi Art Market, This market is indeed an art market that sells various Balinese souvenirs and can be used as souvenirs. Its location from Legian Beach is close enough, tourists only need to walk about 5 minutes. The items sold are clothes, key chains, paintings, and other art objects. You are also advised to bid on the items you want. Another best market recommendation is traditional markets in Yogyakarta best for shopping.
  • Semarapura Art Market, which is an art market located in the Klungkung area of Bali and is one of the markets frequented by tourists. This market is a tourist market that sells a lot of souvenirs and becomes an alternative shopping for souvenirs, such as Balinese songket woven fabric.
  • Kampung Nusantara is also an alternative shopping destination when visiting Bali. Kampung Nusantara sells many handicrafts and complete art objects. The location is on Jalan Sunset Road Kuta and close to Kuta Beach Bali. Suitable for those of you who are looking for unique and interesting Balinese artwork.
  • Galuh Art Shop is very well known as one of the leading batik sales centers in Bali. Its location on Jalan Raya Batubulan and including one of the Tourism Villages in Bali is also very strategic so many tourists stop by there to shop, buy souvenirs, especially fabrics with batik motifs that are typical of Bali. Here’s an example of the popular traditional markets in Indonesia you have to try.

Thus the example and reason for the must-visit markets in Bali, hopefully, it will be your benefit and choice to shop in traditional markets that are no less cool and comfortable.

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