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13 Best Massage in Padang Indonesia

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Padang is the capital city of the West Sumatra province in Indonesia. It is said that they city is the 16th most populated city in the country. Padang is a historic city for Indonesia as it is the place for the main trading center during the precolonial era. The city is filled with culture and natural beauty. There are so many beautiful beaches in Padang. Besides that, there are numerous historical sites to be explored as well.


With so many activities to do in Padang, it’s a good idea to know some good places for a massage. This may come in handy in case you’re feeling tired or just want to be rejuvenated for your next adventure. These 13 Best Massage in Padang Indonesia will help you out. If you ever need a reference on where you should go then you won’t have to waste so much time looking anymore.

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1. Kakiku Refleksi

Kakiku Refleksi is simply the place where you can get the best massage for your feet. It is located on Jalan Jendral A. Yani, No. 21 in Padang Indonesia. They specialise in foot reflexology for both men and women.

It won’t be necessary for customers to make an appointment. They can just come in at any time. But if the place happens to be packed then they might have to wait for several minutes for their turn. At Kakiku Refleksi, customers can choose the kind of foot reflexology that they want.

2. Ibien’s Traditional Spa

The Ibien’s Traditional Spa is female only. Male companions are often told to wait outside the place as to not disturb the female customers.

This place is perfect for women who would like to have some privacy for themselves. The spa offers both aromatic and relaxing full body massage. Customers can choose between 60 or 90 minutes session.

The price is very affordable. Besides massage, they also offer hair mask, face mask and also a full wedding package. The spa can be found on Jalan Teuku Umar No. 1D in Padang city, Indonesia.

3. Little Bee Spa

The Little Bee Spa is located on Jalan Perak III No.16, Padang city. This spa is especially made for toddlers and kids.

It opens from Monday to Sunday. You can come between 9 A.M and 5 P.M. Toddlers can get special massage.

It won’t hurt them as the workers are already trained. While waiting for the kids to have their massage, the mothers can treat themselves to a hair cut. The kids may also get a haircut as well.

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4. Mercure Padang Hotel

Mercure Padang is a hotel located in Padang, Indonesia. It is located on Jalan Purus IV No. 8.

In case you’re looking for a hotel to stay in the city then you might want to consider this place. Other than the basic facilities that most hotels offer, they also have a relaxing Javanese spa massage.

Guests who have come to this hotel are often satisfied with the massage. What better way to enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own room after you’re done walking around the city.

5. Pijat Keluarga Sehat

This massage place is located on Jalan Pattimura No.20, Padang. They have the best Javanese massage, the Balinese massage and also facials.

The price on each massage varies based on how long the session lasts. Though the place contains the word ‘family’ in its name, they also accept customers who come on their own. Apparently, their customers are mostly female university students and working women as well.

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6. Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa

This next best massage in Padang can be found in Marta Tilaar Salon Day Spa. The place is located on Jalan Pattimura, No.10.

This spa is a very famous spa in Indonesia. There are so many kinds of massage that customers can get. Some of the most favourite ones are the Peach Delima body treatment, Ginger body treatment, Pitaloka Mangosteen treatment and the Javanese Golden exfoliation.

With years of expertise, the Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa will give its customers an unforgettable massage experience.

7. Whulandary Reflexology

The Whylandary Reflexogy is also available in Padang. It was founded by the former Miss Universe Indonesia 2013.

They claim to offer an exclusive massage treatment. There are VIP rooms completed with wifi.

The Whulandary Reflexology gives customers the chance to choose the kind of lotion and oil that they want to infuse into their massage treatment. The lotions are said to be specially mixed with different spices and other ingredients.

8. Hommy Reflexology

Hommy Reflexology have been in Padang since 2011. With so many years of experience, they aim to offer the best service to their customers.

The atmosphere of the place is relaxing and friendly. They want their customers to feel very calm as they are massaged.

Customers can get reflexology, traditional massage, Thai massage and Shiatsu massage. They also offer special packages for the massage. The Hommy Reflexology can be found on Jalan Batang Arau No. 88/ B8.

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9. Grand Zuri Padang Hotel

The Grand Zuri Padang Hotel also offers massage to their guests. The service is given to the guests at all times.

That means that they can just call up for a massage to their room anytime they want. Guests are allowed to request for a senior massage therapist if they want that.

There’s also a spa facility that people can come to. This hotel is located on Jalan Thamrin No.27 Padang, Indonesia.

10. Premier Basko Hotel

Another good place to get a massage is the Premier Basko Hotel. It can be found on Jalan Prof. Dr. Hamka No. 2A, Padang.

Guests have praised this hotel for their excellent massage service. The massage that they give is ensured to make their guests to feel very relaxed.

Another treat to add to the massage experience is the big pool and the beautiful rooftop. Many people who come to Padang would like to come back to this hotel and experience the massage again.

11. Bali Heritage Salon and Spa

The Bali Heritage Salon and Spa is located on Jalan Veteran No.43, Padang, Indonesia. This massage place will make its customers feel as if they’re getting the same treatment as if they’re in Bali.

The place is calming and relaxing. The staff are friendly so there should not be any hesitation to ask questions about their service. The place is budget friendly and you can always ask for any kind of massage that you want.

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12. Muslimah Beauty Care

The Muslimah Beauty Care also offers massage in Padang. You may find it on Jalan Ombilin No.5, Padang. This massage place is only for women.

Customers who have come to this place claim that their treatments are great. The Muslimah Beauty Care offers a wedding package for those who are interested.

Customers can treat their body as well as their face. They may also want to have a bit of acupuncture if they need it.

13. Victoria Spa and Reflexology

The Victoria Spa and Reflexology aims to ease the stress of their customers. They believe that reflexology is the answer to the heavy activities that people must go through these days.

There are some massage package that customers are free to choose. The Victoria Spa and Reflexiology are equipped with experienced staff to give an excellent service. You may find it on Jalan Kampung Sebelah IV, No. 88, Padang.

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The people in Padang are friendly but you must remember to always follow the rules of these places. Avoid running into troubles so your massage experience can be a smooth one.

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