8 How to Exchange Money in Bali

Bali is the great destination for your holiday plan. It is a small island in Indonesia with a beautiful view. You could also have a souvenir shopping by an affordable cost. For the transaction system, don’t forget to prepare a lot of Indonesian Rupiah unless you can’t buy anything.

Once you land the feet in Bali, make sure to exchange some of your money into Rupiah. Here are 8 How to Exchange Money in Bali:

  1. Change your money after arriving Indonesia

Never try to exchange your money in your country. You would get the different rate might cost the higher price.  It would be better for you exchange your money once you landed in Bali.

You could be able to exchange money at the airport ATM which is opened for the visitor for the late flight. It is not recommend change money with the great amount in airport. You could also use money changer service in airport with the decent rate.

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  1. Never change money in Bali Clothing Shop or Department Store

Don’t consider to change your money in clothing shop or department store. You would have a bigger possibility to find an untrusted money changer there.

As you perforce to change your money in Department store, don’t forget to use your own calculator to get an appropriate amount of Rupiah. Some tricky money changer might cheat you by using a rigged calculator. That is why it would be better for you consider well the place of money changer.

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  1. Most of ATM Cards and Credit Cards charge at least a 3 percent

When you exchange your money through ATM, you would be probably charged 3% of foreign exchange transaction. It would cut the money that you get from the ATM. Just use ATM card to exchange money on emergency situation.

As long as you could find the trusted money changer, you should buy Rupiah there. If you use your ATM card continuously, you would lose a lot of money because of the charge fee.

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  1. Avoid the Money Changer Scam 

Money Changer scam could be a trap for the foreign visitor of Bali. Although Bali is the safe place, be careful of an unprofessional money changer. They would probably cheat you with some tricky tricks.

How to Avoid Scam in Bali, make sure to count the amount of rupiah in front of the money changer staff after you get it. Once you left the money changer without counting it, it would be difficult for you to ask your money if you don’t get the amount of Rupiahs.

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  1. Use your own calculator when you exchange money in money changer

Using your own calculator is important when the money changer staff ask you to see their calculation. Some tricky money changer would probably use the rigged calculator to cheat you.

If you don’t bring any calculator, you could use calculator application on your mobile phone. After you could prove their calculation is fit with your calculation, you could continue the transaction. If it doesn’t fit with your calculation, you could leave them and search the official money changer.

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  1. Change your money in trusted place

Make sure to change your money in a trusted place. Try to find money changer at some major Banks in Bali. To minimize the Foreign Exchange Transaction fee, you could bring the cash money from your country, or withdraw your money in an ATM that has international service. The fee for foreigner foreign exchange transaction could cut your money a lot.

You could also ask the front desk of hotel if they allow the currency changes. Remember that it would cost much more than if you change in bank or money changer.

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  1. How to Change money in cash

Bringing much of cash money would take a lot of risks. However, it is good idea since you would not cost any foreign transaction fee. If you want to change your money, you just need to go to the authorized money changer and change your cash money into Indonesian Rupiahs.

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  1. How to change money using your credit card

It is okay if you want to use your ATM card at major banks in Bali. Note that you must have international services on your card. You could use Visa or Mastercard in Bali since it is used in large establishment. Make sure to bring multiple credit cards. Keep the credit cards in different parts of your luggage. So, if you lose one, you would still have the alternative one.

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In conclusion, there are some ways of exchange money in Bali. Whatever the method of exchange money you choose, don’t forget to be cautious with your money. There have been a lot of money scams cases in Bali. If you don’t want to be one of the victims, you should be careful with it.